OKR Software to align teams & execute fast.

Peoplebox's OKR Software let you align & track all your strategic priorities, goals, and initiatives automatically by integrating with every work tool your teams use

Peoplebox OKR

500+ enterprises trust Peoplebox to align on strategy & OKRs

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Easily implement OKRs with record adoption

Use Peoplebox implementation framework with next-gen OKR software to achieve OKR adoption across company easily. 

Bring OKRs to where you work

Integrate Peoplebox with Slack and other apps to remove friction to use ‘another tool’

Get full picture across the organization on a single page

Help employees understand what is driving the company by viewing OKRs and its alignment across the organization

OKR Software With Alignment

Track the progress in magically easy way

Let your team track their goals & KPIs wherever they want and integrate Peoplebox OKR software with those tools to get a unified view of progress

Run business and performance reviews right on Peoplebox

Create customizable and presentable dashboards easily where you can add Charts, KPIs & narration. Peoplebox will automatically populate the OKR progress and weekly delta through native integration with any tech tools such as Jira, MySQL, Hubspot, Google Sheet, etc.

Peoplebox OKR

OKR coaching & handholding

Take help of our OKR coaches to draft effective OKRs & do effective retro meetings.

Enterprise Standard OKR Platform

Turn your strategies into exceptional results faster with the single place to align, track and review your strategic priorities, cross-aligned goals & initiatives automatically in real-time.

Set Cross Functional

Eliminate cross-functional silos

Align with Strategic Priorities & Key Initiatives

Make your goals reflect strategy to provide more clarity.

Track and Review Progress on Goals & Key Initiatives

Identify red-flags on-time and execute faster with better focus

We ensure your OKRs are updated in real-time.

Peoplebox integrates with your work tools to automatically update progress on goals & projects in real-time so that you can save time in updating progress and can do better business review meetings.

What our customers say

Easiest way to track & review OKRs
I chose Peoplebox because it had integrations with the tools we use for sales and engineering to automate updating of key results.

Client Logo
Client Logo
Dominic Williamson, CTO

Successful company-wide OKR rollout
Thanks to its simplicity, we achieved great adoption within two quarters.

Client Logo
Client Logo
Rohit Arumugam, Chief of Staff

The only OKR platform with inbuilt reviews
What stood out is the deep understanding of the Peoplebox team and their willingness to listen & enhance the platform to scale with our long-term needs.

Client Logo
Client Logo
Khilan Haria, VP and Head of Payments Product

Easiest way to run performance reviews
Driving the entire interface through slack is simply brilliant especially for a tech product company! There was zero time spent on training! It can not get easier than that!

Client Logo
Client Logo
Swapna Nair, VP - HR

Solves all use cases for a startup intending to implement OKRs
Liked the simplicity of onboarding, clarity of how objectives and key results are presented.

Client Logo
Client Logo
Malay Krishna, Senior Product Manager

Great platform for OKRs & Performance Management
The biggest advantage was the flexibility it offers to integrate with other tools. We ran our 360 review cycle and its been a breeze for me and my team to manage the entire process.

Client Logo
Client Logo
Ruchika Sawhney, Senior Director - HR
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     Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, Peoplebox provides the ability to create review dashboards with OKRs and enables you to track progress on OKRs and view them in a centralized dashboard.

    Peoplebox allows users to align individual OKRs with company-wide objectives by creating a hierarchy of goals and objectives. This feature provides visibility into how individual OKRs contribute to the achievement of parent goals and enables managers and employees to track progress towards key results.

    You can assign different roles to users, and define what actions they can perform within the software. This provides the ability to set different access levels and permissions for the primary admin, employees and managers, ensuring that users only have access to the features and information relevant to their role.

    Peoplebox enables organizations to track OKR progress and measure success with customizable dashboards, real-time progress tracking, and reporting and analytics capabilities. The software also provides alerts and insights into individual and team performance towards specific objectives and key results.

    Yes, Peoplebox offers collaboration features to facilitate cross-functional team coordination and communication around OKRs. Users can comment, tag, and mention other team members in discussions, and share updates and progress reports. The software also allows for the creation of shared OKRs and alignment of team goals to ensure everyone is working towards the same objectives.

    Peoplebox supports the creation and maintenance of a continuous OKR cycle by providing tools for ongoing review, feedback, and adjustment. Users can set up regular check-ins to track progress, receive feedback, and make necessary adjustments to their OKRs. 


    The software also offers features for goal and task tracking, performance analysis, and reporting, which helps managers and employees stay informed and aligned throughout the OKR cycle. Additionally, Peoplebox provides resources and guidance on OKR best practices to ensure users are getting the most out of the software and their OKR process.

    Peoplebox provides a central dashboard for tracking OKRs progress, allowing everyone in the organization to access and view the status of individual and team goals. This helps in promoting transparency and alignment towards achieving the organization’s strategic goals.

    Peoplebox helps identify red flags and provides a full picture of the organization’s OKRs on a single page, making it easier to understand what is driving the company. This enables the employees to view the alignment of OKRs across the organization and identify and address any challenges or bottlenecks that may arise.