Employee Engagement Guide for Remote Managers

Employee engagement just like many other issues in an organization adapting to remote work, is one that needs the attention of an HR professional but the extra attention of the managers. Managers are the key stakeholders in maintaining a high level of employee engagement in the team. To keep the employee engagement high, managers need […]

How Can the Leadership Handle Racism?

  This is the ‘Pride Month’. A month to celebrate diversity and inclusion. A month that has come as the timely reminder that the United States, and the world largely, has more than one pandemic to fight through, in the wake of the unfortunate event of George Floyd’s death. These sure are tough times. Unsettling […]

Women’s Day Special: Be Your Own Advocate

  Women’s Day is an important day for us at Peoplebox. Not just because we are a manager-first organization but also because we strongly believe in gender equality. We certainly had to find a special idea for the special day. So, our content team met to discuss and brainstorm ideas. During the rounds of discussion, […]