CEO Events

Upcoming CEO Events For Business Leaders in 2023

CEO Events

Most businesses undergo constant change to match changing customer needs and evolving market trends. Business leaders also need to evolve constantly to take their company on the path to success.

They need to expand their networks and build new partnerships most effectively. Attending different CEO events proves extremely beneficial for business leaders in this context.

These events provide the right platform for business leaders to share market insights. They offer vital data and information to build high-performing, futuristic organizations.

These events are a goldmine of opportunities for business leaders to learn the best ways to move forward. 

Must attend events for CEOs and other business leaders in 2022

Every year, business leaders receive invitations to countless different types of events. Attending all the events is neither possible nor beneficial for the business leaders. T

he most important CEO events for business leaders to attend in 2022 include the following.

TECHSPO Los Angeles 2022 (July 11-12)

“You can’t delegate digital transformation for your company… You and your executives have to own it! Executives need to engage, embrace, and adopt new ways of working with the latest and emerging technologies.”  — Barry Ross, CEO, and Co-Founder, Ross & Ross International

The two days long event will provide business leaders access to next-generation technology and innovation. They will understand the impact of these technologies on ensuring greater business growth.

They can interact with technology enthusiasts and also gain access to the most sought-after talent. The event will also help business to build their networks and collaborate with their peers.

The venue for this in-person event is Loews Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles, California. Interested participants can register for the event and get an all-access pass for $297.

HRPA 2022 Summer Conference (July 26-28)

“Human potential, though not always apparent, is there waiting to be discovered and invited forth.” William Watson Purkey

The event focuses on helping business leaders working in the field of HR to create stronger workplaces. It will provide an insight into meaningfully unlocking the true potential of employees.

Business and HR will understand the need to disrupt the top-down models within business environments.

They will also lean to adopt a more human-centric workforce ethos and be mindful of employee expectations.

The registration cost for the virtual event for members is $95 and $230 for a single day and full event respectively. For non-members, the registration cost is $120 and $290 for a single day and full event respectively.

SaaStr Annual 2022(Sep 13-15)

“Not one of the successful entrepreneurs I know started as an expert.” — Jason Cohen, Founder, WP, Smart Bear 

With more than 250 speakers from the best SaaS companies, this is one of the most important CEO events for business leaders to attend.

The event offers more than 100 tactical sessions spread over three days with more than 1000 networking meetings and 1-on-1s. T

he event will feature 750 VCs and globally renowned founders with every session hand-screened and checked to help the participants learn.

It provides endless opportunities for business leaders to share and learn from their peers in various roles and functions.

The venue for this festival-style in-person event is SF Bay Area in California. The ticket price for startup founders and executives is $1447 per person.

The All-Access Pass price for BigCo Execs and VCs is $1960 per person. The cost of team packs for startups comprising a minimum of 3 members is $1031 per person.

The cost of team packs for BigCo Execs and VCs is $1547 per person.


“The first step in changing a culture, I believe, starts with the senior leadership team – and with the CEO.” – Denise Morrison

The attendees of the annual Forbes Global CEO Conference include CEOs, tycoons, entrepreneurs, investors, and global thought leaders. 

The event will feature discussions and debates about key issues of global concern and building new partnerships. It will enable business leaders to share insights, highlight opportunities, and find the best way forward.

The venue for this elite in-person, invitation-only event is The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore.

Interested participants need to apply to attend the event, which is limited to qualified titles only. The fee for participating in this most exclusive of all CEO events is $10,000.

The fee covers the cost of all conference sessions and social events included in the agenda as well as the conference documentation.

SaaStock (Oct 17-21)

“Once people are connected… they’re discovering that they can contribute to a community, which is an empowering experience.” – Pierre Omidyar, Founder, eBay 

Promoted as one of the biggest and boldest business conferences in Europe, SaaStock is nothing less than a festival.

More than 5000 SaaS founders, executives, and investors are likely to attend the event making it the best SaaS conference.

Participants will find highly targeted and actionable content across various stages and topics. The event will help business leaders to figure out the best ways to enhance their business growth.

It will provide a platform for the boldest visionaries from across the globe to come together and share their stories.

The in-person event is to be held in Dublin and the price of tickets starts from €874 (excluding VAT @23%). Interested participants can choose from different ticket options for individuals and teams.

