Top HR Analytics Courses 2024

Top 10 HR Analytics Courses Online in 2024

More and more organisations now use HR analytics to make critical workforce decisions, with the majority requiring data analysis skills in the HR department.

As an HR professional without strong analytical skills, you may find yourself sidelined in favour of more data-savvy peers. 

Being left behind in HR analytics can mean limited career prospects, including:

  • Fewer opportunities to influence key organisational decisions
  • A ceiling on reaching leadership and high-impact roles that could define one’s career

Analytical thinking was the most important skill for workers in 2023, according to the Future of Jobs report by The World Economic Forum.

It is expected to grow even further in importance – by a whopping 72% – by 2027. 

So be proactive and invest in your future by upskilling in HR analytics.

Read on to find out:

  • Which are the top 10 HR Analytics courses online
  • How to choose the right HR Analytics course
  • How to get the most out of your course

Top HR Analytics Courses Online in 2024

  1. People Analytics from Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania (Coursera)
  2. Human Resources Analytics from the University of California, Irvine (Coursera)
  3. HR Analytics using MS Excel for Human Resource Management (Udemy)
  4. SHRM People Analytics Specialty Credential
  5. People Analytics Accredited Programme – CIPD
  6. AIHR People Analytics Certificate Programme – AIHR
  7. Human Resources (HR) Analytics Certificate – Cornell
  8. People Analytics for HR (PAHR) Certification – HCI
  9. People Analytics Certification Course – HR University
  10. Certificate in HR Analytics by EY India

We have picked these top 10 HR analytics courses for their high ratings, popularity in the industry, and reputation of the institutes offering them.

They are online and mostly self-paced. So they can easily fit around your current HR job, studies, or other commitments.

1. People Analytics from Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania (Coursera)

Course name: People Analytics

Offering institution: The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. It is consistently ranked among the world’s top business schools. It is renowned for its rigorous academic programmes, influential faculty, and strong alumni network.

HR Analytics Course duration: 8 hours, self-paced

Key topics covered: 

  • How data shapes decisions in hiring, performance reviews, leadership, promotion, job design, compensation, and collaboration. 
  • How top companies use people analytics. 

Unique selling points (USPs): 

  • Discussion forum 
  • Graded quiz (locked in the free version)
  • Certificate of completion

Target audience: Beginner

Cost: Both free and paid versions. 

  • Check the free version by clicking the “Audit the Course” button. You can now access the full course without the quizzes. 
  • Or enrol in the paid course and get a shareable certificate of completion on passing the 4 quizzes.

2. Human Resources Analytics from the University of California, Irvine (Coursera)

Course name: Human Resources Analytics

Offering institution: University of California, Irvine (UCI). It is known for its strong academic programmes and innovative research, and is a prestigious institution in the UC system.

HR Analytics Course duration: 5 hours, self-paced

Key topics covered: 

  • Identifying effective data sources
  • Developing meaningful metrics for staffing, training, rewards, and employee relations
  • Designing, tracking, and reporting on long-term measures
  • Applying results to influence strategic business planning


  • Discussion forum 
  • Graded quiz (locked in the free version)
  • Certificate of completion

Target audience: Beginner


  • A free version where you have access to the course without the quizzes.
  • Paid, where you also get a certificate of completion on passing the assessment. 

3. HR Analytics using MS Excel for Human Resource Management (Udemy)

Course name: HR Analytics using MS Excel for Human Resource Management 

Offering institution: Start-Tech Academy, a technology-based Analytics Education Company. Founders have experience as managers in a global analytics firm.

HR Analytics Course duration: 9.5 hours, self-paced

Key topics covered: 

  • Using Excel to automate HR metric calculations.
  • Mastering Excel data tools, lookup functions, pivot tables, and essential formulas for HR analytics
  • Implementing predictive ML models like linear regression for HR issues.
  • Creating HR dashboards and understanding Excel charts.


  • Certificate of Completion 
  • Quizzes
  • Practice assignment for each section

Target audience: Anyone from beginner to advanced

Cost: Paid

4. SHRM People Analytics Specialty Credential

Course name: SHRM People Analytics Specialty Credential

Offering institution: SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management. It is a global HR professional organisation known for its expertise in HR education, certification, and advocacy.

