How to Run Successful OKR Reviews

In today’s hypercompetitive business landscape, achieving goals and staying aligned as a team is crucial for success. And that’s where OKRs come in. The framework provides a powerful tool for setting and tracking goals, aligning teams, and improving team performance.  But, merely setting OKRs is not enough. Regular reviews are essential to ensure that teams […] Alternatives for OKR & Performance Management

An OKR tool becomes imperative for businesses as it helps to align individual and team goals with overall business objectives. It enables easy tracking of progress and improves overall performance. By providing a clear framework for goal setting, an OKR tool can help organizations create alignment across teams, increase transparency and accountability, and ensure everyone […]

5 Microsoft Viva Goals (Formerly, Alternatives in 2023: Detailed Review, now known as Microsoft Viva Goals, is a popular goal-setting and execution management tool used by individuals and teams in various industries. While the platform offers several benefits, users may encounter challenges or may feel that they require more functionality that was originally provided.  While Microsoft Viva Goals is a useful tool for goal […]

Best OKR Canvas Templates on the Internet in 2023

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are an effective goal-setting framework used by many successful organizations. By clearly defining objectives and key results, and tracking progress, OKRs provide a roadmap for achieving ambitious moonshot goals. However, to fully benefit from the power of OKRs, it is essential to have a structured approach to setting them. This […]

Top 10 Lattice Alternatives in 2023

Lattice is a powerful performance management tool that has gained popularity in recent years for its ability to help users develop a high-performing culture in companies. However, like any software tool, Lattice may not be the best fit for every user or every project. Companies who take OKRs seriously would like the best OKR software […]

Why Should Analytics Teams Use OKRs Not Just KPIs?

In the data-driven business world, the role of analytics teams has become critical in providing valuable insights. This is because they help in making data-driven decisions. However, relying solely on KPIs to track progress can limit the effectiveness of an analytics team. To achieve their full potential, they should adopt a goal-setting framework like OKR. […]