Remote Work: Top Tips

Top 10 Tips To Be a Successful Remote Worker

When working remotely you need to find ways to keep yourself productive and create balance in your life. You also have to figure out how to work and establish boundaries between your home and work life. Some unique challenges when working remotely include dealing with distractions and building relationships with colleagues. You also have many advantages like flexibility, cost savings, and convenience. Here are some useful tips and tricks you should know to make working remotely most productive.

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1. Keep your tech updated

When working remotely you are dependent on technology. Your productivity will depend to a large extent on the reliability of your tech tools. If your tools don’t function properly you will be less efficient. The equipment and software you need to work remotely will vary depending on your job responsibilities. At the very least you will need a computer, internet access, and a phone. A microphone and webcam are often necessary too. Keeping this technology up to date and working smoothly is essential. Your computer must have the speed you need and enough memory capacity.

Insufficient storage space on your computer is a problem you may experience when working remotely. Fixing these issues on time and smartly is important. On this link here, you can find some important tips on how to increase available disk space on a Mac. Photos, videos, applications, and macOS itself often take up the most space. You can delete unnecessary applications, remove photos and videos you no longer need, and empty Trash as a start. Various third-party apps are available that you can use to speed up the process. It only takes a few clicks to delete unnecessary files, system junk, and unused applications.

2. Set up a dedicated workspace

If you separate your living spaces and work area it can help to increase your productivity. You may have a separate room you can use as an office but you can also just set up a designated area. If you don’t have a special work area the boundaries between work and home life will blur. When you go into the designated work area, your brain receives the signal that it’s time for work. You can also keep your work materials organized and set everything up in a way that makes you most productive for remote work.

3. Remove all distractions

When you face a distraction, it can take a while for you to regain focus. It is important to communicate your boundaries with those who share your home. They need to get the message that they should not interrupt you during your work hours. Clarify that you are available to them outside of your work hours. Consider using noise-canceling headphones if you battle to concentrate. Your employer is likely to conduct a performance appraisal on a periodic basis to give you feedback. You don’t want to hear that you tend to be distracted and lacking in focus.

4. Decide when your workday ends

You should make a habit of logging off at a certain time each day. This step is extremely important when doing remote work. Otherwise, you may find yourself working well into the evening. Set this boundary and let your coworkers know that you aren’t available after this time. You need to spend time relaxing so you can return to work with a fresh mind the next day.

5. Communicate with co-workers

The platform and tools your company uses will help you to communicate with coworkers. Communicating regularly enables you to learn how to collaborate efficiently despite geographic distances. If you live in different time zones, you should plan your communication accordingly. You need to build your competencies, such as the ability to communicate well, if you want to work effectively in a team.

6. Catch up with someone different each week

Building connections and relationships remotely can be difficult if you haven’t ever done it before. Informal catch-ups can help you to get to know other team members on a personal level. If you want to perform well as a team, it will help to have regular catch-ups with different team members. This gives you the opportunity to communicate informally and have the type of conversations coworkers would normally have at the office during breaks.

7. Always get dressed for work

Even if you don’t have any video meetings, you should always get dressed for the day. This helps you to get into the right mindset for work. You will feel more focused and prepared psychologically if you’re dressed instead of lounging around in your pajamas when a coworker or client calls.

8. Use a VPN

A VPN creates a secure and encrypted connection between your device and a remote server. Using a VPN for remote work adds an extra layer of security against cyber attacks. If you work from a public or unsecured Wi-Fi network, you are vulnerable to snooping and interception. Using a VPN ensures your communications stay secure.

9. Disconnect

The digital age with its ability to have contact at any time can blur the boundaries between work and non-working hours. Disconnecting from work-related notifications in your free time is essential for your mental well-being. Always being available can take its toll on your mental health and this will adversely affect your professional life.

10. Take Breaks

When working for an employer, the company usually has a policy regarding break times. You need to make it a practice to take these breaks. A lunch hour and two 15-minute breaks are standard. When working on a computer, it is important to stand up and get your blood circulating at least once every hour. Stretching exercises will help to prevent your muscles and limbs from cramping and causing pain.

Remote Work Tips


When working remotely you have to figure out what makes you most productive. The above tips and tricks can inspire you and help you to overcome some of the challenges. Implementing them will ensure that you balance your work and home life, take breaks when you need them, and stay connected with co-workers. You will be able to eliminate distractions and create an environment in which you can fully focus on the tasks at hand.

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