Short Summary of 5 Best OKR Books to Improve management

There could be a lot of information about OKRs on the internet. But the best OKR books written by experienced people will always include extensive knowledge and ideas. 

OKR is not something that can be learned overnight. To become an expert you must read books that provide practical solutions to all challenges.

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The Beginner’s Guide to OKR by Felipe Castro

  • Your goals must not be monotonous. They should be easygoing and engaging and should be compatible with the company culture.
  • Your OKRs should be simple, brief, and easy to remember. You’re doing it wrong if you have to take a break while reading your objectives.
  • Felipe suggests using OKR to determine whether you’re adding value rather than just executing responsibilities. You must also understand the difference between Value-based Key Results and Activity-based Key Results.

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Focus: Achieving Your Most Important Goals with OKRs by Christina Wodtke

  • This book won’t take you through the abstract topics of OKR. Instead, it portrays the concept of OKR as a fictional story.
  • Each Objective has three measurable results that act as a benchmark of reaching your goal. According to Wodtke, Key Results are “challenging targets that you only have a 50/50 chance of accomplishing.”
  • You need to make a bold, motivating, and qualitative goal for each quarter. In the book, Wodtke explains both good and bad objectives. 
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Work Rules by Laszlo Bock

•In this book, the author has mentioned the importance of OKR. He has given an idea of how to track the OKR and step it up to attain the best results of the project. 

•Since he was the Visionary Head of People Operations at Google he mentioned instances where they used to keenly work to attract talents from all over the world.

•There are about 14 chapters in the book which map the pathway for becoming a successful founder of a company.

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How to Measure Anything by Douglas W. Hubbard

•This book contains an in-depth explanation of the challenges faced while setting OKRs. The methods that would help to take fewer risks and make higher profits are also explained.

•The author has divided his writings into three different parts wherein he explained the theory, helpful tools, and instances from real life.

•His method is called “Applied Information Economics” which has been described in five steps.

Time management concept from OKR book

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Objectives and Key Results – Driving Focus, Alignment, and Engagement with OKRs by Paul Niven and Ben Lamorte

•If a person wishes to understand the entire concept of OKR, then this book is a one-stop guide.

•This book shows how the top companies implement OKRs to attain their vision and mission.

•The major advantage of the book is that it contains case studies that would help the organization/person relate to their day-to-day challenges.


We expect many more new works on OKR in book stores and trade magazines as OKR continues to gain prominence in boardrooms around the world. In the meantime, check out our list of the world’s best OKR Books to help you achieve your business objectives! 

The books listed above provide all of the necessary knowledge, from beginner to advanced, to get you to begin with the OKR technique.

We highly recommend reading these books because they are not only instructive but also loaded with tips and methods to help you take your OKR game to an unprecedented level.

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