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OKR Software to Achieve Company Objectives With Ease

OKR Software Designed for Distributed & Remote Teams

OKRs are amazing but often Implementation of OKR software fails. Empower every Team to Drive Results and Retention with Great Implementation

OKR Software - Set Goals

Help your managers set up goals within OKRs software and track progress

With OKRs, it is easy for managers to reflect on what’s important for their remote team by working on shared measurable objectives (OKRs) that will accelerate their growth and productivity.

Ensure Follow-up on OKRs with 1:1 integration

Help managers follow-up on individual or team OKRs all with-in their 1:1s to ensure progress and alignment.

OKR Software With Tracking
OKR software with Check-ins

Track the progress of OKRs with continous & timely check-ins

Help your managers avoid blindspots while managing remote teams with proper OKR check-ins and update

Get full picture across the organization on a single page

Help employees understand what is driving the company by viewing OKRs and its alignment across the organization from the CEO to individual contributors.

OKR Software With Alignment
OKR Software and Culture

Build a culture of transparency

Let your employees check who is working on which goals and provide them a better clarity to contribute more towards company goals.

Ensure proper OKR check-ins and update from your team

Send timely & automated reminder and nudges on slack & emails to get update on goals.

OKR Software & Slack

What our customers say

Clean, simple and easy to understand user interface.
The left side gives a clear view of goals at a company, department and individual level, bringing in transparency. Users can also review goals according to the review cycle they are currently in.

Client Logo
Client Logo
Prateek Dewan, Lead - Public Policy & Community Impact

Good OKR management tool
Its an easy way to maintain and keep a track of your department and Org level OKRs. You also get automatic reminders via Slack integration for the same.

Client Logo
Client Logo
Rohit Agarwal, Senior Technical Program Manager

A great tool to improve engagement and management
I like the fact that the tool is simple to use. It has enabled us to improve how we support our people and has truly allowed us to move our People and Experience to a new level

Client Logo
Client Logo
James Adeleke, Chief Executive

Great for company culture!
I really like how to keep track of goals and also the survey feature.

Client Logo
Client Logo
Jenni Leimdorfer, HR Manager

A great option for your OKR needs
The platform is intuitive, easy to use and setting up goals and key results happens in a matter of minutes

Client Logo
Client Logo
Anca Pop, Account Executive

I love peoplebox
It does an amazing job of allowing me to create meeting agendas with suggested talking points, track goals and sent out satisfaction surveys! It's an awesome tool

Client Logo
Client Logo
Selle Evans, CEO

Better Visibility of Organizational Goals
Peoplebox helped senior leadership at Brainstation with better visibility into team's performance and their goals' progress. Being a remote company, it is a game changer for us.

Client Logo
Client Logo
Ahmad Zakaria, Head - Human Resources

Peoplebox helps you focus on what matters
My favorite thing about Peoplebox is how it auto-updates the progress bar of your goals every time you update the key achievements. I love how intuitive the platform is, and I think is easily one of the best goal setting and tracking platforms out there.

Client Logo
Client Logo
Jolaade Taiwo, Growth Marketing Manager

A fantastic tool which helps to manage OKRs, tasks and performance review.
We are managing our OKRs in peoplebox. It's helping us to track the goals and results in particular level. Also throughout the performance review cycle, it turned out to be a solid tool.

Client Logo
Client Logo
Bitu Gartia, Growth

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Frequently Asked Question

Does Peoplebox provide OKR Coaching?

Peoplebox provides strategic OKR consulting services with the help of our in-house team and consulting partners

How can I make the maximum out of the free trial?

Peoplebox platform is very easy to use. If you want to do a trial, we recommend to invite a team and create their goals on Peoplebox. Also you can take help from our onboarding experts.

Does Peoplebox provide training and on-boarding support during OKR implementation?

Peoplebox platform is very easy to use but still we provide training, coaching and onboarding support to make sure that every team succeed with OKRs.

Does Peoplebox integrate with Project Management Software?

You can integrate Peoplebox OKR Software with multiple project management platform such as Asana, Jira etc.

How long is the free trial available?

You can use Peoplebox - all features for 14 days for free.

Is there any catch with the free trial?

Nope. No funny business. All it takes to start the free trial is your email address and company information.

Are there any limits to the free trial?

No. You can use the whole product for 14 days for free.

 Is my data safe & private?

Yes, your data and privacy is sacrosanct to us. We take extensive measures to ensure it is never compromised at any cost. You can find detailed information on our privacy policies and how data is handled at Peoplebox here:

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