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OKRs in Review Meetings

The Only OKR Platform with Inbuilt Reviews

  • Unified Platform: Single Platform to set, align, track & review all company, team & individual OKRs, KPIs, projects & tasks
  • Business/OKR Reviews: Run your weekly/monthly business reviews within Peoplebox 
  • 50+ Integrations: Auto-update progress on OKRs & projects by integrating with work tools like Jira, Asana, Hubspot & Google Sheets.
  • Native Project & Task Management: set, align & track key projects & tasks

This is why 1000s of leaders love ❤️ Peoplebox

“We have been a big advocate of the OKRs. We have earlier explored moving from Gsheets to a tool for the same but nothing has come close to Peoplebox."
What stood out is the deep understanding of the Peoplebox team and their willingness to listen and enhance their platform to scale with our long-term needs. Peoplebox’s seamless connection with Asana, Looker and a solid management dashboard on top of the same has made this possible.

Client Logo
Client Logo
Khilan Haria, VP, Product Management

Best OKR Platform for tracking and reviewing OKRs easily.
Choosing Peoplebox as our OKR Partner was a no-brainer for us. By integrating all the work tools to update OKRs in real-time automatically, Peoplebox is undoubtedly a perfect fit. It not only saves a lot of time but also help us identify red-flags faster with real-time progress on all OKRs & projects.

Client Logo
Client Logo
Dominic Williamson, Chief Technology Officer

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