Top 10 Strategy Execution Platforms in 2024

According to David Norton and Robert Kaplan, authors of The Balanced Scorecard, 90% of organizations are unsuccessful in executing their strategies.

This scathing number validates how strategy execution is crucial for organizations to achieve their goals and remains competitive but a lot of them fail to achieve it. 

A well-crafted strategy can be the key to success, but executing that strategy is tricky. This is where strategy execution platforms come in. 

These platforms provide a systematic and streamlined approach to implementing strategies, enabling organizations to track progress, identify bottlenecks, and make necessary adjustments. 

In this blog, we will be discussing the top 10 strategy execution platforms in 2024 that can help businesses effectively execute their strategies and achieve their desired outcomes. 

Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, investing in a reliable strategy execution platform can make all the difference in achieving your business objectives.

Top 10 Strategy Execution Platforms

1. Peoplebox

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Peoplebox is a strategy execution tool that empowers organizations to turn their strategic plans into tangible outcomes. It has gained immense popularity among enterprises. It also offers OKR and performance management solutions which enable HR leaders to foster an outcome-driven culture within their organizations and execute strategies at lightning speed.

Peoplebox seamlessly integrates with all work tools, such as SQL, Jira, Hubspot, MS Teams, Asana and more. This makes it incredibly easy for companies to align and track their strategic priorities and cross-functional goals without the need for a new software solution.

Backed by Y Combinator, Peoplebox has already helped more than 500 leading companies achieve faster results through strategy execution, excellent goal-setting assistance, and progress monitoring. These companies include Razorpay, Veriff, Disney, Postman, Khatabook, and Exotel. By leveraging Peoplebox’s capabilities, these companies have been able to streamline their goal alignment and tracking processes, including business review meetings and performance reviews.

Notable Features 

1. Easy to use single page application

Peoplebox has a single-page software that provides users with a comprehensive view of all their company goals, team tasks, individual performances, progress reports, charts, and more. This streamlined approach makes it incredibly easy to navigate and use, which simplifies the process of goal setting and monitoring. You get the full picture across the organization and can identify red flags. The ease of use of Peoplebox led it to become the highest-rated easy-to-use platform at G2. 

2. FAVA (Focus, Alignment, Visibility and Accountability)

Peoplebox helps you drive focus, alignment, accountability, and visibility in your strategy execution. This is especially important for scaling companies that often face the challenge of misaligned teams and poor strategy execution speed. It acts as a centralized source of truth that aligns and tracks all strategic goals and initiatives. 

You can create a comprehensive annual or quarterly strategy that incorporates cross-functional goals to eliminate silos and promote collaboration. It helps you align these goals with strategic priorities and key initiatives to increase clarity and ensure that they reflect the overall strategy.

Peoplebox also helps ensure fast execution and accountability, by enabling easy tracking and reviewing processes on the goals and projects regularly. This will help identify potential issues or red flags and address them promptly.

3. Business reviews customizable dashboards

Peoplebox provides customizable dashboards for business reviews which allow users to add KPIs, narrations, charts, action items, and other relevant information to auto-populate OKR progress.

This feature can be incredibly helpful in conducting effective weekly and monthly business review meetings. With customized dashboards, users can easily track progress on key metrics, identify areas that require attention, and make informed decisions based on real-time data. With this feature, you can focus on what matters. 

4. 360-degree performance review on Slack/ MS Teams

Peoplebox’s 360-degree performance review feature offers a complete solution for managing performance management tasks within the Slack or Microsoft Teams platform. This includes the ability to update OKRs and KPIs in real-time, schedule 1:1 for data review and customize the review process to fit specific needs. 

Additionally, it provides employees with the flexibility to easily retract or modify their reviews. With convenient features like nudges, reminders, self-reviews, and goal check-ins, everything related to performance reviews can be handled seamlessly within Slack/Microsoft Teams.

5. Extensive integrations–100+ native tools 

Peoplebox seamlessly integrates with over 100 native tools, including popular platforms like Slack, MS Teams, HRIS, Jira, Asana, MySQL, Google Sheets-Analytics, Salesforce, Notion, Outlook, Okta, BambooHR, Zoho People and others. These integrations ensure that goals are automatically updated in real-time across all linked tools, streamlining progress tracking for users.

It also simplifies the process of generating business reviews and weekly check-ins by providing auto-populated dashboards. These dashboards offer quick insights into team performance, identifying areas for improvement and enabling efficient progress monitoring.

