Top 10 Lattice Alternatives in 2024

Lattice is a powerful performance management tool that has gained popularity in recent years for its ability to help users develop a high-performing culture in companies. However, like any software tool, Lattice may not be the best fit for every user or every project.

Companies who take OKRs seriously would like the best OKR software to manage their goal-setting process and drive moonshot outcomes. If you are searching for Lattice alternatives, chances are that it is failing to meet your expectations. 

If you are one such user and are searching for the best Lattice alternatives for your business, you’ve reached the right place. In this blog, we aim to explore the best Lattice alternatives your business can use to execute your strategies and achieve the desired goals. But first, let’s understand what Lattice is, and its pros and cons.

Let’s dive in!

What is Lattice? 

Lattice Alternatives

Lattice, a performance management solution, is known to help organizations enhance their productivity by providing performance management tools, analytics, and other crucial features. It provides a comprehensive set of tools for performance management, goal setting, compensation management, employee engagement, career development, and analytics. 

It helps its users manage their performance management cycles efficiently. It also allows the creation of customized goals for employees to improve performance and employee satisfaction. 

Pros of Lattice

  • Promotes employee engagement and offers detailed reports. It offers good evaluation tools that monitor employee performance and how they should proceed to complete their goals. 
  • Offers a rich review model to track goals and add feedback. This creates clarity and transparency, giving employees a good context for management decisions. 
  • Built-in analytics to help managers to see the patterns and their relationships. This helps them make changes to improve performance and efficiency. 

Cons of Lattice

  • It is a little tough to use. Because it offers a wide range of usability, it is often difficult to find even the basic things like team members’ 1:1 notes, etc. It is also difficult to navigate through the application because of multiple menus and takes time to find certain pages and weekly updates, etc.
Cons of Lattice
  • The OKR management of the tool is a little cumbersome as it makes it difficult for its users to access individual, department, and company goals.
  • It has preset frequencies for 1:1 and you cannot adjust that. Goes on to show that the product lacks flexibility in general. Also, it does not allow attaching files to the meeting agenda when you have specific review items to discuss.

Top 10 Lattice alternatives 

While the pros do convince a lot of OKR software seekers to choose Lattice, the cons do leave them uncertain at the same time. That’s why it is important to look into top Lattice alternatives instead. In case you’ve been looking for these alternatives but don’t know where to start your search, here’s a list of the top 10 tools to help your search come to an end.

1. Peoplebox 


Peoplebox is a popular OKR and performance management solution, that enables HR leaders to build an outcome-driven culture and execute fast. Peoplebox is an OKR and Performance management platform designed for enterprises.

Backed by Y Combinator, Peoplebox helps companies align, track and achieve their strategic priorities and cross-functional goals without the friction of a new software.

It integrates with all your work tools (SQL, Jira, Hubspot, Asana etc) to make goals alignment and tracking (inc. business review meetings & performance reviews) magically easy.

500+ leading companies like Razorpay, Veriff, Disney, Postman, Khatabook and Exotel use Peoplebox to achieve faster results.

Razorpay Case StudyHow Razorpay executes strategy faster with Peoplebox

Khatabook Case Study: How Khatabook streamlined their performance reviews

Notable features

Real-time tracking of OKRs

Peoplebox helps you track OKRs in real time. It gives you a unified view of the strategic priorities, helps you monitor the progress made on goals, projects and initiatives, and keeps a check on the KPIs. 

Single-page view

One of the key features of Peoplebox is that it is a single-page software. You get a complete view of all company goals, team tasks, individual performances, progress reports, charts, etc. This makes it easy to use and navigate. It helps ease the process of goal setting and monitoring with its simple yet effective UI. 

Integration with 100+ native tools

Peoplebox allows integration with tools like Slack, Jira, Asana, MySQL, Google sheets, salesforce, etc. It auto-updates your goals in real-time with these integrated tools. You can create auto-populated dashboards for your business reviews and weekly check-ins

Customizable dashboards for business reviews

Peoplebox also offers you features that let you create a customized dashboard and add KPIs, narrations, charts, action items, etc to auto-populate OKR progress. This helps you conduct effective Weekly & Monthly business review meetings by identifying the roadblocks ahead of time so that teams can focus on solving them. 

