Best People Analytics Software of 2024

While there are many people analytics software available in the market, it can be challenging to find the right one that aligns with your organisation’s needs. Various factors such as features, scalability, ease of use, integrations, and pricing all come into play. 

So, to help you evaluate and choose the best people analytics software, we’ve created a list of the top 10 people analytics software of 2024, along with a detailed analysis of each of them.

In the table below, we break down which modules each software offers, making it easy to compare and find the right fit for your needs.

List of Best People Analytics Software

Explore our top 10 people analytics software picks of 2024. You’ll discover what each software excels at, who they’re perfect for, and their key features. You’ll also learn how easy they are to use, the customer support you can expect, their integrations, security, scalability, and what users love about them. Additionally, you’ll find screenshots for a visual overview of their user interfaces.

  1. Peoplebox
  2. Eightfold
  3. Visier
  4. Charthop
  5. Rippling
  6. Orgnostic
  7. One Model
  8. CruncHR
  9. Workday
  10. UKG

1. Peoplebox

Best People Analytics Software - Peoplebox

What is it best known for? People Analytics Platform with AI-Copilot, Org-chart & dashboards, OKRs, Performance Management and Employee Engagement 

Who is its target market? Startups, Mid-size and large companies.

Ease of use: Based on the user reviews, Peoplebox excels in ease of use. Users appreciate its intuitive interface, highlighting its ease of navigation and user-friendly design. The platform’s simplicity and clear visualisation of goals, progress, and performance metrics make it effortless for teams to collaborate and stay aligned.

Customer support: The support team is highly responsive and quick in addressing users’ issues or concerns, ensuring a smooth experience. They also have dedicated support on Slack.

Integration: Peoplebox integrates with work tools, databases, CRMs, HRIS, ATS and other kinds of HR systems. 

Security: For EU and UK residents, its Privacy Policy complies with GDPR and UK Privacy Laws, ensuring lawful processing and data transfer practices. It is also SOC 2 Type II Compliant.

Scalability: Yes, it can scale as your organisation grows.

Key Features: Org Chart, AI-Copilot, Strategic Review Dashboards, Engagement Insights, OKR Management, 360-degree Performance Reviews, 1:1s, Check-ins, Engagement Survey, Pulse Survey, Anonymous Messaging and People Analytics, Access Control, Slack/Teams Integration, Auto OKR Updation, 

2. Eightfold

Top People Analytics Software - Eightfold

What is it best known for? Eightfold stands as the leading Talent Intelligence Platform, providing a highly efficient solution for discovering promising candidates, achieving diversity hiring objectives, retaining top talents, and fostering engagement within talent pools. It uses AI to help enterprises to turn talent management into a competitive advantage.

Who is its target market: Enterprises with more than 5,000 employees seeking to reduce time to hire, cost to hire, and staff turnover. Also, companies where diversity is a priority.

Ease of use: Based on online user reviews, Eightfold AI is widely praised for its user-friendly interface and time-saving features. Users appreciate its ease of use for scheduling interviews, tracking candidate progress, and communicating with hiring teams. The platform’s ability to sync with Outlook calendars and streamline the hiring process is highlighted positively. 

Customer support: offers prompt customer support. Many users also mention that their suggestions were shared with the product team, indicating that Eightfold AI takes user feedback seriously and endeavours to improve its platform based on user input.

Integration: Integrates with various HR software solutions, like Greenhouse, CodeSignal, Workday HCM, SAP Success Factors, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and more to enable efficient sharing of employee data.

Security: prioritises compliance, security, and accessibility. 

  • Eightfold complies with data protection standards like GDPR and CCPA. 
  • It has robust access authentication with support for SAML 2.0, SSO integration, and multi-factor authentication (MFA).
  • Access control is governed by least privilege and need-to-know governed by role and individual user profiles. 

Scalability: can easily scale to accommodate the evolving talent needs of global enterprises. Utilised in over 110 countries and compatible with 19 languages, it offers seamless scalability.

