Free HR Reporting Templates for Google Sheets!

Tired of spending hours building custom reports from scratch? Drowning in data but struggling to extract meaningful insights? We’ve all been there.
That’s why, we are here with a curated list of the top HR reporting templates you can use right away. These customizable templates take the grunt work out of HR reporting, allowing you to focus on what matters most: making data-driven decisions that drive positive change in your organization.
Download your free templates today!

The CEO’s Handbook on People Analytics

Stop relying on gut instinct for critical people decisions. People analytics equips you with data-driven insights to optimize your workforce, the hidden driver of your success. 

Attract top talent, retain your best people, and achieve strategic goals with the power of a data-driven approach to people management. 

Download this handbook and unlock the full potential of your most valuable asset: your people.

DEI Survey Questions Template

According to Glassdoor findings, over 50% of employees believe their respective companies should make more effort to enhance diversity within their organizations. This statistic underscores the significance of diversity and inclusion survey questions, as they serve as a vital tool for companies to gauge the effectiveness of their D&I initiatives.

With this imperative in mind, we have compiled a set of essential D&I survey questions for you. Download now!

9-box Grid Template

Every organization aims to manage talent effectively, and the 9-box grid template is a crucial tool in that journey. The ‘9 Box Grid Template’ is your ultimate guide for assessing and developing talent within your company. It provides a comprehensive template that simplifies the process of tracking and managing talent, making it an invaluable resource for HR professionals and managers alike.

The Year-End Performance Review Guide

Here’s a game-changing guide to supercharge your year-end performance reviews. With in-depth information and practical tips, dive into wisdom that goes beyond the basics. Learn how year-end reviews can foster growth, alignment, and excellence in your organization.

Whether you’re in HR or a Manager, this guide is your key to turning year-end reviews into a powerhouse for positive change.

Performance Review Questions

When it comes to performance management, the right questions can result in actionable insights into an employee’s performance, aspirations, and alignment with company values. The sample performance review questions here serve as an indispensable resource for HR professionals dedicated to refining the art of performance review.

This eBook explores the methodology of crafting thought-provoking questions to evaluate employee engagement, professional development, and overall performance. It serves as a guide for those seeking to enhance the review process, offering a path to meaningful feedback and constructive conversations that drive personal growth, goal alignment, and company success.

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