Employee Retention: The Ultimate Guide To Retain Top Talent

SHRM found that losing employees cost you three to four times their salary.  Losing employees can cost you anywhere from 50% to 200% of the employee’s annual salary once you take into account recruitment, onboarding, and training costs as well as lost productivity during this period. In this article, we’ll show you how to build […]

A Quick Guide to HR Reporting in 2024 + Free Template

Do you ever feel like you’re spending more time wrestling with spreadsheets than shaping your company’s future? Employee data is crucial, but it can quickly become an overwhelming tide if you lack the tools to analyze and interpret it. Imagine being able to transform that data into a clear picture of your workforce – identifying […]

30+ Employee Termination Email/Letter Templates

Navigating employee termination can be challenging, but effective communication through a well-crafted termination letter can ease the process. This guide aims to equip HR professionals and managers with employee termination letter templates to handle terminations respectfully and legally. Understanding the key components, different types of termination letters, and best practices for writing them ensures that […]

The Essential Guide to Workforce Analytics

Today, talent is no longer just a cost centre; it’s a strategic asset. But how do you unlock the full potential of your workforce and ensure you’re making data-driven business decisions to optimize your human capital? Enter workforce analytics – a powerful approach that transforms raw employee data into actionable insights, fueling smarter talent management […]

35 Core Competencies Examples

As an HR leader, navigating the complex landscape of core competencies can be overwhelming. You may be struggling with: Not having a clear understanding of these can slow down progress and leave your organisation behind in a competitive market. So continue reading to find out about the 35 most common and useful core competencies examples, […]

A Guide to Building Effective HR Dashboards

It’s crunch time. David, the CEO, needs a quick picture of employee performance before a crucial investor meeting. Sarah, the HR director, scrambles to pull together reports from multiple systems – headcount by department from the HRIS, performance review data for the year, recent survey results from a third-party tool, and even paper exit interview […]

Understanding Employee Attrition to Minimize It

According to Gallup, 1 in 2 employees are open to leaving their organization if given the opportunity. Although you cannot control organic reasons for leaving, like retirement, you can always do something about employees choosing to leave your organization with the right retention strategies.  But first, you need to understand what employee attrition is and […]

50+ HR Quotes to inspire, motivate and lead

Words have the power to inspire, motivate, and lead. For HR professionals, using the right quote at the right time can enhance communication, strengthen company culture, and provide motivation during times of change or challenge. This HR quotes collection has inspirational quotes specifically tailored for various aspects of human resource management. Quotes About Human Resources […]

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20 Employee Retention Strategies to Keep Your Top Talent in 2024