Key Features: The Eightfold AI platform offers extensive customization capabilities, allowing administrators to tailor processes to their needs. Integration APIs enable seamless communication with other software, enhancing workflow efficiency. Internationalisation supports multiple languages and currencies for global users.

User, role, and access management ensure data security. Performance and mobility ensure reliable access anytime, anywhere. Reporting and dashboards provide valuable insights, while automation streamlines manual tasks. Platform search and visualisation tools facilitate efficient data navigation and analysis.

3. Visier

Best HR Analytics Software - Visier

What is it best known for? Visier helps organisations make informed decisions about their workforce by providing insights into various HR metrics such as employee retention, performance, diversity, and more. 

It enables HR professionals and executives to analyse data, identify trends, and develop strategies to optimise their workforce management processes.

Who is its target market? Medium-sized businesses to large enterprises

Ease of use: Visier is highly praised for its ease of use and user-friendly interface. Users appreciate its intuitive design, streamlined visualisation options, and the ability to quickly extract insights from data. The platform’s pre-built content, metrics, and visualisations enable users to navigate through HR and people analytics data effortlessly.

Customer support: Users consistently mention the excellent support team, prompt responses, and helpfulness of Visier representatives. The platform’s support extends across technical assistance, onboarding, customization, and troubleshooting.

Integration: Integrates with systems across ATS and Talent Management, HRIS, Database Storage Systems, Collaboration Tools, Payroll Systems, and Performance and Survey Software. 

It integrates with tools like Workday, SAP Success Factors, Greenhouse, Oracle, Snowflake, UKG, Qualtrics, Zoom, Jira, and Google Workspace, among others.


  • Customer data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Logical segregation ensures confidentiality, with limited access granted to authorised employees, who undergo background checks and specialised training.
  • Visier ensures compliance with GDPR, UK GDPR, PIPEDA, CCPA, and EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework, maintaining rigorous privacy standards globally.
  • Certifications include SOC 2, CSA STAR Level 1, and Trust Assurance Package (TAP).

Scalability: Its cloud-based architecture allows for flexibility and scalability in terms of data processing and storage, enabling it to handle large volumes of data and support growing businesses. 

Additionally, Visier provides various features and tools that can accommodate the needs of different user groups within an organisation, making it suitable for scaling across departments and functions. 

Key Features: It has comprehensive features for personnel management, operations, regulation and compliance, talent management, third-party integrations, and metrics and reporting.

Users can generate customizable reports, scorecards, and dashboards, with options for cleaning, filtering, and transforming data. Advanced capabilities include generative AI for text-to-image, text generation, and image-to-text conversion, enhancing data interpretation and analysis.

4. ChartHop

Best People Analytics Software - Charthop

What is it best known for? Charthop enables organisations to visualise and manage their workforce data effectively. It provides insights into organisational metrics, team structures, and employee analytics. 

Who’s their target market? ChartHop’s target market primarily consists of mid-sized to large enterprises across various industries, including technology, finance, healthcare, and professional services. It is designed to be used by everyone from executives in People and Finance roles to managers and employees alike.

Ease of use: Users appreciate its ease of use, particularly praising its intuitive user interface and the ability to visualise organisational data effectively. Commonly liked features include the dynamic org chart, reporting capabilities, and the ease of accessing people data. 

Customer support: Users praise ChartHop’s customer support for their willingness to address customer needs, provide guidance on features, and even incorporate user requests into the product roadmap.

Integration: ChartHop offers an ever-growing list of integrated apps, including ADP, BambooHR, Carta, Deel, Greenhouse, Gusto, Humaans, Jobvite, Justworks, Lever, Namely, Paylocity, Sapling Onboarding from Kallidus, SAP SuccessFactors, Sequoia, Workday®, and Zenefits.

Security: ChartHop ensures data security with fine-grained controls, role-based access, auto on/offboarding, and full encryption. Biometric access control and mandatory SSO enhance security. Third-party SOC 2 Type 2 certification validates their rigorous security measures. 

Scalability: Charthop can handle an organisation’s growth over time, as evidenced by features like automated workflows for opening new roles and managing headcount growth.

