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13 Reasons Why You Need Employee Engagement Software

Remote Employee Engagement

Whether you are running an organization which has been working with remote teams forever or have gone remote during the Covid-19 outbreak. As a HR leader, you have to be cognizant of why you need an employee engagement software.

“According to a survey by AND CO and Remote Year, 55% of the respondents said they worked remotely 100% of the time. There was another 28% who said they worked in the office and at home. As a matter, of course, has sprung some general management issues.”

One of the biggest challenges that HR managers of remote teams face in this regard is maintaining employee engagement.

If you are also in hot water as well- struggling with disengaged employees. And finding it difficult to get perfect insights into what’s going on with your business.

Try to cut the Gordian knot with the help of an employee engagement software.

“As per the global employee engagement software market report, “the global employee engagement software market has grown at a significant rate in the last few years as the scope and its applications are rising enormously across the globe.”

Why is employee engagement necessary for remote teams?

  • For enhanced service quality, and productivity
  • To ensure higher customer satisfaction
  • Surge in sales
  • Increased levels of profit
  • higher shareholder returns

What does an employee engagement software entail?

Employee Engagement Software

Employee engagement software, also termed as workforce engagement software is a class of application programs that help employees become part of their administration, consequently be more effective and productive.

“According to Gartner’s Hype Cycle for the Digital Workplace – 2018 report, employee engagement software aims to “increase engagement and performance through such elements as recommendations, mindfulness, and connecting workers to others and to common purposes.”
They include regular feedback, coaching, encouragement, learning, competition, participation in team or social activities, personalization and social recognition.

They create a shared workplace where employees can work, connect and collaborate in a virtual environment.

Low employee engagement can affect a great impact on both the employees and your organization.

Disengaged employees do not advocate their company. They are often not satisfied, not committed, and have higher chances of leaving the organization.

An employee engagement software can be an immense help in tracking the status of employee engagement for remote workforce and identify and eliminate the causes of disengagement with a systematic approach.

Why you must use employee engagement software for remote teams

employee engagement software

1You can improve only what you can measure

With the help of this software, you can easily zoom in or out the data of your remote employees and keep an eye on their work culture ceaselessly.

2Employee engagement is an on-going process

Employee engagement is not a one-time initiative, it’s a continuous process. With employee engagement software, you can automate repeating tasks.

It will allow you to continuously collect data and receive regular and constructive feedback without much hustle.

3Insights are essential for you as  HR

Employee engagement software will give you more insights into what is working, and what needs to be fixed in your organization. Data analytics will also give an insight into what areas need to be taken care of, to improve employee engagement.

It also helps to keep track of which employee need more training, which teams have higher flight risk, and how key objectives are being met within your organization.

4Keep a tab on the long term progress of your organization

Employee engagement software can make tracking long term progress easier and more accessible. The results of the analytics are also likely to be more accurate and hassle-free than the traditional mode as the software will keep all the data in one place.

5Easy surveys

Employee engagement software provides a platform for your employees to raise issues and give feedback through pulse surveys.

Regular pulse surveys can help you understand your employees’ needs and requirements.

You can use these employee feedbacks, using those insights to change the culture, and start building an overall engagement strategy.

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6Appealing survey templates

Writing surveys can be hard. Employee engagement software makes survey customization and segmentation effortless. Usually, these platforms offer a library of survey templates for users to choose from, or users can create their own pulse surveys.

You can send pulse surveys to the entire organization or segment surveys by the department with these tools.

7Create and treasure bond among co-workers

While working remotely employees can feel isolated from their co-workers which leads to poor engagement rates.

According to a Gallup article, Engagement describes the basic psychological needs that must be met in order to perform your work well.

This includes things like knowing what’s expected of you and having the materials you need. It also includes emotional and social needs of the employees.

Employee Engagement software

Employee engagement software creates a sense of connectedness helping employees trust the people around them and feels an emotional connection to the brand.

Gallup’s research shows that employees who report having a best friend at work are seven times more likely to be engaged.