Course duration: 3-hour seminar. You can choose among the given time slots.

Key topics covered: 

  • Basic knowledge of people analytics
  • Relevant, real-world business issues
  • How to share data findings


  • Assessment
  • Certificate

Target audience: Beginner

Cost: Paid

5. People Analytics Accredited Programme – CIPD

Course name: People Analytics Accredited Programme

Offering institution: CIPD, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. It is a professional body for HR and people development, known globally for its credentials and learning resources.

Course duration: 70 hours, self-paced.  You need to turn in the final assessment within 10 months.

Key topics covered:

  • Integrating people analytics in your work – why and why now?
  • Analytics in action
  • Stakeholder engagement and building your people analytics strategy
  • Consulting using data and value-added questions
  • Metrics, data models, statistical models and machine learning
  • Analysing data
  • Tools of the trade
  • Data visualisation, presenting and making recommendations


  • Access to the CIPD Learning Hub for a year, where your course materials and other helpful resources are available. After completing the course, you get another year of access to additional resources on the Learning Hub.
  • Networking: Once the programme has finished, you’ll also get access to a learning community of like-minded professionals to share experiences and deepen your skills and knowledge.
  • Practice-based
  • Assessment

Target audience: Advanced.

  • Requires a solid understanding of the topic. 
  • You are currently working in this field or have done so recently.

Cost: Paid

6. AIHR People Analytics Certificate Programme – AIHR

Course name: People Analytics Certificate Programme

Offering institution: AIHR (Academy to Innovate HR). Globally accredited & recognised, it specialises in online HR training and development.

Course duration: 33.5 hours, self-paced

Key topics covered:

  • How to use HR Analytics to get business outcomes
  • Get hands-on by analysing people data in Excel
  • Build interactive HR dashboards and reports in Microsoft PowerBI


  • 6 hands-on projects
  • Pass the project to earn your certificate

Target audience: Everyone – beginner, intermediate, advanced

Cost: Paid

7. Human Resources (HR) Analytics Certificate – Cornell

Course name: HR Analytics Certificate Programme

Offering institution: eCornell, Cornell University’s online learning platform. It leverages the university’s top faculty to offer courses that blend Ivy League insights with practical skills for career advancement​. 

Course duration: 40 hours, Instructor-led. 3-5 hours per week for 2 weeks. Programme duration is 2 months. 

Key topics covered: 

  • How to source, analyse, and visualise HR data
  • Enhancing decision-making through analysis and storytelling
  • Applying predictive analytics to anticipate and plan for HR challenges like hiring, engagement, retention, and diversity
  • Implementing a cost-based approach for evaluating HR initiatives’ impact and ROI
  • Developing strategic measures for excellence in HR analytics


  • Class of 35 students
  • HR Analytics Certificate from Cornell ILR School, officially known as the School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University
  • 40 Professional Development Hours (4 CEUs). CEU stands for Continuing Education Unit. It’s a measure used in continuing education programmes, particularly for professionals who need to maintain a license in their field. 

Target audience: Advanced

Who should enrol: 

  • HR Associates, Managers, and Directors
  • Analysts
  • CHROs and VPs of HR

Cost: Paid

8. People Analytics for HR (PAHR) Certification – HCI

Course name: People Analytics for HR (PAHR) Certification

Offering institution: The Human Capital Institute (HCI). It is an independent institute offering certifications, training, and conferences for HR professionals and business leaders.

Course duration: 2-day course. You can choose from the dates and times provided. 

Key topics covered: You’ll learn how to 

  • Collaborate with stakeholders to identify issues.
  • Develop and test hypotheses using both intuition and analytics.
  • Analyse people and organisational data to spot trends and test assumptions.
  • Use data visualisation to tell a story and anticipate reactions.
  • Link analysis to organisational goals and measure impact.


  • Interact and chat with peers and instructors via Zoom 
  • Achieve your HCI certification by attending every session, finishing all coursework, and successfully passing the multiple-choice exam with a minimum score of 80%.

Target audience: Intermediate to advanced. For professionals already working in HR in organisations.

