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Take action & build the best place to work

Not just measure employee engagement, but also close the engagement loop and take data-driven meaningful actions to build a super-engaged team.

Get real-time insights into people, engagement & culture

Understand how your employees are engaged with the organization and the reasons behind them

Understand how your Managers are performing and the reasons behind them

Heatmap of Drivers over different demographics

Know about silent & unhappy employee beforehand

Understand how your employees are engaged with the organization and the reasons behind them

More conversation around company’s strategic priorities and goals

Powerful Employee Engagement Platform

Take the pain away from running engagement & pulse surveys

Engagement &
Pulse Survey

Save time & effort in running surveys and be on top of employee problems


Make employees feel heard by responding to their anonymous feedback

Real-time data &

Gain actionable Insights into your People & Culture

Here’s what makes it Powerful

More than 500+ HR leaders from 60+ countries trust Peoplebox to build an elite culture of high retention & result.

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Have 1:1 anonymous conversations with your employees on feedback and close the feedback loop.
Chat-based Survey Bot
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Give your employees world-class survey experience with our AI chatbot based survey
Recurring surveys
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Stay on top of your employee engagement score in real-time with recurring pulse surveys.
Automated Reminders
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Get 100% participation without putting any manual effort in follow-ups
Slack/Teams Integration
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Increase participation by allowing people to take survey directly from slack
Automated Report Creation
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Download Engagement Report PPT & Manager Score Card PDF within minutes.

Employee Engagement Software HR Love for its simplicity

Peoplebox makes capturing employees' feedback and performance continuous and fully automated, taking the pain away of running engagement & review cycles so that you are always on top of your culture and can focus on addressing issues.

Ready-to-Use Survey Template

Capture employee feedback frequently with 90% less admin work. Select a template and tailor it quickly to your specific needs.

Recurring Pulse Survey

Stay on top of your employee engagement score in real-time with recurring pulse surveys with less time and effort.

Custom Questions & Drivers

Dig deeper into employee's problems by creating your own questions & drivers on top of our research-backed questions & drivers.

Schedule Automated Reminders & Nudges

Get 100% participation without putting any manual effort into followups. Send automated reminders, manager nudges, and follow-up by leader automatically.

Reply to anonymous messages

Make your employees feel heard by responding to their anonymous feedback. Have 1:1 anonymous conversation with your employees on feedback and close the feedback loop.

Conversational AI Based Survey

Make it super easy for your employees to share feedback anonymously.

Integrate with Slack

Integrate Slack with Peoplebox and allow your employees to take pulse surveys directly from slack

Know your managers

With advanced analytics & segmentation, focus on your low rated managers to accelerate engagement.

Compare & Benchmark your engagement efforts

Compare yourself with industry on each question & drive scrore​

Export Engagement data into beautiful powerpoint

Save time & effort in preparing engagement report deck. Get all the engagement insights in a beautiful deck with just one-click.

All-in-one Platform for HR Leaders

Unified goal tracking/OKR

  • Set & Align Goals

  • Deep Native Integrations

  • Initiative/ Task Management

  • Monthly Business Reviews

  • Smart Alerts on Slack/Emails

Performance Management

  • 1:1s

  • Weekly Check-ins

  • Suggested Talking Points

  • Performance Reviews

  • 360 Feedback

Employee Engagement

  • Engagement & Pulse Survey

  • Anonymous Messaging

  • Real-time Insights

  • Employee Lifecycle Surveys

  • Coffee Connect

What our customers say

Easiest way to understand the pulse of team in real-time
The platform provides reports/analytics on various engagements across different divisions. This helped us to look into specific areas and made us change our approach in dealing with employees. The pulse survey also assisted in what overall the employees are thinking on few areas and allowed us to revisit those areas.

Great tool for surveys
I love peoplebox because we can easily automate surveys with customized questions. It also allows us to gather a lot of real-time employee feedback, without taking much time each week.

I love peoplebox
It does an amazing job of allowing me to create meeting agendas with suggested talking points, track goals and sent out satisfaction surveys! It's an awesome tool

“There was zero time spent on training! It can not get easier than that! ”
We've been working with Peoplebox in adopting the OKR and performance review tool. The Performance Review module that Peoplebox has developed by far has to be one of the most easy-to-use tools. Driving the entire interface through slack is simply brilliant esp for a tech product company! This is perhaps one of the other reasons I've loved working with Peoplebox.

Excellent product for managing teams - especially in the remote or hybrid world
My life has been impacted most by having a structured way to track one on ones, each person can put in their talking points beforehand, and there's a list of action items that can be created with attribution and reminders

I love employee engagement survey
that we can blast instantly to everyone in the company. We have 700 employees and it was impossible to keep track of all feedback. With Peoplebox, It is super-easy and I can easily go through all the comments and easily respond to them

I love that I'm able to stay organized in terms of my goals and key results.
I can add them at the beginning of each quarter and have weekly check-ins with the team on what progress has been made. This is absolute perfection as we're a fully-remote team!

Peoplebox is a tool that we use more and better than we expected.
It is simple and easy to get started. Several executives and employees went out of their way to say that they like this tool better than what it replaced for us.

“Best platform for driving remote teams”
We have been able to drive fast adoption of OKRs, get quick employee feedback and build strong connect across teams using the platform. The team is very forthcoming and helpful and very open to feedback.

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