Guidelines to install Slack application and trigger notifications

How to install the Slack App

1. Request a demo with our sales team. The sales team would understand your requirements and map them to Peoplebox tool.
2. Once the requirement mapping is done the sales team would share a link to signup.
3. After you have signed up, navigate to the following url to integrate Slack -
4. You can also navigate by clicking on the user icon at the bottom left. Then clicking on settings and then on Slack integration option.

Steps to trigger notifications

1. Create & Assign a goal to a Slack user other than yourself and they will receive a notification that they were assigned to a goal.
2. Create a Performance review and launch/test it to get a notification to fill your review in Slack
3. Create an Engagement survey from the surveys tab and launch it to get a notification in Slack
4. Schedule a 1:1 with your direct report and few hours before the 1:1 both you and your direct report will get a reminder about the 1:1 in Slack.