Be on top of employee problems

Save time & effort in measuring employee engagement and track engagement levels continuously with recurring surveys

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Reduction in time to run and analyze the surveys

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Better employee engagement

Automated Engagement Survey

Automated Engagement Survey

Take the pain away from running engagement & pulse surveys

Schedule your next survey quickly

Save 90% of your time you put in designing survey and collecting feedback.

Use recurring pulse surveys to track engagement levels

Stay on top of your employee engagement score in real-time with recurring pulse surveys.

Apart from expert-built templates, create your own questions & drivers

Dig deeper into employee's problem by creating your own questions & drivers on top of our research-backed questions & drivers.

Get 100% participation without putting any manual effort in followups

Send automated reminders, manager nudge and followup by leader automatically to get better survey participation.

Make your employees feel heard by responding to their anonymous feedback

Have 1:1 anonymous conversation with your employees on feedback and close the feedback loop.

Give your employees world-class survey experience with our AI based survey

Make it super easy for your employees to share feedback anonymously.

Increase participation by allowing people to take survey directly from slack

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What our customers say

Easiest way to understand the pulse of team in real-time
The platform provides reports/analytics on various engagements across different divisions. This helped us to look into specific areas and made us change our approach in dealing with employees. The pulse survey also assisted in what overall the employees are thinking on few areas and allowed us to revisit those areas.

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Client Logo
Pratap Kunda, HR - Manager

Great tool for surveys
I love peoplebox because we can easily automate surveys with customized questions. It also allows us to gather a lot of real-time employee feedback, without taking much time each week.

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Client Logo
Yannis, Human Resources

I love peoplebox
It does an amazing job of allowing me to create meeting agendas with suggested talking points, track goals and sent out satisfaction surveys! It's an awesome tool

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Selle Evans, CEO

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