Build remoteculture of high retention & results

Capture employee’s pulse, elevate your managers, align goals, help your remote employees stay connected, and boost employer brand on Glassdoor - All from one platform

As a remote company, your first problem is communication so Zoom
and Slack become your best friends. After it, its about great results and
culture. That’s what Peoplebox is for.

HR Leaders and Managers at 500+ companies trust Peoplebox to
build high achieving remote teams

Help your employees foster connect
even when they are remote

Enable casual conversation within your team Remotely


Avoid blind spots to drive better
results, retention and culture

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Engagement & Performance platform
built exclusively for remote teams

Bring theBest
out of your team

Bring the Best out of
your team

What our customers around the world
say about us

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Prashant Singh


Both the managers and team love it.

Peoplebox really helped us build a strong feedback and 1:1 culture at Leadsquared. Both the managers and team love it. With over 300 people in different locations, our managers are able to create a stronger relationship with their teams while increasing their productivity.

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Marketing Manager

Peoplebox is the perfect tool for successful remote teams

I love that I'm able to stay organized in terms of my goals and key results. I can add them at the begging of each quarter and have weekly check-ins with the team on what progress has been made. This is absolute perfection as we're a fully-remote team

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Haoyang Feng


Best tool for Remote 1:1s

Peoplebox helped us improve our 1 on 1s by suggesting talking points and tracking progress on action items. The team is very responsive and is constantly improving the product. It’s the best product I’ve seen in this space

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Bring the best out of your team

Build a highly engaged and productive team with Peoplebox
Engagement & Performance tool,designed for Remote & Distributed teams.