TechCrunch Disrupt 2022 (Oct 18-22)

“Founders are more motivated by the fear of looking bad than by the hope of getting millions of dollars”. — Paul Graham, Co-founder, Y-combinator 

The event is a must-attend for business leaders looking to master the equations of Silicon Valley. It is also the right event to attend for startup founders with a product and big visions for their future.

Attendees can make genuinely valuable connections with highly self-motivated and focused professionals from across the globe.

It will provide great opportunities to gain investors and business partners. The event is the perfect place for business leaders to connect with the right people effectively and efficiently.

This is a 4 days long in-person event that will be held in San Francisco. Aspiring participants can register for the event and buy the pass for general admission or an investor pass at the price of $695.

Students, non-profit, government, and military personnel can get the pass with a hefty discount at $195.

Web Summit (Nov 1-4)

“Take the time to build relationships with potential acquirers. You never know when you may need them.” — John O’Farrell, Partner, Andreessen Horowitz 

The event aims to bring together more than 70,000 global professionals and companies that are redefining the tech industry. It is an amalgamation of founders and CEOs of technology companies, fast-growing startups, policymakers, and even heads of state.

The event promises to provide unparalleled networking opportunities besides answering the question of where to next? It provides a great opportunity to meet and interact with experts from diverse industries and turn solid leads into valuable business relationships.

The tickets to this in-person event in Lisbon are available under three different categories. Aspiring participants can get the tickets for the exhibition floor only for € 450.

They can also opt for general attendance, executive, and chairperson tickets for €495, €4,850, and €24,850, respectively. All ticket prices are inclusive of VAT tax.

Slush 2022 (Nov 17-18)

“For an idea to replicate it has to be simple enough for a friend to talk about it at a party.”

 — Jonah Peretti, Co-Founder, BuzzFeed

The event aims to bring together the startup ecosystem from across the globe under one roof. More than 4200 startup founders and operators are likely to attend the event.

It will open up a whole new world of networking opportunities besides highlighting major investment options.

The event will also enlighten business leaders about creating an inclusive and more purposeful culture of entrepreneurship. They will also gain a better understanding of building a purpose-driven future through revolutionary innovation.

The in-person event takes place every year in Helsinki and the ticket prices start from €345 for startups.

The ticket prices for investors, angel investors, and attendees are €895, €775, and €995 respectively. All prices are being offered a limited amount early bird and are likely to increase as the event draws nearer.

Reinventing HR (Nov 10-11)

“I want to ride with people that will find a way over the concrete wall, not “pivot”.” — Andy Swan, Serial Entrepreneur

The event aims to help senior Inhouse HRs and Employee Engagement Professionals to make time to reflect and refresh their practice. The event will feature a series of interesting workshops and case studies to promote new strategies and fresh thinking.

It will also include discussions of research, theory, and insightful debates to help business leaders adopt a future-focused approach to business growth. 

The event has been carefully planned to maximize practical and applicable knowledge sharing among business leaders.

This is one of its kind invite-only CEO events that business leaders must attend. The two-day-long event will be held in  Millennium Gloucester Hotel London Kensington, in the UK.

Aspiring attendees can request an invitation by filling out an online form. They can choose between one day and two conference packages priced at £690 + VAT and £990 + VAT respectively.

Must attend events for CEOs of B2B companies

The CEO events that the business leaders within the B2B sector should not miss this year include the following.

B2B Marketing Leaders Forum Asia 2022 (Aug 17-18)

“Opportunity is all around us, but we have beliefs and habits that block it.” – Paul Buchheit, Creator of Gmail 

The event claims to be Asia’s biggest B2B marketing conference that aims to help business leaders understand their role in driving revenue and growth.

The conference will focus on educating business leaders about the best ways to fill the large skills gap in the B2B marketing sector.

It will help marketing professionals in leadership roles to enhance pipeline revenue and maximize business growth.

The event will also focus on improving the brand, leadership, and personal career advancement of the attendees.

The in-person event is to be organized in Singapore and has only 300 seats.

Interested participants can register for the event and buy tickets starting at SGD 1090 per person for a group of 7 or more people.

The ticket price for a group of 3-6 people starts at SGD 1190 per person. The per-person cost of tickets for 1-2 participants starts at SGD 1290.

Content Marketing World (Sep 13-16)

“Your writing doesn’t have to be boring just because it’s for other businesses. Businesses have people who read stuff.” – Valeria Maltoni

The event participants can interact with the best content marketing professionals from across the globe. It will provide business leaders with the right knowledge and content marketing strategies to enhance their business growth.

