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Build a culture of meaninful & actionable 1:1s by helping your managers and their direct reports to collaborate on talking points and track action items.

One on One Meeting (1:1 meeting)

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One-on-One Tool for remote managers

One-on-One Tool for remote managers

Help your managers build meaningful relationship with their teams

Make sure everyone on your team has 1:1 meeting scheduled on their calendar

Integrate your calendar with Peoplebox and schedule 1:1 meeting with anyone

Build a culture of meaningful 1:1

Collabrate on agenda and meeting notes with Private & Shared space

Help your managers & employees with contextual and personalized talking points

Help your manager & employees prepare for their 1:1 by adding talking points to your agenda from library

Make your one-on-one meetings actionable

Easily convert your talking points into action items and track status of previous action items

Help managers convert employee feedback into real actions

Peoplebox AI coach helps in adding relevant talking point to your one-on-ones so that they can resolve employee problems

Ensure your employees are doing meaningful & actionable 1:1

Send timely & automated reminder on slack & email so that you don't miss preparing for your one-on-ones

Keep track of all notes & actions items from previous one-on-ones

Access your past one-on-ones meeting notes & action items to do better monthly/quarterly review

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What our customers say

I love peoplebox
It does an amazing job of allowing me to create meeting agendas with suggested talking points, track goals and sent out satisfaction surveys! It's an awesome tool

Client Logo
Client Logo
Selle Evans, CEO

Easiest tool for starting to build an open culture in your company.
What I like the best about the tool is that the tool empathizes with a beginner, it suggests topics for one-to-one meetings.

Client Logo
Client Logo
Arihant Daga, Chief Engineer & Co-Founder

PeopleBox taught us how to make effective 1-1s
Having One-on-ones with Peoplebox are effective because of the suggested talking point and action items tracking.

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Client Logo
Minaoar H. Tanzil, Managing Director
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    Frequently Asked Questions​​

    Peoplebox assists managers and employees through customized and contextual talking points by adding them to meeting agendas from a library, helping them prepare for their 1:1 meetings.

    Peoplebox helps create impactful and actionable 1:1 meetings by facilitating collaboration between managers and their direct reports in generating talking points and keeping track of action items. 

    You can effortlessly transform your talking points into actionable tasks and monitor the progress of action items.

    Peoplebox seamlessly integrates with Slack and Microsoft Teams and enables you to conduct the entire performance review from one place. You receive automated and timely reminders, ensuring that you don’t overlook preparing for your 1:1 meetings. It allows you to manage everything from nudges to goal check-ins directly from Slack/ Microsoft Teams. 

    Peoplebox’s 1:1 meeting software facilitates collaboration, provides structure, sends automated reminders, and tracks progress on action items from previous meetings. This ensures 1:1 meetings are meaningful and effective. 

    1:1 meeting is a part of the Peoplebox performance management tools which aims at understanding and addressing employee concerns, identifying roadblocks and tracking action items in a private environment.

    Peoplebox’s 1:1 meeting supports setting agendas, sharing notes, and tracking action items for one-on-one meetings by enabling collaboration, automating reminders, and assigning tasks to ensure that nothing is left unaddressed.

    Yes, Peoplebox enables setting recurring schedules for 1:1 meetings and provides automatic reminders to both parties before each meeting, eliminating the need for manual scheduling and ensuring regular meetings are held.