OKRs for Engineering​

Get inspired and set great OKRs from this ready to use OKR library for Engineering​ department

The engineering department plays a crucial role in tech companies plays a critical function. Several functions of the Engineering department include – Data, Reliability & Security, Infrastructure, Developer Productivity, Project Management, Design, UX,  Enterprise Productivity, Development, Integration, QA, DevOps, etc, and ensure the realization of product vision through execution.

OKRs for the engineering department should be agile and such that fosters creative problem-solving ideology, and here Here, we have showcased a few real-world engineering OKR examples.

OKR Examples for Engineering Department

Enchance the quality of delivery of the Engineering team

  • Bring down the number of bugs/issues found during dev process by 55%.
  • Ensure 0 bugs reported by customers after major launches.
  • All releases should have retro

Improve the delivery speed of the Engineering team

  • Achieve 80 % of sprint commitments to increase sprint capacity
  • Time spent by QA to be increased by 50%
  • All core processes to have 50% increased unit testing coverage.

Improve the current application performance levels.

  • Improve the app response time by 2-3%.
  • Bring down the app down time by 1.5%.
  • 2 code audits to be conducted monthly.

Ensure on-time delivery of releases

  • Ensure quality code development by Engineering Team
  • 100% Data migration before deadline
  • 90% of codes are reviewed within 2 working days

In Q2 focus on quality of shipping features

  • Until resolved all P0/P1 bugs to receive update within 24 hrs
  • Bring up the test coverage from 85% to 92%
  • Use auntomated tools to conduct a security assessment of our codebase

Build a highly-efficient team of engineers

  • Level up performance capacity by 30% (Task: Recruit 5 new back-end developers)
  • Create and document a performance metrics index for engineering team
  • In Q4 attend 1 additional industry recognized conference

Ensure data security

  • Bring down the data breach cases to zero
  • Achieve 100 % data recovery rate
  • Bring down the data migration and backup time by 50%

Improve the quality of product updates

  • Bring down the bugs found during development process by 25%
  • Level up the sprint capacity from 50% to 70%
  • Level up unit testing coverage from 65% to 75%

After going through the OKR examples for the engineering team, we are sure you are now well-equipped to create the group and individual OKRs for your engineering department. 

PS: To grab the advantages that OKRs can bring to the engineering process, it is of key importance to treat OKR as a path and not a destination in itself.

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