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Guidelines to install Slack application and trigger notifications

How to install the Slack App

1. Request a demo with our sales team. The sales team would understand your requirements and map them to Peoplebox tool.
2. Once the requirement mapping is done the sales team would share a link to signup.
3. After you have signed up, navigate to the following url to integrate Slack -
4. You can also navigate by clicking on the user icon at the bottom left. Then clicking on settings and then on Slack integration option.

Steps to trigger notifications

1. Create & Assign a goal to a Slack user other than yourself and they will receive a notification that they were assigned to a goal.
2. Create a Performance review and launch/test it to get a notification to fill your review in Slack
3. Create an Engagement survey from the surveys tab and launch it to get a notification in Slack
4. Schedule a 1:1 with your direct report and few hours before the 1:1 both you and your direct report will get a reminder about the 1:1 in Slack.

Say goodbye to time-consuming performance review

Make employees and managers fall in love with performance reviews and achieve great participation
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Define goals within Slack

All reviewees will get notified to define their goals on Slack when you launch the review cycle

Manager to approve Peers

The manager gets notified on their direct reports who have chosen their reviewers

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Writing Reviews

There will be a notification to all reviewers sharing the list of reviews they need to write. It also allows them to write reviews within Slack.

Share Review Summary

You can send review summary to employees and managers in Slack and let them download the review report.


Run 1:1s in Slack

Make it super easy for teams to prepare for their 1:1s. Teams can schedule and add talking points for their 1:1s directly from Slack.

Update goals directly in Slack

Peoplebox goes beyond notifications and let you update goals directly from Slack, eliminating the need to use yet another tool.


Achieve great adoption and engagement​

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What our customers say

There was zero time spent on tool training! It can not get easier than that for performance reviews!
We've been working with Peoplebox in adopting the OKR and performance review tool. The Performance Review module by far has to be one of the most easy-to-use tools. Driving the entire interface through Slack is simply brilliant esp for a tech product company!

Client Logo
Client Logo
Swapna Nair, VP-HR

It's not only a great platform for OKRs but a full-fledged tool for everything "Performance Management".
The biggest advantage was the flexibility it offers to integrate with other tools. We ran our performance review cycle and its been a breeze for me and my team to manage a complicated process where we do 360 degree for the whole company!

Client Logo
Client Logo
Ruchika Sawhney, Senior Director - HR

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