About Us

Building the OS of Strategy Execution for hyper-growth startups

Who are we and our mission

Our vision is to become the OS of Strategy Execution for hyper-growth startups and help them achieve moonshot goals faster. Peoplebox is a SaaS platform offering a centralized system to track cross-aligned goals and initiatives.

Our Story

We (Abhinav and Alagu) met with each other when we joined a hyper-growth health-tech start-up in 2014. In less than 2.5 years, the health-tech start-up grew phenomenally from 250 to 3000 employees.

Both saw the scaling and execution challenges first hand as part of the leadership team.
With the belief that technology can solve the execution problem for hyper-growth startups and drive better focus, alignment and results, they Started Peoplebox in late 2018.

Building OS of Strategy Execution

Startups pay a very dear price for poor strategy execution in the form of missed targets, talent leaving, delayed funding, and sometimes death. Plus, they are most vulnerable to the lack of focus and misalignment as teams grow fast and start going in different directions. By the time it’s known, it’s too late and very difficult to change.

Based on our experience, the challenge we have seen with OKRs was about org-wide adoption. Companies would move to OKRs, spend a lot of time setting and cross-aligning Goals, and then forget about it. Business is run as usual and decisions are made, and initiatives are taken without looking at the lens of OKRs.

This was a hard problem to solve. In a typical startup of 100 employees, data is scattered among 70-80 different tools, business reviews are barely done in the same place where goals are set and there are multiple goals tracking systems in the form of spreadsheets, PPTs, and dashboards, etc.  

With OKR software as its core, Peoplebox aimed to be an OS for strategy execution for hyper-growth. 

This is why we built a central system where companies’ strategic priorities, team goals, and initiatives are aligned and tracked without the friction of adopting a new piece of software. 

Founding Team

Abhinav Chugh

A mechanical engineer from IIT Delhi, Abhinav started his career in Telecom having worked with clients like O2, T-Mobile and Orange. A software engineer turned entrepreneur turned product guy, Abhinav built his first start-up in Dublin, Ireland just after the 2008 financial crisis.

Alagu Muthuraman

Another mechanical engineer turned software engineer turned product guy, Alagu is a graduate of NIT Trichy and started his career with Yahoo. He then moved to Zynga and Hacker-rank before starting his YC backed startup in the Bay Area

Our Offices

Peoplebox HQ

 Peoplebox Inc,
390 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA
94108, United States

Peoplebox India

Culturegrade Technologies Pvt Limited, #252, 14th Main Rd, Above UCO Bank, Sector 7, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

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