Key Features: Key features include customisable platform settings, integration APIs, user role and access management, performance dashboards, and robust logistics capabilities such as integration, analytics, export, upload, and employee directory management. Additionally, ChartHop provides powerful editing and design tools like drag-and-drop functionality, customizable details, and restructuring options.

5. Rippling


What is it best known for? Rippling is best known for its all-in-one HR and payroll platform, which integrates various HR functions such as employee onboarding, payroll, benefits administration, and IT management into a single unified system. 

Rippling aims to streamline HR processes for businesses by automating tasks and providing a seamless experience for both employers and employees.

Who is its target market: Anyone who wants to run their global workforce – from HR and payroll to admin and IT from one place. Over 1392 companies across the world have started using Rippling in 2024 alone.

Ease of use: Users like the ease with which they can navigate the platform, perform various tasks, and access essential features. Additionally, Rippling is praised for streamlining processes, making tasks such as benefits enrollment, payroll management, and employee information management more straightforward and efficient. Its intuitive design and easy-to-follow processes save time and reduce the learning curve for new users.

Customer support: Users highlight the convenience of self-service options, such as comprehensive help sections and ticket submission. Issues are often addressed via email or through a chat feature that redirects users to FAQ articles.

Integration: Integrates with popular software tools across various functions like Engineering, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, IT & Security, Legal & Compliance, Managers, Operations, Payroll, Recruiting, Support & Customer Success.

Those software include GitHub, Google Workspace, Greenhouse, Jira, Webhooks, and Zendesk. 


  • Rippling adheres to industry-standard frameworks and regulations, including SOC 1 Type ll, SOC 2 Type ll, SOC 3, CSA STAR Level 2, ISO 27001, and ISO 27018 certifications. 
  • Personnel security practices involve stringent onboarding and offboarding processes, continuous security training, and office security measures.
  • The development process prioritises security, with penetration testing, bug bounties, application monitoring, and rigorous change management procedures.

Scalability: Whether you’re adding new employees, expanding your operations across borders, or integrating additional software tools, Rippling allows you to scale easily and efficiently.

Key Features: Its key features include payroll entry, time-off accrual, direct deposit, and pre-tax deductions. Employees benefit from self-service options through the web portal, enabling them to manage their profiles, benefits, and time off effortlessly. 

It also offers benefits record management, enrollment planning, and intuitive self-service portals, along with interactive benefits dashboards for easy tracking and management.

6. Orgnostic


What is it best known for? It offers leaders valuable organisational insights on the employees. The platform assists in addressing crucial questions about company health by connecting disparate HR data and enhancing it with automated surveys.

Who is its target market? Startups, SMEs

Ease of use: Users like its intuitive interface and swift integration with various HR information systems and applicant tracking systems, ensuring rich people insights. It excels in providing quick and easy access to aggregated employee data presented in user-friendly charts and graphs. 

Users also appreciate its continuous product improvement and affordable pricing, especially beneficial for smaller startups.

Customer support: The platform’s customer success team is highly rated for their dedication and support.

Integration: Greenhouse, Gusto, Lever, Recruitee, Personio, Bamboo HR, Workable, Timetastic, UKG, Jobvite, Workday, 15Five, Excel spreadsheets, Slack, etc.


  • Orgnostic hosts all data securely in North America or Europe, always served over encrypted connections.
  • It is compliant with SOC 2, GDPR, CCPA, and CDPA regulations.
  • Data protection measures include cloud security with AWS, network security with enterprise-grade encryption, and secure data storage with vendors compliant with ISO 27001, GDPR, and SOC 1/2/3 standards.
  • Access is managed with separate instances in the EU and US, with authentication and user management handled by Auth0, a trusted platform maintaining various compliance certifications such as SOC 2 Type II, ISO27001, ISO27018, and GDPR.

Scalability: Orgnostic is scalable, as evidenced by its scalable pricing plans that allow users to start for free and gradually expand features as needed.

Key Features: 

Orgnostic’s key features include a centralised home dashboard for reviewing essential metrics, a storytelling feature that provides insights into various aspects of HR data, and access to insights grounded in over 30 years of research. 