With over 100 sessions, workshops, and industry forums, the event promises ample networking opportunities.

Business leaders learn about building their teams, systems, and process through various fund events. They also gain awareness about the various innovations and opportunities in the industry.

The venue for this in-person and online event is in Cleveland, Ohio. Interested participants can register for the event by paying the fee of $2399 for an in-person all-access pass.

They can also register onsite in which case the cost of an in-person all-access pass will be $2599. The cost of registering for the virtual experience is $699 and $749 for onsite registration.

Marketing Profs B2B Forum

“It is what we know already that often prevents us from learning.” — Claude Bernard

The event aims to provide business leaders with a chance to move out of their comfort zone and do something new and creative.

It enables them to connect with and share their ideas and insights with other like-minded professionals in similar roles.

The event helps the participants to immerse themselves in a great learning experience. It will allow them to enhance their skill set and make them future-ready.

Interaction with B2B marketing experts will inspire the attendees as will listening to new voices in the field.

The venue for the forum is the Omni Boston Hotel at Seaport in Boston. The existing pro members of Marketing Profs can register for the event by logging on to the website.

Non-pro members can register for the on-demand conference and pro-membership by paying a fee of $595.

Must attend events for CEOs of B2C companies

Given below are the brief details of the CEO events that B2C business leaders should make sure to attend.

Adweek Brand Week (Sep 12-16)

“An idea can turn to magic or dust, depending on the talent that rubs against it.” — Bill Bernbach

The event will enable marketing leaders to share their strategies and innovations to make their organizations flourish. The event will feature a series of unparalleled intimate sessions and exciting activities.

Each activity will educate and entertain business leaders and help them foster new connections with the power players within the industry. The attending CEOs and executives will learn about evolving marketing innovation and creativity.

They will get an opportunity to interact with world-class brand leaders. It is a platform to share ideas, brainstorm challenges, and discuss the transformative strategies for the future.

The one thing that makes this in-person and live event to be organized in Miami is the manner of categorization of its passes.

The passes are offered according to the company type rather than the designation of the participants.

The consumer brand passes are available for $3,499, the Agency passes for $4,999, and the tech, media, and solution provider passes for $4,999. 

Traffic And Conversion Summit (Sep 27-29)

“We’re all learning here; the best listeners will end up the smartest.” — Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff

This annual event focuses on helping business leaders gain an understanding of what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s currently working in the digital marketing sector.

The event promises to provide actionable content for leading marketing professionals, agency owners, consultants, and entrepreneurs.

It provides access to tested and proven tactics that help marketing leaders increase traffic, conversions, and sales for the business.

Attendees are sure to leave the event with a plan to take their marketing efforts to the next level and grow their brand.

It is the perfect place to meet and interact with people who have faced the same challenges and overcome the same obstacles.

The event is both virtual and in-person and will be held in San Diego Convention Center in San Diego.

Both in-person and virtual tickets for the events are available for a discounted price of $1,295 up to 28th July. After 28th July the tickets for both entry types will be available for $2,595.

Marketing  Summit At Oracle CloudWorld (Oct 16-20)

“You can never go wrong by investing in communities and the human beings within them.” — Pam Moore

The event aims to help B2C marketing leaders to understand the best ways to optimize their marketing campaigns for maximum business impact.

The attending professionals can strengthen their professional networks and sharpen their skills. It will also help them discover new ideas to inspire successful programs and solve the toughest business challenges.

It is the perfect platform to connect with leading marketing professionals from across the globe. The event will also showcase the latest innovations and empower the participants to create exceptional experiences.

The in-person event will be organized in Las Vegas and interested participants can choose from one of three available ticket types.

The cost of general attendee passes starts from $1,799 and for public sector employees, the pass price starts from $1,599. For large groups of 10 or more general attendees, the cost of entry passes starts from $1,599. 

Summing Up

Attending the CEO events like the ones discussed above helps business leaders to gain stay updated about the happenings within their specific niche.

These events also prove effective in enhancing their knowledge and solidifying their presence and their voice within the community. They provide a unique opportunity to interact with the best minds and most successful leaders and be inspired by their experiences.

Most importantly, the events provide a platform to forge meaningful relationships and identify emerging opportunities that can help boost business growth.

However, business leaders need to choose the events that promise the best learning and networking opportunities to avoid waste of time and resources.  

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