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8Keep goals transparent and resources accessible

Employee engagement software will enable employees to easily access all required resources and internal portals from a unified interface.

These tools will also help you keep the goals and roles to be played by each employee clear and transparent. And continuous tracking will help you identify what goals are met and which employees are more engaged in terms of performance.

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9Recognition is now as easy as a pie

Through recognition and gratitude features, employee engagement software makes the process of appreciation easy and handy.

Most employee engagement platforms let you share achievements and company news across the organization via fun social posts to boost employee engagement.

You can also give awards, badges, and certificates, recognize birthdays and work anniversaries and send a video recognition through these platforms.

10Endorse Peer-to-Peer recognition

Employee engagement software also encourages peer to peer recognition where employees can make statements appreciating their fellow employees.


Most employee engagement platforms are now mobile friendly. It gives you mobility as you can keep track of your employees on the go from any geographical location with one click.

12Build bridges between you and your employees

Employee engagement software helps you to bridge the gap between managers and employees and among employees as well. It enables managers to better connect with remote team members via one-to-one and group chats.

13Pave the way for healthier work culture

Employee engagement software will help you develop inclusive and cohesive work cultures for distributed teams. It will create a virtual office platform and bring your distributed team together.

“Only when you empower your team can you think about successfully engaging remote team members.”

Christopher Chamberlain, HR Director

The software will assist you in creating an ideal work environment where everyone feels like an integral part of the team.

It gives employees the chance to voice their opinion. It provides them a platform to offer ideas and express views in a structured manner.

There is a growing interest of organizations in employee engagement tools to solve their engagement woes but because this is a relatively new category of HR software, and functionality varies so wildly from vendor to vendor, it’s also causing a lot of confusion for potential buyers.

Checklist for choosing the right employee engagement software for your remote teams

right employee engagement software

  • Find the vendor that best aligns philosophically with your organization.
  • Keep a list of key features that you want beforehand.
  • Is it mobile friendly?
  • Are reports sent automatically to the team?
  • How long after a survey is sent out are you able to see the information?
  • How does their software use AI for sentiment analysis?
  • Does it measure workplace engagement levels and make data analytics?

Bonus tip: Definitely communicate the “why” behind this new program to employees – and especially stress on how this will increase the employee experience.

Types of employee engagement software vendors

In its Employee Engagement Software listing, Capterra and G2 Crowd split employee engagement software vendors between these features:

  • Feedback management
  • Employee Pulse Surveys 
  • Peer Recognition
  • Goal and Challenge Creation
  • Wellness Assessments
  • Survey Customization

Bonus Tip: Start with small steps while getting started with one of these platforms. Be slow and steady to introduce the various modules these platforms offer. It shouldn’t be overwhelming for your remote teams.

Peoplebox–  the all in one Employee Engagement Software You should Invest in

Peoplebox employee engagement software

Peoplebox is an AI-driven employee engagement software. Customers who believe in Peoplebox for building engaged and high achieving teams include companies like LinkedIn, Zendrive, Optimizely.

Salient features

  • It provides automated pulse surveys specifically designed for remote and distributed teams. You can send these surveys at your preferred frequency through their intuitive chatbot Nova.
  • It offers powerful insights with a dashboard to drive improvement in your work culture.
  • It offers a means for purposeful One on One meetings, continuous productivity and performance check-ins.
  • You can use Peoplebox’s OKR facility to motivate and navigate the growth of your remote employees.
  • It incorporates other tools like Google Calendar, Office365 and Slack.
  • It uses AI assistance which helps in continual improvement and efficiently monitor and analyse feedback in real-time.

“Peoplebox has kept me accountable for my team’s growth plan and has significantly increased their trust with me. I really love the productivity trend charts, as it helps me keep correlating my weekly observations on their performance levels”

Anenth Guru, Staff Engineer, Zendrive

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Employee engagement software is a must need to supercharge Your organisations’ workplace experience and decrease employee turnover.

It is a much better way to improve engagement among remote employees than traditional methods of employee engagement.

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