Peoplebox Alternatives for OKR & Performance Management

An OKR tool becomes imperative for businesses as it helps to align individual and team goals with overall business objectives. It enables easy tracking of progress and improves overall performance. By providing a clear framework for goal setting, an OKR tool can help organizations create alignment across teams, increase transparency and accountability, and ensure everyone […]

All About Community Engagement OKRs

Communities are the lifeblood of any organization. They provide support, feedback and a sense of belonging that fuels growth. It is the communities that foster innovation and build trust.  But community engagement doesn’t happen overnight or just by chance. It takes a deliberate effort and a strategic approach to build a community and keep them […]

A Manager’s Handbook: Preparing for Performance Reviews

Performance reviews help assess employee performance and set the stage for improvement.  But there’s a challenge: preparing for these reviews can be overwhelming. Imagine your desk piling up with papers, meetings filling your calendar, and the pressure building up. You know these reviews are essential for employee growth and your company’s success. It’s not just […]

What is a Performance Review?

Earlier, performance review was more just a routine HR process but today they hold the power to decide one’s career. And that’s not it.  Not only do they affect the career of the employees, they affect your company’s overall performance.  According to a Deloitte study, companies with effective performance reviews are 1.4 times more likely […]

10 Characteristics of Performance Management

Picture yourself as an HR manager in a thriving corporate environment. Your responsibilities are far more than routine tasks; you’re steering a complex ship of talents, ambitions, and deadlines. In this dynamic setting, the role of performance management isn’t a mere chore—it’s a strategic force propelling both individuals and organizations toward their goals. In fact, […]