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15five Competitors: The Top Alternatives You Need to Know

Are you puzzled whether 15Five will be the right employee engagement and performance management software for you? If your answer is “YES”, the best way out of this confusion is to check out a few competitors of 15Five.

Invest some time in examining a few 15 five competitors that offer similar or better services. Compare the features you expect from your employee engagement and performance management software. And then decide which one shall give you the best value for your investment.

15five competitors for you

Here is a list of 10 alternatives of 15Five that you must check before you finalize an employee engagement and performance management software.

1. Peoplebox

If you are looking for an engagement  and performance management software for your remote team Peoplebox will be the best option for you.

It is the only engagement & performance management platform built exclusively for remote & distributed teams.

The biggest challenges you must be facing as CEOs/ HR in leading your remote company are-  How do I get visibility of goals, feedback, productivity, and performance? and How do I create opportunities for employees to connect with each other in the absence of watercooler chats?

Peoplebox will solve both these issues and many more like them to help you always be on top of the health of the company. 

It will help you gain visibility by tracking goals, feedback, productivity, and performance to ensure teams are engaged & performing at its best.

It will also help you foster team connections and build and maintain a powerful company culture to drive great results and relationships in remote teams.

Peoplebox is the best 15five alternative. Its employee pulse survey feature will help you better understand what’s holding your remote teams back so that your company can work on those points and perform better.

And recently launched CoffeeConnect which lets remote employees connect better with their peers. CoffeeConnect works with Slack and helps you replicate water-cooler chats for remote teams seamlessly.

It works by introducing every employee to a new person every week and helps them connect through icebreakers and topics of mutual interests.

Top companies like Mirriad, Spire, SocialBee, ClearSlide, Dunzo, Udaan etc. have chosen Peoplebox to match their employees’ engagement goals, to reach their full potential and increase employee retention.

Nova Benefits Case Study: How Nova Benefits drives exceptional business results with OKRs

Ula Case Study: Ula conducts seamless performance reviews with Peoplebox


  • Built exclusively for remote and distributed teams
  • Knowns as the 3rd most essentials tool for remote teams
  • It uses four key pillars of building a great remote work culture i.e. Engage, Connect, manage and Coach.
  • Seamless integration with Slack, Zoom, and Calendar

Best for- small / medium/ large scale companies.

Customer reviews

“Peoplebox has kept me accountable for my teams’ growth plan and this has significantly increased their trust with me. I really love the Productivity trend charts, as it helps me keep correcting my weekly observations on their performance levels” – Anenth Guru, Staff Engineer- Zendrive.

“With over 300 people in different locations, our managers are able to create a stronger relationship with their teams while increasing their productivity. It’s a must-have app for us today” – Prashant Singh, COO of Leadsquared.

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2. Qualtrics

If you are searching for an employee engagement app, that will allow you to evaluate employee engagement and sentiment from onboarding to departure then Qualtrics will be a good option for you.

This software will help you build and sustain your company’s employee engagement along with a highly productive team.


  • You can now manage your complete Employee life-cycle with this software.
  • Real-time employee engagement insights.
  • Reduce unwanted and costly attrition.

 Best for- small / medium/ large scale companies.

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3. Lattice Performance Management

Another 15Five alternative if you are dealing with your remote teams is Lattice. Its Performance Management helps companies identify engaged employees and align performance review scores with employee engagement sentiment.


  • Survey templates built by academics and practitioners
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Negative Feedback Management

 Best for- medium-sized companies

4. CultureAmp

 If your primary requirement is building and strengthening your culture to build a better company Culture Amp is your solution.

It’s a popular choice for measuring engagement rates with pulse surveys and intensive data collections.

With its actionable feedback format, you can solve issues at its beginning. Its pricing starts at $3300.00 per year, per user. They also offer a free demo.


  • Easy to learn and use
  • Action planning
  • Employee segmenting

Best for- medium and large scale companies.

5. TINYpulse

With TINYpulse you can work on building internal communication in your company to build trust between employees and management and a culture of transparency and accountability.

It’s all about knowing the employee pulse with short, customizable and culture-focused surveys to measure factors like the employee engagement and employee satisfaction.

 TINYpulse is a great option to build your company’s culture of recognition and appreciation and translate it into better performance.


  • Real-time pulsing for employee feedback
  • Solutions for employee recognition, and retention.
  • Performance plans and coaching

Best for- small / medium/ large scale companies

6. Officevibe

 If you are looking for the powerful platform to empower you to strengthen trust, collaboration, and team performance among your in-office employees, you can definitely go for Officevibe.

On top of that if you have small business or managing a single team you can go for its basic free version which is perfect for up to 20 employees.


  • Focus on building human connections.
  • Provides actionable advice on the challenges of team management.
  • Handy and weekly automated surveys based on their 10 Key Metrics and 26 Sub-metrics

Best for- small / medium/ large scale companies.

7. BambooHR

If you find maintaining employee data and analytics tricky, BambooHR can make the process of gathering, storing, and analyzing people data quick and smooth.

It is a people-focused solution that keeps employee satisfaction at its heart. You can check out its free 7 days trial before choosing the best employee engagement tool for your team.


  • Custom HR Workflows
  • A user-friendly platform
  • Applicant tracking tools for easy hiring

Best for- small and medium-sized businesses.

8. Kazoo

Kazoo combines employee engagement solutions with reward and performance management with a smooth flow of data across all three modules.

It will help both you and your employees stay connected and growing by ensuring a company culture that fosters inclusion where everyone is inspired to achieve their best.

You can also use the software to keep your employees aligned with its continuous check-ins and feedback management features.


  • Real-time recognition and reward system that includes Peer-to-Peer recognition, nomination and awards, reward catalogue etc.
  • Real-time activity feed similar to social media
  • Interactive dashboard with configurable filters.

Best for- medium and large scale companies.

9. Engagedly

 Engagedly will allow you to build a community of engaged employees by encouraging conversation, collaboration and discussions among your employees.

It also allows you to set and track goals for your company for better performance. Its real-time feedback will also allow you to provide your employees with instant feedback and request feedback from anyone.


  • Built-in gamification for employee social collaboration.
  • Generate and share ideas. It even allows employees to ask each other for comments and help.
  • eLearning

Best for- small, medium, large scale companies.

10. Reflektive

From employee engagement to performance management, Reflektive covers it all. It will help you align your employees’ performance and boost employee productivity.

It will help you identify your strengths and opportunities for constant improvement of engagement among your employees.


  • Sentiment analysis of survey results for deeper analysis
  • Action plans to help you set specific goals based on actual survey results.
  • Real-time engagement analytics to measure engagement.

Best for- large scale companies.

Bonus Tip: Even if you are deciding to go for 15Five, it’s a good idea to test free trials of a few of these competitors of 15five to evaluate which employee engagement and performance management software works best for your team.

15five competitors


Employee engagement and performance are two important aspects that can decide your company’s success.

Hence be contemplative and gauge all the features you need in these 15five competitors to find your ideal employee engagement and performance management software.

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15five Competitors: The Top Alternatives You Need to Know