15five vs. Lattice: The Major Differences

Unlocking the potential of your workforce and achieving strategic goals require effective performance management. But with so many software options available, choosing the right one can be a challenge.

Picture John, a determined and forward-thinking business leader determined to revolutionize his organization’s performance review process. Tired of the traditional methods that consumed valuable time, needed more employee engagement, and provided limited insights, John embarked on a mission to find a superior performance management software solution.

During his meticulous exploration, John encountered two prominent platforms: 15five and Lattice. Both platforms promised improved communication, goal alignment, and comprehensive analytics. 

However, John knew that a thorough evaluation was necessary to uncover each platform’s distinct features and capabilities. Therefore, with his sights set on transforming performance management practices, John diligently scrutinized the differences between these industry leaders.

Just like John, if you plan to compare these two performance management tools for your business, then you’ve reached the right place. In this article, we aim to compare these two leading platforms: 15five vs Lattice. Before we look into the differences, let’s dive into a detailed understanding of both 15five and Lattice below.


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15five is a powerful performance management platform that revolutionizes communication and feedback between managers and employees. 

With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, 15five empowers organizations to align goals, encourage continuous feedback, and enhance employee engagement. 15five helps businesses drive productivity and achieve their objectives by streamlining performance management processes.

Key Features of 15five:

1. Goal Creation and Objectives

15five offers a robust framework for setting and tracking individual and team goals. The platform promotes clarity and focus throughout the organization by aligning goals with overall business objectives.

2. Performance Reviews

Simplifying the performance review process, 15five provides customizable templates that enable managers to provide structured feedback. This feature helps identify employee growth opportunities and facilitates constructive conversations about performance.

3. Employee Engagement

15five understands the importance of a positive and collaborative work environment. With engagement tools such as pulse surveys and recognition features, the platform encourages active employee participation and strengthens their connection to the organization.

4. Customization

Recognizing that each organization has unique requirements, 15five allows for customization of the performance management process. This flexibility ensures that the platform can adapt to specific needs, making it a scalable solution for businesses of all sizes.

With its focus on effective communication, goal alignment, and employee engagement, 15five empowers organizations to streamline their performance management practices and drive overall productivity.

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Lattice is a comprehensive performance management solution that seamlessly combines performance reviews, continuous feedback, and goal tracking into a single integrated platform. 

In addition, it offers a range of features designed to enhance employee development and drive organizational success.

Key Features of Lattice:

1. Intuitive User Interface

Lattice prides itself on providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The platform’s design ensures that employees and managers can navigate effortlessly and engage seamlessly with its features.

2. Flexible Pricing

Lattice offers a range of flexible pricing plans that cater to organizations of various sizes. This versatility allows businesses to choose the package that aligns with their specific budgetary needs, providing cost-effective performance management solutions.

3. Exceptional Customer Support

Lattice is known for its outstanding customer support. The platform provides dedicated account managers and a responsive support team, ensuring that users receive timely assistance and that their queries or concerns are promptly addressed.

4. Integration Capabilities

Lattice seamlessly integrates with popular HR systems, including payroll and applicant tracking systems. This integration capability ensures smooth data transfer and creates a unified HR ecosystem, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

5. Platform Support

Lattice supports both web and mobile platforms, empowering employees to access performance-related information anytime and anywhere. This flexibility enables on-the-go productivity and fosters engagement across the organization.

By offering an intuitive interface, flexible pricing, exceptional customer support, integration capabilities, and platform support, Lattice delivers a comprehensive performance management solution that helps organizations optimize processes, drive employee development, and achieve organizational success.

Differences: 15five vs. Lattice:

1. User Interface and Ease of Use

While both 15five and Lattice offer intuitive interfaces, they differ in their design philosophy. 15five focuses on a visually appealing and straightforward interface, making it visually engaging and easy to navigate. 

On the other hand, Lattice prioritizes simplicity and ease of use, providing a clean and streamlined interface for a seamless user experience.

2. Pricing

When it comes to pricing, organizations should carefully evaluate their budget and requirements. 15five and Lattice have different pricing structures, and it is essential to choose the solution that aligns with the organization’s financial capabilities and performance management needs. 

Lattice offers flexible pricing plans that cater to organizations of various sizes, while 15five may have pricing options more suitable for small and mid-sized businesses.

3. Customer Support

Lattice is widely recognized for its exceptional customer support. The platform provides organizations with personalized assistance throughout their journey, ensuring that their needs and concerns are promptly addressed. 

While 15five also offers reliable customer support, the level of responsiveness may vary, and organizations should consider their specific support requirements.

4. Integration Capabilities

Lattice offers a broader range of integrations, allowing seamless connectivity with other HR systems. This extensive integration ecosystem enables organizations to create a unified HR infrastructure and streamline data flow. 

On the other hand, 15five may have a more limited integration capability, and organizations should evaluate whether the available integrations meet their specific integration needs.

5. Ideal Customers

15five primarily caters to small and mid-sized businesses prioritizing user-friendly solutions. Its intuitive interface and comprehensive features make it an accessible choice for organizations with limited resources. 

On the other hand, Lattice is more suitable for larger organizations seeking robust performance management capabilities. Its comprehensive suite of features and scalability make it an ideal choice for organizations with complex performance management needs and a larger employee base.

By considering these differences in the user interface, pricing, customer support, integration capabilities, and ideal customer profiles, organizations can decide and select the performance management solution that best aligns with their unique requirements and business objectives.

Feature 15five Lattice
User Interface Intuitive and visually appealing Simple and easy to navigate
Pricing Varied plans for different sizes Flexible pricing options
Customer Support Reliable support *Exceptional personalized assistance
Integration Capabilities Limited integrations Extensive integration ecosystem
Ideal Customers Small to mid-sized businesses Larger organizations


When it comes to performance management software, both 15five and Lattice offer valuable features and capabilities. 15five excels in its user-friendly interface and is ideal for smaller businesses, while Lattice provides a comprehensive platform with robust integration capabilities for larger organizations. 

However, if you’re looking for a performance management solution that simplifies OKRs and performance reviews to accelerate your business growth, Peoplebox is the standout choice. Peoplebox combines the best features of 15five and Lattice while offering a seamless and impactful experience. 

With Peoplebox, you can streamline goal-setting, provide structured feedback, and gain valuable insights into your team’s performance. Its intuitive interface, powerful analytics, and seamless integrations make it a top choice for driving productivity and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. 

Choose Peoplebox to unlock the full potential of your performance management process and achieve remarkable results for your organization. 

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