Strategy Execution Platform for Enterprises

Peoplebox OKR & strategy execution platform let you align your teams on strategic priorities and execute fast to achieve better business results.

Peoplebox OKR

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What is Strategy Execution Software?

It helps you turn your strategic plans into exceptional results faster by providing you the single place to align, track and review
your strategic priorities, cross-aligned goals & initiatives automatically in real-time.


Plan and create annual/quarterly strategy

Set cross functional goals to eliminate cross-functional silos

Align with Strategic Priorities & Key Initiatives

Make your goals reflect strategy to provide more clarity.


Execute fast with better accountability

Track & review progress on goals & projects. Identify red-flags on-time.

Drive focus, alignment, accountability and visibility in your strategy execution

We solve the biggest problem of scaling companies – Misaligned teams and Poor Strategy Execution Speed.
Get a source of truth that aligns and tracks all your strategic goals and initiatives – at one place.

Be on top of your Strategic Priorities, Always

Run your business review meetings focused on what matters with auto-populated custom dashboards, charts, KPIs, Action Items and Narratives.

Save hours of time & effort to prepare progress and narrative through integrations and templates.

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Automated Goal Tracking

Track progress on your strategic plan, goals & initiatives in real-time with seamless data integrations

Let your team track their OKRs, goals & KPIs wherever they want and integrate Peoplebox with all your work tools. Get a unified view of progress on all your strategic priorities, OKRs & Initiatives.

Identify red-flags and get full picture across organization on a single page

Help employees understand what is driving the company by viewing OKRs and its alignment across the organization

Peoplebox OKR
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Bring strategy & goals to where your teams are

Integrate Peoplebox with Slack and other apps to remove friction to use ‘another tool’ and achieve better OKR adoption with minimal effort

Put your strategy at the center of your work tools

our strategy execution platform support 50+ ready-to-use integrations across Databases, SaaS Applications, HRMS and Communication platform.
Effortlessly connect any source and automate tracking goals, KPIs & projects.

What makes us #1 Strategy Execution Platform for Enterprise?

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