Excellent performance review module through Slack

You can drive the entire interface using Slack. The 360-degree review allows you to manage everything. It auto-updates OKRs and KPIs in real-time, auto schedules 1:1s for data reviews and allows you to customize the review process as per your needs.

It manages every little thing from nudges, reminders, and self-reviews to goal check-ins, tracking the performance review process right entirely from Slack. 

Pros of Peoplebox

  • It offers easy tracking and reviewing of multiple teams’ OKRs. The progress is measured in percentage which is a great feature to keep a detailed track of how the task is progressing. It makes tracking KRAs super easy.
Pros of Peoplebox
  • It allows you to link OKRs easily with project management tools and in cross-team ownerships. It reduces your manual effort by offering a quick syncing option for several tools like calendars, sheets, etc. It enables tracking OKRs automatically, regular follow-ups and reminders; and auto-creation of business review reports. 
  • You can also find a simple and clean UI. The minimalistic user interface gives company-wide visibility of OKRs, and their progress, to provide clarity and create transparency.  You can set and monitor individual, team, and company KPIs weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.
  • It offers customization based on your needs and tailored solutions to fit your business. It also gives you custom integrations as well along with on-demand OKR coaching to strengthen your strategy and get successful OKR adoption. 

Cons of Peoplebox

  • Though it allows you to create OKRs in any language, it has limited language support. Currently, it supports only English
  • The precise insights in the form of percentages are direct and can sometimes feel overwhelming if your business is not doing well.


  • $8/month/person for the professional package
  • $16/month/person for the premium package
  • It also offers custom pricing based on company requirement

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2. Workboard

Workboard Strategy

Workboard is another efficient OKR management tool your business can look into when searching for Lattice alternatives. This OKR software focuses on improving the day-to-day activities that help to speed up goal achievement. It even helps its users align their goals regularly to drive the best outcomes for the organization. The same service provider also claims to increase the execution strategy by 25% and hosts a certification program to help organizations implement OKRs quickly.

Notable Features

OKR Canvas

When setting objectives for the first time, Workboard helps you set the right OKRs with tips and suggestions on OKR Canvas. It helps collaborate with the team to brainstorm ideas and set measurable goals. 

Outcome Alignment

Users can also align their outcomes laterally and vertically, in any direction, across functional teams to bring everyone together on goal setting. 

Tracking progress

It allows faster progress tracking by automatically calculating the results, and providing exact measurements of OKR progress. You can also update key results from the existing system.

Pros of Workboard

  • Workboard has excellent customer service. They handhold you through the entire process of OKR setting and also offer great resources related to OKRs.
  • Easy to find personal OKRs through My OKR page. It also simplifies finding a team or department OKRs within seconds. 
  • Easy to connect Workboard objectives with existing tools and get your key results updated.

Cons of Workboard

  • Too many features make it difficult to adapt to an organization’s workflow. The features, however, are good, and add a learning curve to the tool. You will need to spend dedicated time learning the tool.
  • The UI is not very intuitive and gets slow at times. 


No public pricing is available


Profit OKR Software

Another OKR management software that you can check out is This software helps its users in strategy implementation and uses an OKR-centric approach. With, you create a quarterly cycle of OKR planning and execution and offer real-time tracking of how the tasks are progressing. What’s more, it is loaded with several collaboration features for employee engagement. 

Notable features

Easy goal alignment

It allows easy goal alignment and has a dashboard that lets everyone see and understand the company goals and their role in goal achievement.

In-built KPIs

It has over 400 inbuilt and customizable KPIs to help you start your OKR journey, in case you are new to the OKR setting. The tool has different metrics to measure key results in the case of non-measurable KRs. 

Easy to use

It offers a built-in step-by-step guide and templates for creating OKRs for different levels of the organization. The reviews, weekly check-ins, and OKR progress reports are easily accessible. 

Pros of

  • Offers assistance in OKR setting through coaching and recommendations. It also has built-in OKR templates. 
  • Visually attractive dashboard with graphs and charts for progress tracking

Cons of

  • It is a complicated and non-intuitive system for new users because of too many features. Users often find it hard to figure out how a specific feature works or how something links to other features. 
  • The integration system needs to be a little more robust as it sometimes becomes hard to use integrations in the tool.


