Top Slack Bots for Human resource

Essential Slack Apps HR can’t live without in 2024

Navigating the dynamic world of HR technology is no small feat, and the key to success often boils down to one critical element: adoption. We all know the story—many HR tech projects fall short because employees simply aren’t fully on board. 

What if there was a revolutionary solution that can significantly up your adoption game and turbocharge your HR initiatives? Welcome to the era of “Slack-first” HR, a game-changer where not only does adoption soar, but success becomes the new standard.

The year 2024 has ushered in a workplace landscape characterized by remote work, digital transformation, and escalating employee expectations. Thriving in this environment demands the savvy use of the right tools and strategies. 

That’s why our team has been hard at work to shed some light on the top Slack apps that are set to empower HR teams in 2024.

1. Peoplebox

Peoplebox is the best slack app for HR
Credit: Peoplebox Website

Peoplebox is your all-in-one solution for strategy execution and performance management. It brings together OKRs, personal goals, performance reviews, compensation, feedback, 1:1 meetings, and incentives, all in a single platform.

What’s great is that it’s seamlessly integrated into Slack, making the employee experience truly convenient. HR teams can easily conduct 360-degree reviews, pulse surveys, and lifecycle surveys. Employees can effortlessly track their goals and prepare for 1:1 meetings, all without leaving Slack.

Use Peoplebox to get performance review done over Slack

Explore how Peoplebox revolutionizes 360-degree reviews with 90% less administrative work in our step-by-step guide on how you can use Peoplebox to collect performance reviews over Slack. 

You can also explore our detailed tutorials for further information.

Want to see Peoplebox in action? Get in touch with us today!

2. Poll & Survey ToDo Bot

Standuply to streamline standup remote meetings
Credit: Standuply Website is a versatile app that simplifies standup meetings, retrospectives, and task management within Slack. It offers over 20 Agile and HR processes to help HR teams streamline their workflows. With features like polls and surveys, this app provides a comprehensive solution for efficient communication and collaboration within teams.

3. Polly

Polly for remote team engagement
Polly Website

Polly is a fantastic tool for engaging your team instantly. It offers functionalities like polls, surveys, standups, and trivia, fostering real-time feedback and participation. This app can significantly enhance your team’s responsiveness and dynamic interaction within Slack.

4. Typeform

Use Typeform to gather feedback and survey
Credit: Typeform Website

Typeform seamlessly integrates with Slack to keep HR teams informed when someone completes a Typeform survey. This integration is perfect for gathering valuable feedback and conducting surveys efficiently. The app simplifies the process of collecting data and insights from team members.

5. Geekbot

Geekbot for standup meetings
Credit: Geekbot Website

Geekbot Workflows takes automation to the next level, allowing HR teams to automate standup meetings, retrospectives, surveys, and polls, among other workflows. It’s a time-saving solution that enhances productivity and collaboration within your team, all from the convenience of Slack.

6. Donut

Donut for collaboration
Credit: Donut Website

Donut is a valuable app for enhancing collaboration and fostering stronger, more engaged teams. It focuses on effective communication and team-building, helping HR professionals create a positive and cohesive work environment within Slack.

7. HeyTaco

HeyTaco to build deep team relations
Source: HeyTaco Website

HeyTaco encourages team unity and connections by introducing a unique reward system. Colleagues can appreciate and recognize each other’s efforts, promoting a positive workplace culture. This app is an excellent way to boost morale and acknowledge the hard work of your team members.

8. DailyBot

AI assistant from Dailybot for Slack
Source: Dailybot

DailyBot offers HR teams an AI-powered assistant to streamline various processes, including stand-up meetings, surveys, and polls. Its integration with Slack enhances communication and productivity, making it a valuable addition to your HR toolbox.

9. BirthdayBot

Use BirthdayBot to keep tracks of birthdays and anniversaries on Slack
Source: BirthdayBot website

BirthdayBot simplifies the process of keeping track of office birthdays and anniversaries, fostering a positive workplace culture. This app ensures that no important milestones within your team go unnoticed, enhancing team cohesion.

10. AttendanceBot

AttendenceBot for leave tracking on Slack
Source: AttendenceBot Website

AttendanceBot is a must-have for HR teams looking to streamline leave and time tracking. It covers various aspects, including PTO, vacation, timesheets, and more, providing a comprehensive solution for managing your team’s attendance and time-off requests.

11. Qarrot

Qarrot for employee recognition
Source: Qarrot Website

Qarrot focuses on recognizing and rewarding employees in a way that aligns with your company’s values. This app allows HR teams to incentivize and motivate team members, enhancing overall job satisfaction and performance.

12. Trova

Use Trova for just-in-time learning Slack Apps for HR
Source: Trova

Trova facilitates just-in-time learning and peer-to-peer collaboration. It empowers HR teams to transform work processes by enabling employees to share knowledge and expertise with ease within Slack.