Pros of Peoplebox

  • Peoplebox is an all-in-one solution that offers everything from goal setting and managing OKRs to conducting business review meetings, tracking KPIs, managing performance, and improving employee engagement.
  • With over 100 native tool integrations, Peoplebox streamlines the performance management process by allowing you to conduct reviews directly in Slack. This eliminates the need for multiple tools and creates a more efficient workflow.
  • Peoplebox provides outstanding OKR setting and tracking capabilities. By breaking down OKRs into specific components, it offers a clear view of what needs to be accomplished, making it easier for users to monitor their progress and track their journey towards achieving their goals.
  • The one-on-one meeting management tool provided by Peoplebox enables managers and team members to conduct productive and regular meetings. This feature includes an agenda, note-taking, and action item tracking for effective follow-ups. It encourages better communication and collaboration among team members, resulting in more efficient outcomes.
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Cons of Peoplebox

  • Limited language options. Supports English as of now.

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2. Cascade

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Cascade is a strategic planning and performance management tool that enables organizations to set, track, and achieve their goals. It provides a comprehensive solution for managing complex organizational structures and aligning goals across multiple teams and departments. It offers a centralized platform for teams to work together and stay aligned, fostering better communication and collaboration. 

Notable Features 

1. Strategy Planning

With Cascade, you can easily map out your strategy by connecting your objectives, projects, KPIs, and more. This makes your journey to success both actionable and measurable. You can structure your plans in ways that work best for each of your teams and display them flexibly in both List and Gantt views, providing you with the necessary flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances.

2. Cascade Maps

Cascade Maps is a feature that brings strategy to life through visually engaging and highly customizable views. With Cascade Trees, you can easily visualize your strategic plans, identify areas where work is needed, ensure that everything is in place, and create a more comprehensive and cohesive strategy. The feature also streamlines the process of bringing alignment to your organization, making it more seamless than ever before.

3. Emphasis on vision and values 

Cascade helps you emphasize your vision, values, and focus areas by communicating them across every plan. This ensures that every team is moving towards the same direction with purpose, and helps develop confidence in your organization’s principles.

Pros of Cascade

  • Cascade’s collaboration features are also noteworthy, allowing users to share information, track progress, and communicate seamlessly with team members.
  • Cascade also includes advanced analytics and reporting tools that enable users to identify trends and insights in their data, allowing them to make informed decisions about their strategy and goals.

Cons of Cascade

  • In a large organization, onboarding can be a time-consuming process.
  • Some items, such as Snapshot Reports and Dashboards, may experience some lag time.
  • Sometimes users experience minor issues with dragging and dropping goals to achieve a specific order.

3. Perdoo

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Perdoo provides organizations with a comprehensive solution for managing their goals and objectives. The tool is designed to help businesses set, track, and achieve their strategic OKRs. It helps businesses align their goals across different departments and teams.  It enables users to create and track cascading OKRs, which link higher-level company objectives with individual employee goals. 

Notable Features

1. KPI Board

Perdoo’s KPI Board provides a comprehensive overview of OKR progress over an extended period and not just for one quarter. With the KPI Board feature, users can create boards for various categories and departments to ensure that everyone is working towards advancing the company’s objectives. 

2. Strategic Pillars 

Perdoo’s strategic pillars are a valuable tool that aids management to make informed decisions and effectively communicate the organization’s strategy to all the stakeholders.

3. Reporting 

The reporting feature lets you generate summary reports of the company’s progress and performance since the previous check-in, which is automatically distributed to all group members. It also provides an actionable snapshot of OKR and KPI progress, with recent updates.

Pros of Perdoo

  • Perdoo provides a range of tools to track progress like a dashboard that provides an at-a-glance view of how well objectives are being achieved, reports and analytics for insights, etc.
  • It also allows users to share goals and objectives with colleagues, set up regular check-ins, and provide feedback and recognition for a job well done.

Cons of Perdoo

  • Learning to use Perdoo can be a bit challenging as the users may need to adapt to Perdoo’s assumptions and concepts of OKR as opposed to the conventional ways.
  • While the app provides valuable features, there are a few bugs that need to be addressed.
  • The dropdown menu can be confusing when setting OKRs and initiatives.

4. Rhythm

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Rhythm is a strategy execution software that helps businesses align their teams and execute their plans with more focus and clarity. The tool offers a suite of features that enable companies to set goals, track progress, monitor performance, and manage tasks in real time. It also offers a comprehensive suite of tools for managing tasks and projects. 

Notable Features

1. Strategy Planning 

Rhythm provides complete visibility of progress by breaking down long-term goals into quarters and weeks. The software allows users to rank their ideas and automatically checks if plans are execution-ready while setting up the right KPIs to measure progress. 

