Everyday Tech Tools for Effective Remote One on One Meetings

Everyday Tech Tools for Effective Remote One on One Meetings

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected our lives in more ways than we could ever imagine.

Social distancing is a default action taken by governments of the world in an attempt to save humanity right now and it has led to tremendous change in how our world functions.

From avoiding large gatherings to remote work, everything circles back to Covid-19 and its prevention.

A recent poll at Gartner revealed that 91% of the attending HR leaders have implemented a work from home policy after the Coronavirus outbreak.

The same research also suggested that the biggest challenge of remote work has been finding the right tech tools.

As a manager, these are challenging times as one has to keep their teams motivated and drive them to remain productive.

At times like these, communication becomes even more important. Your team looks up to you for direction and right guidance.

And, the only way to ensure the exchange of thoughts is to have the right conversations. 

Frequent emails and group chats are a great way to keep your team engaged with each other.

Similarly, one on ones can help you boost the morale of every direct report individually and help them perform in these unusual circumstances. 

However, most of us are working remotely for the time being.

Thus, having a fruitful one-on-one may seem a little far-fetched.

Yet, technology has made it possible. 

With the help of the right tools, you can conduct one on one meetings and make them effective and stimulating.

We have listed below some of the best and user-friendly tech tools that can help you conduct remote one on one meetings.

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Video conferencing tools for remote one on one meetings

Video Conferencing Tools for Remote One on Ones

Don’t we all prefer seeing somebody’s face on-screen rather than a telephonic conversation?

Video calls and conferencing has changed the way the world communicates for the better. 

In the times of this unforeseen pandemic, we are even more grateful for such technology.

In fact, video conferencing tools have improved the quality of remote work too. 

Due to Coronavirus outbreak, a lot of us are working remotely for probably the first time in our lives.

Having a fun banter at the beginning of the day or a casual chat helps us have a better day at work. 

Similarly, even one-on-one meetings are characterized by their in-depth, face-to-face discussions.

Sadly, precautionary isolation devoids us of these advantages.

However, technology helps us in overcoming a huge part of this problem. Even if we cannot meet face-to-face, we can conduct one on one meetings through video conferencing.

Not only would this increase your remote one-on-one’s efficiency but it would be a nice way to break the monotony of working in isolation.

As a manager, your direct reports would depend on you to suggest an effective video for your one-on-one meetings.

We have prepared a list of such tools to help you out. Here they are –

1 Zoom

If you’re a person who believes in numbers more than words, we have a whopping statistic for you. Zoom video tool has recorded more monthly usage since the Coronavirus outbreak than the entire year of 2019.

At present, it is the most popular video conferencing tool available. Zoom is a web-based video conferencing tool with a desktop and mobile app.

You can collaborate, share documents ( directly from your phone too) and can also invite non-zoom users.

It has an easy-to-navigate interface and works great even on a 4G connection. This is one of the reasons why most people prefer it.

So, if you’re a manager managing remote teams and are unsure about your next 1-on-1 meeting, download Zoom right away. 

2Skype For Business

Don’t underestimate your good old Skype for business and it’s great functionalities for your remote one on one meetings. One of the biggest advantages of using Skype is its familiarity. 

You don’t have to ask people to download a new app or spend time learning its interface. Everyone knows it and can use it very well.

Moreover, it has some amazing features which make it even more ideal.

Background noise dampens a remote one-on-one the most. With Skype for Business, you can go on mute with a simple Push to Talk (PTT) hotkey and un-mute in a second. 


This simple tool is great for an instant meeting. You don’t have to download it and can simply log in as a guest.

In fact, you can also share presentations and documents directly from your phones. Moreover, it also allows for Youtube integration and screen sharing. 

It works great as both a mobile and desktop version.

4Google Suite (Hangout, Meet, Duo)

If your organization uses Gmail accounts, you’re probably well-versed with Google Hangouts as well.

Google Hangouts work well on even low networks and it is just a click away.

