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Leverage OKR Consulting to Ensure Successful OKR Implementation

Our OKR Coaches help fast-growing startups quickly realize the benefits of OKR Superpowers.

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OKR Masterclass for Leadership & Teams

In these sessions, we cover the basics of OKRs so that your team is ready to reap the benefits of OKR superpowers.

Drafting OKRs

Writing OKRs are the most critical part of the process and vital to the success of OKR implementation. Our coach helps leaders and teams write effective OKRs that articulate better focus & direction.

OKR Software - Set Goals
OKR Software With Tracking

OKR Integration for Tracking

We help your teams integrate their OKRs with the data sources such as Jira, Asana, Hubspot, MySQL, and G-sheet to automate OKR progress check-in

Communicating OKRs to the Company

We help you with preparing a townhall meeting (Virtual or In-person) to present Company and Functional OKRs to the whole company

Remote Employee Engagement - Remote Employee Engagement - The Manager's Guide for 2020
OKR Review dashboard

OKR Review Meetings

We understand the current operating rhythm & review frequency and participate in your weekly reviews to help you build the cadence of OKR Reviews

OKR Retrospective

Our coach helps you with reflect on past quarter OKRs & reset Co and Dept OKRs for next cycle

OKR and 1:1

What our customers say

Easiest way to track & review OKRs
I chose Peoplebox because it had integrations with the tools we use for sales and engineering to automate updating of key results.

Client Logo
Client Logo
Dominic Williamson, CTO

I’m glad that we partnered with Peoplebox for our company-wide OKR rollout.
Thanks to its simplicity, we achieved great adoption within two quarters.

Client Logo
Client Logo
Rohit Arumugam, Chief of Staff

At the heart of driving excellence at scale is our monthly business reviews
We have been wanting to move this from a ppt to a tool that can reduce the time it takes in filling in the content and tailor the discussion around the qualitative insights and discussion. Peoplebox's seamless connect with Asana, Looker at a solid management dashboard on top of the OKRs has made this possible

Client Logo
Client Logo
Khilan Haria, VP and Head of Payments Product

It solves major touch points and use cases for a startup intending to implement OKRs
The simplicity of onboarding, clarity of how objectives and key results are presented.

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Client Logo
Malay Krishna, Senior Product Manager

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    Track & review goals easily to achieve faster business results

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The OKR coaching program can benefit anyone who wants to learn the basics of OKRs and leverage them to improve their team’s performance. This includes leaders, managers, and team members who want to align their goals with the organization’s strategic objectives, track their progress, and achieve better outcomes.

    No, Peoplebox doesn’t offer OKR Coach certification.

    OKR coaching can provide several benefits, including expert help in implementing OKRs, creating focused and directional OKRs, bringing alignment and creating ownership, running effective business review meetings, drafting effective OKRs, integrating OKRs with data sources for tracking progress, and communicating OKRs to the entire company.

    Yes, Peoplebox provides on-demand OKR coaching.

    Peoplebox offers both virtual and onsite sessions based on your preference. The aim is to provide the leaders and teams a better understanding of the OKR framework and how to apply it effectively to achieve their business goals.

    Yes, OKR Coach can help facilitate OKR setting for the leadership team. They can provide expert guidance in creating OKRs that articulate focus and direction, bring alignment and create ownership, and run effective business review meetings. They can also assist leaders and teams with drafting effective OKRs.