13. Tisane Bot

Use Tisane Bot for monitoring cyberbullying violations
Source: Tisane Bot Website

Tisane Bot is dedicated to creating a respectful and inclusive communication environment. It helps detect problematic content and encourages considerate interactions, fostering a more respectful and harmonious workplace culture.

14. Kiku

Use Kiku for monitoring time-offs
Source: Kiku Bot Website

Kiku simplifies the management of time-off requests, making it seamless for teams of any size. HR professionals can efficiently handle leave requests and ensure that team members get the time off they need, all directly within Slack.

15. Beamery Grow

Use Beamery for efficient talent management
Source: Beamery Website

Beamery Grow is a comprehensive platform that elevates the talent experience within your workforce. It’s designed to help HR teams manage the entire employee lifecycle, from recruitment to onboarding and beyond, right from within Slack.

16. Team Feedback by Inkrement

Inkrement for seamless feedback management
Source: Inkrement Website

Team Feedback by Inkrement makes it easy for HR teams to facilitate peer feedback, even anonymously. This app is a valuable tool for improving team dynamics and fostering open communication.

17. Justworks Hours

Justworks Hours for seamless time tracking
Source: Justworks Hours Website

Justworks Hours is an ideal solution for small businesses looking to automate employee time tracking. It simplifies the process and ensures accurate timekeeping, helping HR teams manage work hours more efficiently.

18. Vacationizr Bot

Use Vacationizr Bot for time management
Source: Vacationizr Bot Website

Vacationizr Bot simplifies the management and tracking of time off, including home office, vacation, and sick leave, all directly within Slack. It streamlines the process, making it more convenient for HR teams to manage time-off requests.

19. Lean Coffee Table

Use Lean Coffee Table for online meetings
Source: Lean Coffee Table Website

Lean Coffee Table is designed to host online meetings for distributed teams with ease. It facilitates efficient communication and collaboration among remote team members, making it a valuable addition for HR professionals.

20. Flourish

Use Flourish for an engaging feedback chatbot
Source: Flourish Website

Flourish is dedicated to increasing team participation and developing leadership skills through a feedback chatbot. It encourages open communication and feedback, fostering personal and professional growth within your team.

21. Slava

Use Slava for engaging in team fitness challenges
Source: Slava Website

Slava integrates Strava with Slack, allowing teams to engage in fitness challenges and motivation. It promotes a healthy and active lifestyle within your workforce, enhancing overall well-being.

22. Pleesher

Use Pleesher for Slack Analytics
Source: ExpenseTron Website

Pleesher provides Slack analytics and tips to enhance team efficiency. HR teams can benefit from data-driven insights to improve their communication and productivity.

23. ExpenseTron

ExpenseTron for efficient expense tracking
Source: ExpenseTron Website

ExpenseTron simplifies expense tracking and reporting for HR departments. It streamlines the process, making it more convenient for HR professionals to manage expenses within Slack.

24. Spock

Spock Slack app for HR
Source: Spock Website

Spock allows HR teams to track time off, vacation, PTO, holidays, and sick leave within Slack for free. It’s a cost-effective solution for managing time-off requests and attendance.

25. Praisely

Use for employee appreciation and peer recognition
Source: Website is all about promoting team unity by praising coworkers and highlighting company wins. It’s a positive reinforcement tool that boosts team morale and fosters a culture of appreciation.

26. Harriet

Use Harriet for HR management
Source: Harriet Website

Harriet is an AI HR assistant that handles policies, holidays, pay, and performance-related queries. It simplifies HR processes, making it easier for teams to manage HR-related tasks within Slack.

27. Albus Search with ChatGPT

Use Albus for knowledge base management
Source: Albus Website

Albus Search with ChatGPT enhances help desk capabilities, universal search, and knowledge base management with the power of ChatGPT. It’s a valuable tool for HR teams looking to streamline information retrieval and support within Slack.

28. TeamOhana

Best slack aap for HR TeamOhana
Source: TeamOhana Website

TeamOhana is designed to help HR teams plan and manage their headcount with confidence. It offers solutions for workforce management and ensures that teams have the right number of personnel to meet their goals.

This curated list only scratches the surface of the powerful Slack apps available for HR teams in 2024. For a more exhaustive exploration of cutting-edge tools designed to streamline communication, automate processes, and elevate team engagement, check out our list of top Slack apps for HR

The dynamic world of workplace collaboration is ever-evolving, and our comprehensive resource ensures you stay at the forefront of innovation. We are staunch advocates of empowering HR teams with a complete spectrum of possibilities. After all, we believe that the future of efficient, positive workplace management extends far beyond this list. Eager to usher in a new era of performance management? Reach out to us today!

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