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Why you should integrate OKR and 1:1s

Integrating OKR and 1:1s using software allows you to hold informal yet regular meetings with your employees to effectively keep track of their OKRs.
Integrating OKR and 1:1s to grow your company

As a CEO, it is important to ensure that your employees are performing well and are also content with their work environment. Integrating OKR and 1:1s is a simple yet effective solution to ensure both are achieved. 

1-on-1s  between managers and employees is critical to secure your employee’s trust and respect. It is even more beneficial to use those sessions to review OKRs. 

By setting scheduled 1: 1 meetings and tracking OKR progress, Peoplebox 1:1 software helps you redefine your relationship with employees. Moreover, its tight integration with the OKR software helps you acknowledge each employee’s performance and provide insights. 

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1:1s with OKR software Vs Traditional methods

effective one on one meeting

Regular meetings with your employee is an essential component of a comprehensive people management system. However, it can be difficult to manually arrange such meetings for a large number of employees on a regular basis and to keep track of each employee’s OKR performance. 

To ensure consistency, it is important to be organized. Traditional methods of 1:1 meetings are spontaneous and do not cover all grounds. 

With the ability to do meaningful and actionable 1:1s, you can be sure not to miss any blindspots and pay individual attention to your employees and ensure better business outcomes

Moreover, 1:1s allows the employee to express their concerns and suggestions more freely. Thus ensuring a more constructive session.  

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Why use OKR software with 1:1s?

Before we get into the details of integrating OKR software and 1:1 s  let us try to understand the importance of 1:1 meetings and how they can be beneficial to review OKR. 

1 Boosts productivity

Software like Peoplebox enables you to be prepared for your meetings thus making them more efficient. When using Peoplebox, you can add your thoughts and suggestions regarding OKR to a list of “talking points”. 

There is also an added feature of Shared Space which enables you to share or store documents or OKR suggestions at all times with your reporting manager. The private space restricts the information only to you, and others will not be able to view it. The OKRs of the employee will be updated in the software and the reporting manager can view the OKRs while giving feedback.

Further, these talking points can be converted to action items or OKR. This system will increase the efficiency of individual team members and the company, as a whole.

2 Keeping track

Manager looking through employee history

Integrating OKR and 1:1s through software will guarantee that a well-structured process is followed for all employees. 

When using software, all data is safely stored for future reference. You can check in on a regular basis and also comment on each employee’s performance. 

Peoplebox software can provide suggestions for talking points and action items based on previous engagements. Exclusive OKRs can also be set and tracked based on the individual’s aptitude. 

Thus enabling you to record and keep up with employee performance more effectively, and focus on employee engagement. 

3 Boosts Employee Morale

OKR and 1:1s enable employees to command respect and empower them. It allows them to candidly express their OKR suggestions and give constructive feedback on the company’s proceedings, ensuring a 360-degree feedback session takes place. 

This builds a problem-solving mindset and encourages deep and innovative thinking among team members.

Such an effective system is sure to increase engagement and help you build a resourceful relationship with your staff members, all while amplifying productivity through OKR. 

According to Ben Horowitz, “1:1s provide an excellent mechanism for information and ideas to flow up the organization, and should be part of your design.”

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8 tips to make your OKR software speak with 1:1 software – Peoplebox

1 Make use of the calendar

The one-on-one meetings must be regular and high-priority events. Make sure to schedule these meetings in accordance with OKR progress.

Pick office hours during a weekday when there are fewer chances of overlapping meetings/events. Allow adequate time for meetings. 

Make a schedule that works for both of you.

2 Be prepared- Use Talking Points

Instead of going with the flow, prepare a list of OKRs to be allotted and add them to your talking points. 

Spend ample time before the meeting to write down OKRs for each employee. 

Inform your team as well that they should arrive prepared for the meeting and begin by having the employee give their information first.

3 Focus on employees

Manager paying attention to the employee speaking

It is important to allow your employees to do the most of the talking to make them feel heard. Maintain your attention and engagement throughout the conversation. 

Make use of the feature with which you can view all their OKRs and assess them while giving your feedback. 

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4 Specify the desired outcome

Assist the employee in outlining project objectives and expected outcomes. Be as detailed and clear as possible so that the employee understands what the expected outcome is. 

If your employee prefers to take a different strategy than you, do not try to force your strategy on them. 

Allowing them to choose their own path is a greater learning experience for both of you.

5 Acknowledge their performance

Managers often move on to the next OKR without pausing to acknowledge their employee’s efforts. 

As their leader, it would encourage them when you acknowledge their performance. It gives them a sense of dignity and motivates them to work harder. 

This can also help you suggest better methods to boost their performance.

Peoplebox makes this easier by providing a history of each employee’s performance during the session.

6 Allow the employee to give their feedback

Often, one-on-one meetings are focused only on the employee. But it may be that they too have some valuable feedback to share with you. 

Patiently listen to their feedback and if reasonable, try to implement them. It shows the employees that you value their efforts. 

7 Ask Questions

Before offering your feedback and OKR suggestions, ask the employee for recommendations on how they would fix a problem. 

When you ask such challenging and relevant questions, your employee will know that you are interested in their abilities. 

Your questions should be framed in such a way that helps you comprehend the issue without interrogating the employee. 


8 Provide suggestions

Manager providing constructive criticism

As a leader, your employees look up to you. Providing them with your OKR suggestions will empower them and help them deliver tasks like you expect them to. 

Keeping your expectations and suggestions in mind will enable your employees to provide a more desirable outcome. 

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building company with the help of OKR and 1:1s

A manager can use 1:1 software to guarantee that their team is performing well. 

In order to track OKR more efficiently,  it is critical to evaluate progress toward OKRs in a 1:1. 

OKRs drive the implementation of your organization’s strategy, so it is imperative to bear in mind the likelihood that they will be achieved when OKRs are also analyzed in 1-on-1 meetings.

OKR and 1:1s provide greater employee feedback and constant coaching to propel your staff toward the vision of the company. 

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