Help your employees build
personal connect

Replace water-cooler chats and help your employees
spark casual conversations with their colleagues

CoffeeConnect by Peoplebox

Trusted by leaders from 500+ companies

Bring your remote team together

CoffeeConnect lets employees connect with their peers over slack or MS teams and get to know each other a bit better.

It works by introducing every employee to a new person every week and help them connect through icebreakers and topics of mutual interests.

Bring your remote team together

CoffeeConnect regularly introduces team members from the allowed team channel on every Tuesday and helps them get to know each other.

Conversation Starter/ Replicate Water-Cooler chats

CoffeeConnect shares a conversation starter to help you get beyond small talk and spark interesting, deep, and memorable conversation

Employees can now build strong relationships not just within the teams but across the company. It helps them be more engaged and helps you build a culture of trust, empathy, and collaboration.

Watch Personal Connection Grow In your team

Stay on the top of company culture – Check how many employees were introduced? how many employees connected over CoffeeConnect?

Gain visibility into your team’s interaction and build a culture of trust, empathy, and collaboration.

Rapid-fire quiz to make it easier for your employees

Rapid-fire quiz in CoffeeConnect helps your employees get to know each other before they connect over virtual coffee.

With rapid-fire quiz, it is easy to find common interests and start a conversation with someone whom you have never talked to before.

Dashboard for leadership

Stay on the top of company culture – Check how many connected on coffeeconnect, how many were introduced.

Built to work with your favourite tools

Peoplebox works with your existing tools

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What our customers say about us?

Roxana M

“ I love that I’m able to stay organized in terms of my goals and key results. I can add them at the begging of each quarter and have weekly check-ins with the team on what progress has been made. This is absolute perfection as we’re a fully-remote team!”

- Roxana M
Marketing Manager of SocialBee

Marge Aviso

“I love the employee engagement survey, that we can blast instantly to everyone in the company. We have 700 employees and it was impossible to keep track of all feedback. With Peoplebox, It is super-easy and I can easily go through all the comments and easily respond to them”

Marge Aviso
CEO - TeleWorkPH

Prashant V

“Excellent product for managing teams – especially in the remote or hybrid world”

Prashant V
CEO - Egregore Labs

Howard Getson

Peoplebox is a tool that we use more and better than we expected. It is simple and easy to get started. Several executives and employees went out of their way to say that they like this tool better than what it replaced for us.

Howard Getson
CEO of Capitalogix

Sunando B.

“Best platform for driving remote teams” – We have been able to drive fast adoption of OKRs, get quick employee feedback, and build strong connect across teams using the platform. The team is very forthcoming and helpful and very open to feedback.

Sunando B.
CEO of IndiQus Technologies

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