35 Core Competencies Examples

As an HR leader, navigating the complex landscape of core competencies can be overwhelming. You may be struggling with: Not having a clear understanding of these can slow down progress and leave your organisation behind in a competitive market. So continue reading to find out about the 35 most common and useful core competencies examples, […]

Best HR Reporting Software in 2024

Many HR professionals get into HR reporting to stay current with trends, be data-driven, and track essential HR metrics.  But soon find themselves overwhelmed by the administrative burden of reporting and data analysis. Whether you are new to HR reporting or unhappy with your current software, the challenges remain consistent. Continuing without the right software, […]

Best 360 Degree Feedback Software in 2024 for HR Leaders

Do you feel overwhelmed trying to manage 360-degree feedback manually in your company?  You’re not alone.  Many HR leaders struggle with the logistical nightmares and inefficiencies this process often involves: The answer? 360-degree feedback software that automates the collection and analysis of multi-source performance evaluations. And your search for finding best 360 degree feedback software […]

Top 10 HR Analytics Courses Online in 2024

More and more organisations now use HR analytics to make critical workforce decisions, with the majority requiring data analysis skills in the HR department. As an HR professional without strong analytical skills, you may find yourself sidelined in favour of more data-savvy peers.  Being left behind in HR analytics can mean limited career prospects, including: […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Crafting a Winning People Analytics Strategy

People analytics is no longer a nice to have but a must for HR leaders in today’s data-driven business culture. Especially amongst the current economic challenges when companies are increasingly prioritising profitability, HRs are expected to make data-informed decisions to enhance workforce efficiency. However, the journey from recognising the need for people analytics to successfully […]

What is RIF? How to Deal with a Reduction in Force

RIF stands for “Reduction in Force.” It’s when a company needs to reduce its number of employees.  This can happen for different reasons: RIF is a way for a company to adjust its workforce to meet its current needs and budget. RIF vs. Layoffs vs. Firings RIF, layoffs, firings, and other types of separations differ […]

HR’s Pocket Guide to Democratising People Data in 2024

The era of exclusive data access is over; today’s businesses thrive by making people data accessible to everyone. Traditionally, this kind of data was only accessible to HR departments and top management. Now, the goal is to extend this access to all employees — including line managers and the wider workforce, across departments. This approach […]