Essential Slack Apps HR can’t live without in 2023

Navigating the dynamic world of HR technology is no small feat, and the key to success often boils down to one critical element: adoption. We all know the story—many HR tech projects fall short because employees simply aren’t fully on board.  What if there was a revolutionary solution that can significantly up your adoption game […]

Hay System 101: The Popular Job Evaluation Method

In mid-20th century, Edward N. Hay developed a job evaluation method called “Hay System”. This system was initially developed to provide a structured and data-driven approach for HR leaders to determine the relative worth of different jobs in an organization. This job evaluation method is known and used widely in the North America and Europe. […]

Unmasking the Bias in Performance Reviews: How to Spot Them and Avoid Their Pitfalls

Imagine you’re standing on a tightrope, balancing your professional future. On one side, there’s the hope of fair and constructive feedback, leading to growth and success. On the other, hidden biases threaten to tip the scales, altering your performance review’s true purpose. In the world of performance evaluations, these biases often lurk unnoticed, affecting outcomes. […]