2. Execution 

Rhythm tool helps in building plans and their effective execution. Breaking down the long-term strategies into clear, actionable steps, allows the users to create a cohesive team that works towards achieving goals. 

3. Monitoring 

With Rhythm’s tool, you can have both a big-picture view of your long-term goals and a detailed view of your daily tasks at the same time. The visual red-yellow-green statuses enable you to promptly detect and fill gaps. Monitor your team’s performance on a single dashboard to guarantee everyone stays on course for the quarter.

Pros of Rhythm

  • Rhythm provides a single glance at all the different moving parts of a plan with three different views.
  • Rhythm offers expert assistance to help you create a solid annual plan and display it on an accessible dashboard so that everyone can understand their role in the plan. 

Cons of Rhythm

  • Rhythm has a slight learning curve due to its extensive functionality, which can make it difficult to know where to start.
  • It does not integrate external applications like Google Calendar and Gmail which is a noteworthy drawback of the tool.  

5. Hirebook

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Hirebook is a platform that helps businesses to prioritize people and aims to enhance performance by promoting engagement and emphasizing dialogue, objectives, and outcomes. It provides managers with the tools to cultivate a conducive work environment for employees, including regular check-ins, employee development programs, integrated OKRs, and more. 

Notable Features

1. OKR assessment

The OKR assessment feature provides valuable insights into the progress of OKRs, making it easier for managers to follow up and conduct effective 1:1s. It helps to maintain focus on outcomes and streamlines the performance management process.

2. Efficient Key Results 

The OKR tool transforms daily tasks into Key Results and provides a visual representation of progress, allowing everyone to understand the impact of their work.

3. Real-Time Dashboard

The real-time dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s progress, including tracking of OKRs and metrics presented in reports. This feature allows managers to monitor projects and align OKRs, promoting ongoing focus throughout the organization.

Pros of Hirebook

  • With a focus on both engagement and productivity, Hirebook empowers organizations to foster a thriving workplace culture.
  • The tool is hyper-focused on day-to-day OKR usage, providing a clear view of company-wide OKRs.

Cons of Hirebook

  • The tool has a few bugs such as syncing issues with Google Calendar for certain meetings.
  • Sometimes the application encounters prolonged delays in loading pages.

6. Achieveit

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Achieveit tool helps simplify planning and execution processes, allowing users to achieve better outcomes in their strategy execution. With this tool, you can eliminate the manual effort required to manage plans and build an integrated, unified approach. It enables you to align plans, engage employees, and achieve more by taking back control of planning and execution.

Notable Features

1. Integrated planning & collaboration

It allows you to easily comprehend the progress, connections, and hurdles of your plans and initiatives with the help of reports and dashboards that are interconnected across the organization.

2. Automated progress updates

Automatic updates are gathered from the entire organization based on your preferred frequency and schedule, freeing up time for decision-making.

3. Standardized reporting

The Achieveit tool offers customizable filters, reports, and dashboards that provide valuable insights for every level of the organization. These features help drive consistent reporting and communication, ensuring that everyone is focused on what matters most.

Pros of AchieveIt

  • Achieveit offers excellent customer service.
  • AchieveIt is user-friendly and adaptable. Users can start creating strategic plans independently without extensive training.

Cons of AchieveIt

  • According to some users, the dashboards are overwhelming and not very useful, as they presented a large amount of data in a PDF format

7. ClearPoint Strategy

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ClearPoint is a cloud-based strategic planning and performance management tool that helps organizations to manage and track their strategic plans and goals effectively. With Clearpoint, users can create strategic plans, establish objectives, track progress, and generate reports to assess performance. 

Notable Features

1. Data integration 

ClearPoint strategy allows you to easily integrate data from various sources within your organization using the Clearpoint strategy tool. This tool allows you to combine quantitative data from your systems with qualitative data from your management team, all in one place for easy access and analysis.

2. Organization alignment 

Clearpoint strategy tool helps you align your goals, projects, and metrics throughout your entire organization. With Clearpoint, you can drive results by ensuring everyone is working towards the same objectives.

3. Strategy Reporting 

ClearPoint helps you save time and improve report quality by automating the reporting process. With real-time data collection, workflows, auto-status evaluations, and scheduled reports, ClearPoint simplifies and automates your strategy reporting.

Pros of Clearpoint Strategy

  • Clearpoint offers features such as customized scorecards, progress tracking, data visualization, and reporting.
  • The software is user-friendly even for individuals with minimal training.

