Help your remote employees build personal connections

Replace water-cooler chats and help your employees spark casual conversations with their colleagues

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CoffeeConnect for remote teams

CoffeeConnect for remote teams

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Make team building interesting & engaging with CoffeeConnect

58% of remote workers feel disconnected from their co-workers, and 44 % feel lonely WFH. CoffeeConnect helps you create a sense of belonging in your remote employees and build connected remote teams.

Integrate CoffeeConnect with Slack Channel​

Select the channel where you want your people to connect over virtual Coffee

Weekly virtual coffee introductions based on mutual interest

CoffeeConnect enables introductions every week based on mutual interests to make it easy for them to connect.

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Easily schedule your virtual coffee meetings with zoom/Jitsi Integration

CoffeeConnect finds the slots so you can easily book your virtual coffee right from slack

Watch Personal Connection Grow In your team

Stay on the top of company culture – Check how many employees were introduced? how many employees connected over CoffeeConnect?


Conversation Starter/ Replicate Water-Cooler chats

CoffeeConnect shares a conversation starter to help you get beyond small talk and spark interesting, deep, and memorable conversation

Rapid-fire quiz to make it easier for your employees

Rapid-fire quiz in CoffeeConnect helps your employees get to know each other before they connect over virtual coffee.

CoffeeConnect for remote teams

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