Run Effective & Meaningful MBRs & Weeklies

With Business Review Software features of Peoplebox you eliminate the need for cumbersome and time-consuming team updates meetings and let you identify blockers before it's too late.​

Business Review Platform

Loved ❤️ by 500+ teams globally

Identify road-blockers and make better & faster decisions with our business review software

Bridge the gap between strategy & execution through better accountability & focus. Make OKRs part of your business review meetings and spend less time in preparing for reviews & more time resolving road-blockers.

Automated Goal Tracking

Streamline Business Review Meetings

Auto-update on goals, KPIs & Projects. Eliminate unnecessary review preparation time . Organize OKRs, KPIs, Charts, Narration, Action Items, Hits & Misses as you want.

Customised & Interactive Review Dashboards

These dashboards are not just fully customizable but also dynamic & interactive too. On top of this, it can be shared & downloaded as a beautiful PPT.

OKRs in Review Meetings

Make OKRs part of your every review meeting

Simply drag and drop OKRs in your review dashboards and do meaningful conversation around your strategic priorities.

Track key KPIs against target

Set targets for KPIs and track them automatically with 100+ native integrations. Add KPI board in your review dashboard to identify what's working and what's not.

KPI Dashboard

Enterprise Standard OKR Platform

Turn your strategies into exceptional results faster with the single place to align, track and review your strategic priorities, cross-aligned goals & initiatives automatically in real-time.

Set Cross Functional

Eliminate cross-functional silos

Align with Strategic Priorities & Key Initiatives

Make your goals reflect strategy to provide more clarity.

Track and Review Progress on Goals & Key Initiatives

Identify red-flags on-time and execute faster with better focus

We ensure your OKRs are updated in real-time.

Peoplebox integrates with your work tools to automatically update progress on goals & projects in real-time so that you can save time in updating progress and can do better business review meetings.

Loved by HR and Business

I chose Peoplebox because it had integrations with the tools we use for sales and engineering to automate updating of key results.

Dominic Williamson CTO, Hindsite

Thanks to its simplicity, we achieved great company-wide OKR adoption within two quarters.

Rohit Arumugam Chief of Staff, Nova Benefits

The biggest advantage was the flexibility it offers to integrate with other tools. We ran our 360 review cycle and its been a breeze for me and my team to manage the entire process.

Ruchika Sawhney Senior Director - HR, Cometchat

Not only did the employees find it easier to complete the performance review process, but also the after sales support made us really happy by solving our pain points effectively

Babu V CHRO, Ula

Driving the entire interface through slack is simply brilliant especially for a tech product company! There was zero time spent on training! It can not get easier than that!

Swapna Nair VP - HR, Khatabook

What stood out is the deep understanding of the Peoplebox team and their willingness to listen & enhance the platform to scale with our long-term needs.

Khilan Haria VP and Head of Payments Product, Razorpay

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