It offers automated data health audits to improve data quality, and the capability to conduct surveys and diagnostic assessments within the platform. Additionally, Orgnostic provides access to on-demand data scientists for actionable insights.

7. One Model

Best People Analytics Software - One Model

What is it best known for? One Model software is renowned for its advanced HR analytics capabilities, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to collect, analyse, and visualise HR data. It is regarded for its ability to integrate seamlessly with various HR systems and applications, providing a centralised platform for data management and reporting.

Who is its target market: Anyone from small teams to fast-growing enterprises

Ease of use: One Model’s ease of use is highlighted by its seamless integration with other systems via APIs, enabling access to pre-built dashboards and customizable reports. Users appreciate the flexibility to tailor dashboards according to their needs and the ability to export data to platforms like PowerBI. 

Customer support: Customers have access to online assistance, telephone support, and around-the-clock availability of customer service representatives.

Integration: Integrates with HRIS (SuccessFactors, Workday), data lakes (Azure, Snowflake), survey tools (CultureAmp, Glint), learning management (ELMO, Cornerstone), custom (CSV, Excel), applicant tracking (SmartRecruiters, Taleo), and payroll (ADP, CompXL).

Security: It complies with international regulations like GDPR and CCPA. They employ encryption, regular audits, and employee training to maintain high standards. Additionally, they champion privacy by design and offer transparency regarding data handling.

Scalability: One Model is scalable, as evidenced by its flexible pricing plans that allow users to scale features as their analytics practice evolves.

Key Features: It offers 3 distinct plans with different features:

  • People Analytics Enterprise: Tailored for fast-growing enterprises, offers unlimited HR system data access, transparent predictive insights, customisable metrics, data exports, org charts (beta), premium tech support, and more.
  • People Analytics Essentials: Ideal for small teams, provides access to a single HR data system, pre-defined metrics, data exports, support, and training.
  • People Analytics Data Mesh: For IT teams managing HR data transformation, offers unlimited data access, data augmentation, support, and training.

8. Crunchr


What is it best known for? Crunchr is known for its ability to gather, analyse, and interpret large amounts of HR-related data to provide insights into workforce management, talent acquisition, turnover rates, pay equality, and other aspects of human resource management. It uses advanced analytics techniques to help organisations make data-driven decisions about their workforce.

Who is its target market: Enterprise HR teams

Ease of use: Customers like its user-friendly interface and comprehensive analytics capabilities. Users also appreciate its ease of navigation, quick access to key metrics, and customizable reporting features. 

Customer support: Users like the responsiveness and effectiveness of the support team. The support team is commended for their dedication to helping users navigate the platform, resolve issues promptly, and provide guidance on maximising its capabilities. 

Integration: Integrate with all global and local HR systems, including core HR systems, recruitment, learning and development (L&D), engagement, absenteeism, performance management systems, and even business metrics like sales data from CRMs.

Security: Crunchr prioritises data security and privacy across all levels of its platform. 

  • It has robust identity and access controls, annual audits, and penetration testing by reputable third-party firms. 
  • Data is encrypted in-transit and at-rest, with role-based access control and selective anonymisation to safeguard confidentiality. 
  • Crunchr is fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA/CPRA regulations, and undergoes annual audits to maintain its SOC2 certification.
  • It supports multi-factor authentication and single sign-on for enhanced identity and access management.

Scalability: Crunchr is scalable, evidenced by the fact that it has developed a model to help organisations scale people analytics across their company. 

The model groups users based on their scores for usefulness, ease, and intention to use the product. For long-term users, it tracks usage patterns to improve adoption, and develop tailored interventions like product tours and data quality seminars.

Key Features: Crunchr provides an intuitive and self-service platform for HR professionals and business leaders to instantly access meaningful insights across all HR domains. With drag-and-drop functionality and pre-built metrics, users can easily create customised dashboards tailored to their needs. 

The platform offers strategic workforce planning tools and collaboration features. It ensures data consistency and contextualization, enabling users to make informed decisions supported by built-in wizards and storytelling capabilities. 

