Best One-on-one Meeting Software

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Help your managers build meaningful relationship with one-on-one meetings

One-on-one Meeting Software

Make sure everyone on your team has 1:1 meeting scheduled on their calendar

Integrate your calendar with Peoplebox and schedule 1:1 meeting with anyone

Build a culture of meaningful 1:1

Collabrate on agenda and meeting notes with Private & Shared space

Best One-on-one Meeting Software
Best 1:1 Meeting Software

Help your managers & employees with contextual and personalized talking points

Help your manager & employees prepare for their 1:1 by adding talking points to your agenda from library

Make your one-on-one meetings actionable

Easily convert your talking points into action items and track status of previous action items

One-on-one meetings
One-on-one meetings

Help managers convert employee feedback into real actions

Peoplebox AI coach helps in adding relevant talking point to your one-on-ones so that they can resolve employee problems

Ensure your employees are doing meaningful & actionable 1:1

Send timely & automated reminder on slack & email so that you don't miss preparing for your one-on-ones

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1:1 Meeting Software

Keep track of all notes & actions items from previous one-on-ones

Access your past one-on-ones meeting notes & action items to do better monthly/quarterly review

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