11 Best Office Inspiration Quotes to Motivate in Remote Work


Digital nomadism is a term quoted for people who like to travel while working from a distant location.

Not confined to their 9 to 5 job setting and often self-motivated, these people choose their own work schedule and often work from home even if their office is in the same city.

Seeing how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected us all in some or the other way, it will not be wrong to call remote employees – digital nomads – although most of us cannot move around much given the worldwide lockdown.

However, unlike digital nomads who are used to remote working, the lockdown forced many of us to adapt to the situation – not by choice.

As much as it was difficult for employees to accustom to the new routine, it was equally difficult to lead team members working from a remote location for managers.

While there are a lot of tips and articles around employee engagement to help companies and employees transit efficiently and smoothly, however, amidst the adaptation, we all need a little inspiration every now and then to lighten up and perhaps, see things from a different angle.

And what better than a few office inspiration quotes specially handpicked for all those people working remotely at present.

1On setting goals for your team


We often tend to deviate towards smaller goals without seeing the bigger picture.

While smaller goals are essential to accomplish big tasks, however, to ensure your team members stay motivated, it is important to introduce them to the bigger picture.

One of the best ways to do is by staying transparent about the changes happening in the company amidst the pandemic, more so with financial insecurity surfacing at all levels.

Another way to ensure that the team is aware of the end goal is by setting your expectations right with your team members about their targets so that they have the context.

2On caring for your team


Amidst goals and numbers, we often forget that at one end of the spectrum is the consumer and at the other end are the employees working for us.

Unless a company pays attention to employee upliftment as they would dedicate resources towards product development or marketing, a company will find it difficult to thrive.

Especially during the pandemic when people have suffered financial and personal loss, and a few juggling a job and home responsibilities, showing your team members that you care can go a long way.

Small acts such as understanding a delay, being patient about distractions during an office call, extending flexibility to work at different hours, etc. can send across the right message to the team members who would then want to work for you and company goals with a reignited passion.

3On trusting your team


People often associate remote working to “not being seen” which translates to “not working”.

However, just because you cannot see your employees does not mean that they are not doing their work efficiently.

While setting expectations right and setting measurable goals is a healthy way to ensure that the team members too feel at ease and work at their own pace, as a manager, it is crucial that you also trust your team members working remotely.

Daily stand-up meetings, regular check-ins to monitor progress and open communication are a few ways to trust team members with their assigned work.

This is also a good time to identify self-motivated employees and ensure that you push the right ones to help achieve their goals.

4On listening to your team with a keen intent

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The lockdown has not been easy on anyone, be it an employee or a business leader.

Moreover, with remote working, most of us also miss the chance of communicating often with our colleagues and conveying our point not just through words but with body language as well.

Now that it is not possible to do the same virtually, listening intently to what the other has to say, understanding their point of view, where they are coming from, are a few ways that can help resolve a lot of communication problems and help employees bond better.

This applies to both – managers and employees, and between colleagues.

5On building rapport with your team


How often do you talk to your employees about their personal life or about their day, especially over a call?

It is easier to forget about such things over a call since not a lot of us are used to doing so.

However, if you want your team to trust you better and follow your direction, establishing personal relationships and building rapport with your remote team should be one of the most important things in your to-do list.

This will also help you trust them better and assign more tasks or responsibilities without hesitation.

You can also make use of ice breaker questions to build a better connect with your remote team and create virtual coffee breaks to create a sense of “watercooler” moments when employees get a chance to talk to you freely.

6On innovating as a team leader


Most companies did not see a pandemic like situation coming while analysing risk at any point.

Taking it as an opportunity to try out new products and strategies can save your day.

Focusing on shuffling things around to bring innovation at the forefront and leading a team with the same spirit can open the door to possibilities.

7On making time for your team members

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Making eye contact, observing body language, being attentive, are a few exceedingly small yet crucial elements of working successfully with someone in the same physical space.

These small elements help us understand the other person’s intentions better and form a bond.

Since it is not possible to meet people due to remote working, the next best thing is to have as many one on one meetings possible with individual team members.

Dedicating time for one on one meetings can also lead to better employee development as it gives you the chance as a leader to train your team better.

It is also an amazingly effective way to boost employee morale thanks to the dedicated space it provides for a more friendly conversation.

8On ‘hanging in there’ during tough times


When the going gets tough, tough gets going.

This phrase was never more apt than for the present situation when even big corporations are taking drastic measures to sustain.

One of the most important things your team is counting on you for is sustainability and a clear direction.

The decisions that you take now and the perseverance with which you follow through will not only make or break your company, it will also establish you as a dependable leader.

9On accepting and adapting to change as a leader

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Adapting leadership style opens up the window to develop the leadership skills that can enable you to respond quickly to both threats and opportunities.

It also gives you the flexibility to act according to the situation at hand and to ensure that you make the best use of the available resources, tools and techniques to generate a positive outcome.

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10 On owning up and making tough decisions

Tough times like such also mean that as a leader you must decide what is best for the company’s sustainability and act accordingly.

Be it closing a department or cutting the budget for a marketing plan, it is time to assess what is possible and what is not and make decisions in lieu of the changing time.

You can also consider including your employees and taking suggestions from them before taking the final call.

This will not only make them feel inclusive, but there are chances that you might come across an idea that can save the day for your business or team.

11On being a forward-looking leader

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Sitting idle when crisis strike is not a bad thing at times – unless it is to take a short break or thinking about an idea.

However, every second lost is an opportunity lost especially when every company is looking forward to seizing opportunities.

This is the time to put plans into action, assess the outcome and improvise, or move on to the next one.

Setting this pace right is not only good for your company’s progress but also for your remote employees who need guidance at every step and the motivation to follow the path you set.

Summing up

The Covid-19 pandemic surely has caused ups and downs in industries across the world.

However, taking time every now and then to assess the situation and giving yourself a much-needed break can help you turn the tables around.

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11 Best Office Inspiration Quotes to Motivate in Remote Work