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Ula conducts seamless performance reviews with Peoplebox

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Ula builds technology-driven innovative solutions, addressing major pain points around supply chain and financial services to keep our retailers competitive in today's digital age. Ula’s B2B marketplace provides small retailers competitive pricing, wide & accessible variety and favorable payment terms, all at the tap of a button.

The Challenge

The technology B2B service provider wanted to modernize the way performance reviews are held. With the team expanding rapidly across 3 different time zones and 12 different cultures in Asia, Ula intended to get its hands on a technology-driven platform to manage employee performance. At its heart, the brand is an employee-first organization, and was looking for a platform that puts the needs of the employees first. To encourage employees to give their best during performance reviews, is no small task. It needs infrastructure that documents their goals, fosters their motivation, identifies roadblocks and helps mitigate them on time. All of these had to be integrated on their communication tool of choice, Slack.

On the other hand, Ula was scaling very fast, and hence needed a platform that puts flexibility at its forefront. They had sieved through multiple platforms, until they found Peoplebox.

Why did Ula Choose Peoplebox?

Just like Ula, Peoplebox at its heart is employee friendly, not just its employees but its customer’s employees too. Ula tested the platform and believed that Peoplebox has the technical soundness to handle the team requirements that’s scaling fast. The platform is built to minimize the job of the HR. Often in performance reviews, HRs, managers and employees have tons of questions about the process. In fact, performance management is seen as a mandatory process and is often not enjoyed by the teams. Peoplebox changed the perception of performance management. The platform ensured that it has supported HRs in creating seamless performance forms in minutes, not days. With templates, and an easy to build questionnaire capabilities, HRs could spend less time on doing these mundane tasks, and rather focus on things that helped them create a richer experience for employees.

With platforms that facilitate performance reviews, often implementation is the challenge. How do you implement performance reviews in large organizations, seamlessly, in a way that employees love the process? Ula modernized the performance review process by integrating Slack with Peoplebox, where automated reminders go to employees to do the needful. Employees can directly ask questions on Slack, an open medium, where everyone can access answers. This helps those employees who have similar queries and shy away from asking questions. Even better, HR doesn’t have to manually update each employee about the process, nudging them in person to close before the deadlines. Peoplebox platform does it all. Overall, not only a tech platform like this reduces dependencies on the HRs, but also sets a benchmark for employees to actively participate and close the process. What really clicked is the fact that the HR can have a single view of the whole process on a single platform, giving them more control. This level of automation increased the efficiency, transparency and completion of performance reviews at Ula.

The Impact


Reduction in HR’s mundane tasks


Review completion rate from employees


Queries on slack reduced from 100% in the first cycle to 1.25% queries in the second cycle.

As HR leaders, the onus is on us to put the employees' needs first. We did exactly that with Peoplebox. Partnering with them has helped us in multiple ways. One, they are really knowledgeable about industry concerns. It is reflected in their platform. Two, the platform features are user-friendly and solves the complex problems of automating performance reviews for HRs. Three, when we implemented reviews on Peoplebox, not only did the employees find it easier to complete the performance review process, but also the after sales support made us really happy by solving our pain points effectively. I’d give Peoplebox a 9 out of 10.

Babu Vittal Group CHRO, Ula
Babu Vittal, Group CHRO, Ula

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