Introducing People Analytics with Gen-AI

Our people analytics software unifies all your employees data and turn it into actionable insights for everyone to make impactful people decisions

Trusted by 500+ enterprises and startups globally

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Use the power of Gen-AI to get all people and HR related answers on-time

Our AI Co-pilot provides you to answers, charts and insights at the fingertips so that you can make strategic people decisions faster.

Connect people data with business data to bring better alignment

Peoplebox provides a single source of truth for your people and business data so that you can align teams and make right decisions on-time to drive great business results.

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Democratize people analytics with robust access control

Get enterprise-grade security and access control for your people analytics and drive a data-driven decision making for your people and culture.

Build custom reports quickly without breaking a sweat

Reduce time to insight with the capability to easily build custom reports with all the data at one-place updated in real-time.

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Integrations to help you easily access
people analytics at one-place

Import employee data

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Run reviews, surveys, 1:1s & OKRs

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Update goals & projects

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Enable single sign-on

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People Analytics Platform to connect people and business strategy seamlessly

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Give everyone the power of Analytics

Get actionable insights to solve the HR challenges that matter
most—from talent acquisition to retention, and beyond.

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org chart

Gain real-time insights with org-chart and dashboards

Drill-downs based on 50+ parameters based - All synced in real-time
with your HRIS, payroll & performance management tools.

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OKR Software

Align teams to larger business goals

Get a single place where all company & individual goals and initiatives are aligned and updated in real-time.

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Make performance reviews painless, actionable and fair

Use peoplebox to run performance reviews that are holistic, tailored
to your needs to evaluate team performance easily.

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Make 1:1s meaningful and actionable

Build a culture of meaningful & actionable 1:1s by helping your managers
and employees to collaborate on talking points and track action items.

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Employee Engagement Platform

Build a culture of continuous feedback

Get a single place where all company & individual goals and
initiatives are aligned and updated in real-time.

You’re in good company

Thousands of teams across the globe are using Peoplebox to build a high-performing culture and retain top talent.