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100+ OKR Examples

100+ OKR Examples - Designed for hypergrowth startups.

Designed for hypergrowth startups.

OKRs are a powerful and disruptive goal-setting framework to achieve hypergrowth because of their superpowers - Focus, Alignment, Accountability & Transparency.

As a leader, if you want to leverage these superpowers to drive exceptional business results, the first thing you need to do is to learn how to craft effective OKRs that articulate focus & direction.

But, while implementing OKRs most companies find it challenging to train their employees to write OKRs.

This OKR Example book has 100+ OKR templates for different roles and functions that will help your teams get started faster with OKRs.

These templates are designed especially for hypergrowth startups and can be customized.

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What our customers say

Easiest way to track & review OKRs
I chose Peoplebox because it had integrations with the tools we use for sales and engineering to automate updating of key results.

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Client Logo
Dominic Williamson, CTO

Successful company-wide OKR rollout
Thanks to its simplicity, we achieved great adoption within two quarters.

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Client Logo
Rohit Arumugam, Chief of Staff

The only OKR platform with inbuilt reviews
What stood out is the deep understanding of the Peoplebox team and their willingness to listen & enhance the platform to scale with our long-term needs.

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Client Logo
Khilan Haria, VP and Head of Payments Product

Easiest way to run performance reviews
Driving the entire interface through slack is simply brilliant especially for a tech product company! There was zero time spent on training! It can not get easier than that!

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Client Logo
Swapna Nair, VP - HR

Solves all use cases for a startup intending to implement OKRs
Liked the simplicity of onboarding, clarity of how objectives and key results are presented.

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Client Logo
Malay Krishna, Senior Product Manager

Great platform for OKRs & Performance Management
The biggest advantage was the flexibility it offers to integrate with other tools. We ran our 360 review cycle and its been a breeze for me and my team to manage the entire process.

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Client Logo
Ruchika Sawhney, Senior Director - HR
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