  • Launch package: Free up to five users
  • Growth package: $7/ month
  • Custom pricing for enterprises

4. Betterworks

Betterworks Work

Want something that works better that Lattice? How about checking out Betterworks? Just like other alternatives in the list, Betterworks is a comprehensive performance management tool that helps in goal setting and helps its users drive more on focus quality results. This software has several features that help in strategic alignment and drives individual team member’s performance with flexible goals and OKRs. 

Notable features 

Better execution

Betterworks aligns everyone in the organization to the big goal by creating visibility into the business strategy. It offers transparency in alignment, progress, and analytics for continuous improvement.

Boosts agility 

One of the key features of Betterworks is that it boosts agile goal setting to enable your business to adapt quickly when required. You can easily customize your goals and OKRs as your priority changes. 

Collaborative work environment

Betterworks fosters an environment of continuous improvement by driving collaboration, communication, and engagement. It has features for easy feedback, reviews, report generation, and performance appreciation. 

Pros of Betterworks

  • A very user-friendly interface. You can locate what you are looking for easily on the app.
  • Easy tracking of projects. You also have the option of leaving recognition comments on the company wide projects.
  • Facilitates communication between manager and employees for goal setting 
Cons of Betterworks
  • Navigation is a bit confusing as there are different ways and options to get to a page. 
  • Has a lengthy learning curve, and requires you to invest dedicated time in the courses offered by Betterworks for learning OKR implementation.


  • $8/ month/user

5. Weekdone

Weekdone Okr Software

Another OKR and performance management platform that your organization can consider as a Lattice alternative is Weekdone. This productivity tool helps you set company goals, align and manage teams. You even get to track individual performances based on how each member progresses during their tasks. On top of that, you get to improve communication in the organization as it helps members across different departments to collaborate in one place seamlessly. Weekdone is also efficient in tracking OKRs and providing feedback. 

Notable Features

Focus on results

This tool allows you to set specific goals and track them to drive progress using cross-team collaboration. It gives you a company overview creating transparency. It has robust features for weekly tracking to set focus on priorities. 

Alignment across organization 

OKR setting and alignment across the organization is easy with Weekdone. The goals and progress are visible to everyone. It has KPI tracking, and color-coded OKR tracking for everyone to have a clear view of the strategy.

Teamwork and collaboration

It focuses on building engagement and improving coordination by creating a connected company environment. Weekdone has openly shared OKR plans and initiatives, a news feed for updates, public praise, feedback options, etc to enhance the collaborative workspace culture. 

Pros of Weekdone

  • Everyone can see the progress on the company dashboard and align their objectives for making a better contribution 
  • Creates automated reports that you can check on the interactive dashboard
  • Offers onboarding assistance and tailored coaching sessions 

Cons of Weekdone

  • Has a learning curve. It is sometimes difficult to set goals and navigate through weekly summaries.
  • Not recommended for complicated workflows with cross-functional teams or one person working on multiple tasks. 
  • Software onboarding is difficult without assistance.


  • Free for up to 3 users
  • $1620 annual package for 15 people 

6. Perdoo

Perdo Performance

Perdoo is another performance management tool and emphasizes employee engagement for goal achievement. It helps you track targets in real-time and identifies shortcomings. Its focus is on effectively communicating the company strategy with the employees for better alignment. Perdoo also has industry-level resources to boost OKR and KPI implementation for maximum efficiency and output. 

Notable features

KPI board

It has a unique growth board where you can see the progress of the OKR not just for one quarter but for a long period. You can create a KPI board for different categories and different departments. The feature ensures that everyone works on propelling the company objective. 

Strategic pillars 

Strategic pillars help in making sense of what choices are made by the management and also help in communicating the strategy in a way that people can understand. 

Periodic progress report

This feature summarizes the progress and performance of the company since the last check-in. The group members automatically receive the summary report. It also offers an actionable snapshot of OKRs, and KPIs progress highlighting recent updates. 

Pros of Perdoo

  • The visual representation on OKR Map is one unique feature that makes Perdoo popular. It helps visualize the company vision by breaking them into strategic pillars and OKRs. 
  • You can find, create and edit objectives personally and also see the company objectives easily. 
  • UI and OKR structure is very straightforward and enables setting priorities easily while driving focus

Cons of Perdoo

  • It is not bug-free. A few things don’t work properly on the app
  • Sometimes the dropdown menu gets confusing when setting OKRs and initiatives


€5.40per user/month billed annually for the Pro package

€8.00 per user/month billed annually for the premium package 

€14.00per user/month billed annually for the supreme package

7. Workday HCM 

Workday HCM

Workday HCM is a HRMS that manages the employee lifecycle. It is also known for being an extensive tool for enterprise planning and enabling faster decision-making in departments like finance, workforce, sales, and operations. Workday helps in creating flexible systems to adapt as and when required. It even offers people analytics features to its users, therefore helping them understand how a particular member in a team is performing regarding their work and how active they are at completing their tasks.