Google Meet is google’s answer to Zoom and has interesting functionalities wherein one can join by dial-ling in a number too.

Google Duo is specifically meant for clear one-on-ones. All you need to do is click on a contact and you can have high-definition video calls with them. 


Although it is rarely used for professional purposes, it can also help you have a one-on-one meeting during these trying times.

Especially if both you and your direct report are Apple users, you can instantly discuss with them without any hassle. 

Document collaboration tools for remote one on one meetings

Document Collaboration Tools For Effective Remote One on Ones

The conversation before and after a one on one meeting is shaped by its agenda.

A concrete agenda helps in making one on one meetings more productive and follow-ups simpler.

In fact, an ideal one on one meeting would be where the manager and the direct report already know the agenda and have collaborated on it.

Similarly, you must also document the minutes, the action items and the results discussed in the 1-on-1 for future reference and accountability.

On a usual day at work, you would have an in-person 1-on-1 and use your system for documentation.

However, the coronavirus outbreak has forced us to look for other methods which make collaboration easy during remote meetings.

Thankfully, they’re plenty and some of them are in constant use by all of us.

We have prepared a comprehensive list of all the online tools you can use for documentation and collaboration of your remote one-on-one meeting.

6Google Docs

They are simple, effective and make real-time collaboration possible.

You can share the agenda doc with your direct report and ask her to add her points.

You can list action items and ask your direct reports to note down their status on the same doc. It works equally well on mobile phones too.

Google Docs is a part and parcel of everyone’s life (professional and otherwise).

Thus, you can rely on it to help you facilitate better collaboration on a remote one-on-one

7MS Office Online

An absolutely free online version of MS office suite, it empowers you to replicate every MS office activity with real-time updates and online connectivity.

It allows collaboration and requires no special plug-in.

It is a web-based application and runs on everything from Macbooks to android phones.


It is one of the most dependable tools for any organization. From task management to collaboration, it helps innumerable companies around the world in better organizing their work.

It also has features which make it great for one-on-one meetings too.

You can set a reminder for your meeting, take notes on MeetNote, share your screen and can now even conduct audio and video calls.

Moreover, it keeps conversation safe and organized so that you can always come back and check on them. 


Dropbox helps you send large size documents to your teammates. During remote one-on-one meetings, the file size may become a constraint in collaboration.

With DropBox, you don’t have to worry about any of the details like compressing a file or a document.

You can simply send a file as it is on the cloud instead.

It has a simple interface and one can learn it in no time.

DropBox makes sharing easier and 1-on-1s more effective. 

10Peoplebox: One stop solution for remote one on one meetings

Peoplebox‘s one on one meeting software is built to help managers like you develop teams that work wonders.

To facilitate this, Peoplebox has introduced an all-in-one 1-on-1 meeting software that helps you prepare for, manage and conduct effective one on one’s with your direct reports. 

This exclusive one on one meeting software automates scheduling and prioritization of one on one meetings.

To help you begin the conversation, we have a comprehensive list of more than 500 one on one meeting questions ready for you.

The software also provides personalized nudges based on your notes to streamline actions.

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Effective One on One Meetings

We built a software that automatically schedules, lets you set agenda, take notes, exchange feedback and track actions – all in one place.

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With Peoplebox one on one meeting software,  you can set agenda collaboratively with your direct reports, take notes during the meetings, convert notes to action item in a single click, and track action items effectively.

The software also allows you to gather continuous feedback, and shows a performance & motivation chart for each employee.

An all-in-one tool for conducting your one on one meetings effectively becomes even more helpful in situations like the present Coronavirus outbreak when every team member is operating from a remote place.

Wrapping up

One on one meetings are your gateway to understand and connect with your team, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, when it’s easy for them to fall prey to stress and get worried about their own and families’ health. And one on one meeting software becomes indispensable at this time.

PS: Read the ‘Remote Manager’s Guide to Productive & Motivated Teams’ HERE.

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