9. Workday Prism Analytics

Workday Prism Analytics

What is it best known for? Workday Prism Analytics is a part of Workday, which offers cloud-based applications for financial, human resources, and planning needs for enterprises.

Workday Prism Analytics broadens Workday’s capabilities, allowing you to gather finance and HR insights from various data sources directly within Workday. It offers tools for preparing, managing, and exploring data, making comprehensive analysis easier within the platform.

Who is its target market: Enterprises

Ease of use: It has an intuitive interface and user-friendly design. Users commend its simplicity and self-guided features, making it easy to navigate and utilise effectively.

Customer support: Customer support for Workday Prism Analytics receives mixed feedback from users. While some users report satisfactory assistance, others express dissatisfaction due to strict timelines or difficulty in accessing support resources. 

However, Workday’s overall reputation for customer service in their broader suite of products is generally positive, suggesting that experiences with support may vary depending on the specific circumstances and needs of users.

Integration: You can import data from various sources through APIs, SFTP, browser-based file uploads, or pre-built connectors like AWS S3. 

Security: Role-based and contextual security permissions, table-level security controls and sharing restrictions

Scalability: You can scale it across the organisation.

Key Features: It offers self-service data preparation and productionalised insights. You can create and manage data transformation pipelines using an intuitive interface, applying functions like join, union, group-by, and filter to manipulate datasets. Additionally, you can query large-scale datasets through an in-memory high-performance analytics engine. 

10. UKG Pro People Analytics

UKG Pro People Analytics

What is it best known for?  UKG Pro Analytics is best known for providing advanced analytics and reporting capabilities within the UKG Pro suite. UKG Pro is a cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solution that encompasses various HR functions such as payroll, HR, talent management, and workforce management.

UKG Pro Analytics allows organisations to use their HR and workforce data to gain insights into employee performance, workforce trends, compensation analysis, and other key metrics. 

Who is its target market: Enterprises

Ease of use: Users like the user-friendly interface, easy processes, and comprehensive solutions across the UKG Suite, with positive mentions of the reporting capabilities and security features. 

Customer support: Customer support receives mixed reviews among users. While some users appreciate the responsiveness and helpfulness of the support team, others express dissatisfaction with the level of service provided. Positive reviews mention quick responses to inquiries and friendly interactions with support representatives. However, negative reviews highlight challenges in reaching support representatives, delays in resolving issues, and a perceived lack of urgency in addressing customer concerns.

Integration: Integrates with ATS, Candidate Assessment Apps, Payroll Systems, and ERPs, such as 15Five, ClearCompany, Cloudpay, Greenhouse, Microsoft Dynamics, POS systems, Predictive Index, Taleo, and Workstream.

Security: Keep data secure and ensure users only view data relevant to their roles.

Scalability: Yes, it has scalable technology. 

Key Features: Create customised reports effortlessly, accessing a rich library of templates or building your own. With intuitive data selection and filtering, users gain deep insights into workforce trends. The platform’s dynamic dashboards offer visually engaging representations of key metrics, enabling efficient data assessment. Additionally, automated email alerts keep teams informed about critical events, helping them proactive address business issues.

People Analytics Software Comparison

ModulesPeopleboxEightfoldVisierCharthopRipplingOrgnosticOne ModelCruncHRWorkday Prism AnalyticsUKG Pro People Analytics
Employee Data Management???
Data Visualization and Reporting
Predictive Analytics
Recruitment Analytics??
Performance Management???
Training and Development????
Employee Engagement and Satisfaction
Workforce Planning??
Compensation and Benefits Analytics
Compliance and Risk Management
Integration Capabilities
Security and Privacy Features

Scale Your People Analytics With Peoplebox

As we’ve explored the top 10 solutions in depth, it’s evident that it’s essential to align them closely with your organisation’s unique requirements and goals. If you are looking for a people analytics solution primarily for performance management, employee engagement, and goal alignment, Peoplebox emerges as a standout option.프라그마틱 플레이

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