What is a 1099 employee?

A 1099 employee, often referred to as an independent contractor, is a worker who provides services to a business or individual under terms specified in a contract or within a specific period. Unlike traditional full-time employees, 1099 employees are not on the company’s payroll and do not receive standard employee benefits such as health insurance, […]

How strategy leaders can achieve their moonshot goals

Summary Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Peoplebox Show, where we uncover the secrets behind the OKR success of top businesses around the world. In this episode, we have Austin Strong, the Director of Corporate Strategy at Weave, an all-in-one communication platform. Weave made history by being the first Utah-based company to go through […]

HR’s Guide to Employee Assessments

Meet Sarah, the HR dynamo at a bustling organization with over 1000 employees. Sarah’s got a mission: to build a stellar employee assessment system that doesn’t just check boxes but propels the company toward its grand goals. Imagine trying to keep tabs on a thousand unique personalities, talents, and growth trajectories. Not easy, right? However, […]

HR Pocket Guide to Wage Compression

You work hard to make sure employees feel valued.  Yet, the salary gap between employees with different experience levels and responsibilities is narrowing. This is a major problem.  If not fixed, wage compression can cause: Solution? A strategic approach to managing wage compression. Read on for a comprehensive guide on pay compression.  We cover: What […]

Episode 4: People Analytics Maturity in India: Paving the Path for Success

Summary HR was traditionally considered a soft area with little quantitative data. However, with the advent of people analytics, HR has gained a stronger foothold at the decision-making table by providing data-driven insights. Consultants like Japneet Sachdeva are critical in empowering HR with people analytics and developing new possibilities, such as generative AI. In the […]

30+ Employee Termination Email/Letter Templates

Navigating employee termination can be challenging, but effective communication through a well-crafted termination letter can ease the process. This guide aims to equip HR professionals and managers with employee termination letter templates to handle terminations respectfully and legally. Understanding the key components, different types of termination letters, and best practices for writing them ensures that […]

Episode 1: Transforming HR at Flipkart using People Analytics

Summary In this episode of Peoplebox Analytics Talk, Abhinav interviews Krishna Raghavan, former Chief People Officer of Flipkart, about the intersection of data, technology, and people in HR. Krishna shares his unconventional journey from software engineer to HR leader and discusses the importance of data-driven decision-making in HR. He highlights the evolution of people analytics […]

50+ HR Quotes to inspire, motivate and lead

Words have the power to inspire, motivate, and lead. For HR professionals, using the right quote at the right time can enhance communication, strengthen company culture, and provide motivation during times of change or challenge. This HR quotes collection has inspirational quotes specifically tailored for various aspects of human resource management. Quotes About Human Resources […]