Cons of Clearpoint Strategy

  • The UI feels a little outdated and lacks automation capabilities.
  • It doesn’t have a mobile app for easy and anywhere access.

8. Workboard

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Workboard is an OKR management tool designed to help businesses speed up goal achievement by improving day-to-day activities. It helps prioritize goal attainment and supports regular goal alignment to maximize organizational success. Workboard also offers a certification program to assist businesses with implementing OKRs efficiently.

Notable Features

1. Canvas feature

Workboard makes setting objectives for the first time easy as it provides helpful tips and suggestions on the OKR Canvas. It also enables collaboration with the team to brainstorm ideas and establish measurable goals.

2. Tracking progress

With Workboard, progress tracking is easy as it automatically calculates the results and provides precise measurements of OKR progress. You can easily update key results from your existing system, making it even more efficient.

3. Alignment 

Workboard facilitates alignment of outcomes which allows users to align their outcomes both laterally and vertically, in any direction, across functional teams, to unify everyone on goal setting.

Pros of Workboard

  • Workboard allows users to easily locate their OKRs through the “My OKR” page and also find team or department OKRs within seconds.
  • Workboard offers exceptional customer service, assisting in the entire OKR setting process. It also provides access to valuable OKR-related resources. 

Cons of Workboard

  • The user interface is not very intuitive, and the tool can get slow at times.
  • The tool has many features which can be overwhelming to adapt to an organization’s workflow and has a steep learning curve. 


pasted image 0 25 4 is an OKR management tool that adopts an OKR-centric approach to strategy implementation. It allows users to plan and execute a quarterly cycle of OKRs while providing real-time tracking of task progress. The platform offers multiple collaboration features to improve employee engagement.

Notable Features 

1. Built-in KPIs

Profit. co has 400+ customizable and built-in KPIs to help you get started on your OKR journey. It also offers different metrics to measure key results in the case of non-measurable KRs.

2. Alignment provides an easy goal alignment process with a dashboard that allows everyone to see and understand the company goals and their role in achieving them.

3. Performance management emphasizes the importance of measurement in performance management. Its real-time performance review and 360-degree feedback assessment features simplify HR processes. 

Pros of

  • The tool has a visually appealing dashboard that displays progress with the help of charts and graphs.
  • It comes with pre-built OKR templates to streamline the process and also offers OKR coaching and suggestions to assist with goal setting

Cons of

  • The tool may be overwhelming for new users due to its numerous features, making it complicated and non-intuitive. Users often struggle to understand how specific features work and their interconnectivity.
  • According to users, the integration system could be improved for better usability, as it can be challenging to use integrations within the tool at times.

10. Quantive Results

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Quantive Results is a strategy execution platform that is purpose-built for modern business. Its suite of tools provides organizations with the foundation they need to achieve enterprise success by driving alignment, visibility, and accountability across the entire organization.

Notable Features

1. Strategy Execution

With this software, teams can quickly plan, align, execute, assess, and adapt their strategy. It provides the foundation for enterprise success by enabling organizations to stay agile and responsive to changing market conditions.

2. Quantive Signals 

Quantive Results offers a feature called Quantive Signals which utilizes applied intelligence to collect, detect, inspect, and take necessary actions when issues arise.  It enables businesses to achieve better observability and take proactive measures to avoid potential problems.

3. Analyzing 

With Quantive Results, planning the next steps of a company’s strategy becomes easier with the insights the tool provides from past initiatives. This eliminates guesswork and helps to prioritize tasks more effectively.

Pros of Quantive Results

  • Quantive Results offers great flexibility in configuring OKRs to align with the organization’s culture, leadership, and structure. 
  • Quantive’s customer support and technical representatives are pleasant to work with.

Cons of Quantive Results

  • Creating personalized Insight Boards on Quantive Results is not very intuitive and requires the assistance of technical experts.
  • The tool’s infrastructure capacity faces some issues, as it tends to run slowly or require refreshing or closing out to get it to work again.


Strategy execution platforms play a vital role in the success of organizations by helping them effectively plan, align, execute, and track their strategies. 

The top 10 tools listed here have their unique strengths and can be beneficial for different types of organizations depending on their specific needs.

However, Peoplebox serves as an ideal solution for organizations seeking a strategy execution platform. Its comprehensive features, user-friendly interface, and excellent customer support make it stand out from the crowd. With Peoplebox, organizations can streamline their strategy execution process and achieve their goals efficiently.

Investing in a strategy execution platform can be a game-changer for any organization. So, book your demo today to streamline your business.

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