OKR Software to align teams & execute fast.​

Peoplebox's OKR Software let you align & track all your strategic priorities, goals, and initiatives automatically by integrating with every work tool your teams use

OKR Software

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Easily implement OKRs with record adoption

Use Peoplebox implementation framework with next-gen OKR software to achieve OKR adoption across company easily.

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Bring OKRs to where you work

Integrate Slack with our OKR software and other apps to remove friction to use ‘another tool’

Get full picture across the organization on a single page

Help employees understand what is driving the company by viewing OKRs and its alignment across the organization

OKR Software With Alignment
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Track the progress in magically easy way

Let your team track their goals & KPIs wherever they want and integrate Peoplebox OKR software with those tools to get a unified view of progress

Run business and performance reviews within Peoplebox

Create customizable and presentable dashboards easily where you can add Charts, KPIs & narration. Peoplebox will automatically populate the OKR progress and weekly delta through native integration with any tech tools such as Jira, MySQL, Hubspot, Google Sheet, etc.

Peoplebox OKR

Enterprise Standard OKR Software

Turn your strategies into exceptional results faster with the single place to align, track and review your strategic priorities, cross-aligned goals & initiatives automatically in real-time.


Set Cross Functional

Eliminate cross-functional silos


Align with Strategic Priorities & Key Initiatives

Make your goals reflect strategy to provide more clarity.


Track and Review Progress on Goals & Key Initiatives

Identify red-flags on-time and execute faster with better focus

We ensure your OKRs are updated in real-time.

Our OKR Software integrates with your work tools to automatically update progress on goals & projects in real-time so that you can save time in updating progress and can do better business review meetings.

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