Notable features 

Tools for all business needs

Workday offers tools for all your business management needs such as HR, administration, employee management, performance management, tracking, etc. 

Visual Dashboards

It has visual dashboards aimed at giving you an overview of reports for improving the decision-making process and creating pivot plans quickly. 

Data insights 

It provides a complete and clear view of KPIs. Provides charts, graphs, reports, and detailed insights with features like Prism Analytics. 

Pros of Workday HCM

  • The time management tool is good and offers insights on time on a granular level. 
  • It is a single source of truth for finding complete information on the employer and employee. 
  • An overall excellent tool for HRs to manage employee information

Cons of Workday

  • Too many features and bulky pages. It needs a lot of fixes and feels like a badly coded app.
  • Confusing to use because of too many icons and options. You will need to spend time finding a particular document. 
  • It is not very productive if you use it for OKRs and productivity


No information available

8. Hirebook

Hirebook Performance

Hirebook is a people-focused platform. It focuses on boosting performance through engagement and driving focus on dialogue, objectives, and outcomes. This tool enables managers to create a work environment for employees through regular check-ins, employee development, integrated OKRS, etc. This tool works on driving both engagement and productivity in the workplace. 

Notable features 

OKR setting 

The OKR tool allows everyone to see the impact of their work by converting the daily activities into KRs and presenting a visual representation of the progress. 

OKR assessment 

It gives critical insights into the OKR progress. Allows easy follow-ups and 1:1s and drives focus on outcomes. It makes performance management very easy for managers. 

Real-time dashboard

It gives a company-wide view of the progress made, tracking of OKRs, and metrics delivered in the form of reports. It enables managers to oversee projects and align OKRs ensuring continued focus. 

Pros of Hirebook 

  • It is a good tool for improving communication between teams. It is easy to set team agendas for meetings, and request weekly reports on development progress. 
  • It enables teams to track KPIs and OKRs to identify red flags quickly 
  • Hyperfocused on day-to-day OKR usage and gives a clear view of the company-wide OKRs. 

Cons of Hirebook 

  • Sometimes, the app experiences long page hanging time. 


$15/mo per user billed monthly

9. Engagedly 

Engagedly Stratgy

Engagedly is also one of the top Lattice alternatives your business can look into during the research process. This OKR tool focuses on people and strategy. It has a People Success Model which aims at bridging the gap between people and strategy. It has designed a 3 pillar framework for aligning organizational strategy with people strategy. Executing performance, enabling development, and engaging people are key focus areas that are combined to bring overall organizational efficiency. 

Notable features 

Goal setting 

It allows setting OKRs with customized check-ins and indicators to track the progress that helps employees to measure performance against company objectives. 

Analytics and Reporting

It has a centralized dashboard which is very comprehensive and interactive. It gives a clear view of key metrics helping them identify top performers and detailed reports for managers to develop plans. 


It allows seamless integration with other tools and performance management software. It lets you import employee data, sign in with a single sign-on, and get updates and information in one place. 

Pros of Engagedly 

  • Excellent at tracking company, team, and individual goals. It enables goal monitoring in one place for everyone to have a clear understanding
  • Flexible when it comes to giving or receiving feedback 
  • Once you are past the initial setup, it is pretty straightforward to use

Cons of Engagedly 

  • Initial setup is a little time-consuming and takes time for everyone to get a hang of it
  • It lacks advanced reporting capabilities and also has limited options for customization 


Starting annual agreement is $5,000

Final words 

While Lattice is a very good tool for OKR management, these Lattice alternatives have a multitude of features, and functionalities and come with their benefits. Choosing a tool highly depends on your organization’s requirements, what is your key focus, your familiarity with OKR methodology, etc. 

To find the right fit for your organization, you should try out different tools and access these tools for your OKR strategy. 

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Top 10 Lattice Alternatives in 2024