Cost: Paid

9. People Analytics Certification Course – HR University

Course name: People Analytics Certification Course

Offering institution: HR University. It aims to be the most trusted resource for HR professionals worldwide, hosting one of the largest global HR communities with members from over 500 companies.

Course duration: 20 hours, self-paced

Key topics covered: 

  • Fundamentals of HR analytics
  • Creating surveys, conducting interviews
  • Basic and advanced analytics: Basic statistics, HR metrics, how to utilise Excel, and create HR dashboards that keep track of your entire organisation
  • Data implementation: How to collect and organise data, make sense of collected data, data-driven decision-making, and how to use data when communicating with employees.


  • You’ll get survey templates and Excel sheets to use in your organisation
  • Certificate of completion upon finishing the course

Target audience: Beginner

Cost: Paid

10. Certificate in HR Analytics by EY India

Course name: Certificate in HR Analytics

Offering institution: EY Virtual Academy. EY, also known as Ernst & Young, is one of the largest professional services networks in the world, often referred to as one of the “Big Four” accounting firms. EY Virtual Academy leverages Ernst & Young’s (EY) global expertise to offer eLearning programmes focused on professional development.

Course duration: 18+ hours, with access for six months

Key topics covered:

  • HR analytics using tools like Advanced Excel, Power BI and Python. 
  • HR Dashboarding
  • Attrition analytics
  • Performance appraisal analysis
  • Predicting the cost of future planning, etc


  • Online assessment
  • EY Certificate of Completion post assessment
  • Query handling through dedicated email support

Target audience: Beginner and intermediate

Who should attend:

  • MBA – HR students looking to shape their careers with the latest in HR technology and analytics. 
  • Entrepreneurs and HR professionals aiming to enhance their HR analytical skills and step into more strategic positions.

Cost: Paid

Now that you have a list of the top 10 courses, let’s look at how you can choose the right one for you.

Choosing the Right HR Analytics Course

Selecting the right course is important. It makes sure the time, effort, and resources pay off and help you in reaching your goals and moving your career forward.

It involves two key factors: 

  1. Checking whether the course aligns with your individual preferences, goals, and situation.
  2. Making sure the course offers quality learning. 

Personal Considerations in selection from these HR analytics courses

  • Career Goals: Start by understanding exactly what you want to achieve. Specific goals will guide your course selection.
  • Time Availability: Evaluate course length and schedule to fit your lifestyle.
  • Background Knowledge Required: Identify prerequisite skills or knowledge. Ensure you meet these requirements or are willing to learn them beforehand.
  • Flexibility for Self-Paced Learning: If you have a busy schedule, consider the course’s flexibility. Can you learn at your own pace? Is the course material accessible at any time?
  • Budgeting for Education: Compare the cost of the course with your budget and the potential ROI (Return on Investment). 

Essential Attributes of Quality HR Analytics Courses

  • Relevant: The course should be current and updated regularly, covering the latest information, trends, and practices in HR analytics.
  • Practical Experience: Prioritise courses that offer hands-on learning opportunities through projects, case studies, and simulations. 
  • Community and Networking: Access to a community of peers, professional forums, or networks can enhance your learning experience.
  • Instructor Expertise: Ensure the course is taught by qualified instructors with relevant experience and background in HR analytics. 
  • Well rated: Look for courses with positive reviews and testimonials that highlight the course’s effectiveness, quality of instruction, and learner satisfaction. 

Now that you have taken the right course, here’s how you can maximise its benefits.

How to Get the Most Out of these HR analytics courses

  • Create a portfolio: Showcase your course projects to demonstrate your skills.
  • Apply learnings: Use your new knowledge to solve real-world problems at work.
  • Make a case for HR analytics in your company: Make a case for its value and lead its adoption in your company.
  • Update your resume: Add it to your resume to show professional development.
  • Network: Connect with instructors and peers for insights and career advancement.


To stay ahead in HR in 2024, you need good analytics skills. They are key for making data-driven decisions, driving business results, and having a seat at the table and these HR analytics courses can help you get to speed.

If you want to adopt HR analytics in your company, check out Peoplebox. It is a people analytics tool that unifies all your employees’ data and turns it into actionable insights for everyone to make impactful people decisions.

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Top 10 HR Analytics Courses Online in 2024