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HRIS for Performance Management – Why Consider Alternatives

If you’re reading this, you’re probably grappling with the question of whether or not to use HRIS for performance management. You’re not alone in this dilemma. Most HR teams rely on Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) to handle various HR functions, and many of these systems include a performance management module. So, the question remains: should you stick with HRIS, or should you explore other tools? In this article, we won’t try to sell you on Peoplebox, but we’ll show you how other HR teams make this decision and guide you on taking a pragmatic approach to making the right choice.

Factors to consider for evaluating HRIS for Performance Management

1. Goal Management

While HRIS systems are often proficient at setting goals, they frequently fall short when it comes to aligning and tracking them effectively. A successful performance management system should not only establish goals but also ensure that employees and managers can easily track, align, and review them. Peoplebox goes beyond just goal setting; it offers a platform that streamlines goal alignment and tracking, while also integrating with work tools to automate progress updates. This automation saves employees thousands of hours by reducing manual progress reporting, enhancing focus, and alignment.

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2. Employee Experience

One major drawback of using HRIS for performance management is the outdated user experience it often provides. Many HR teams struggle with poor adoption rates because employees find the review process within HRIS platforms biased and frustrating. In the modern era of AI and chatbots, employees seek a user experience that not only saves time but also fosters personal and professional growth. Peoplebox takes a different approach by allowing employees to complete the entire 360-degree review cycle within familiar communication platforms like Slack and Teams. This streamlined experience promotes better adoption and helps HR leaders not only complete reviews but also identify and retain top performers more efficiently.

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3. Customization

Most HRIS platforms are rigid and do not provide the level of customization needed for an effective performance management system. Customization options are essential to ensure that the performance management process aligns with your organization’s unique culture and business needs. Peoplebox excels in this aspect by enabling you to customize and configure every step of the review cycle, creating performance reviews that are unbiased and tailored to your specific requirements.

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Why Choose Peoplebox Over HRIS?

Peoplebox offers a compelling alternative to HRIS for performance management, and here are some reasons to consider making the switch:

1. High Customisation

  • Peoplebox provides HR leaders with the flexibility to tailor performance management strategies to their organization’s needs.
  • You can configure every aspect of the review cycle, from questions and reviewers to competency mapping and goal selection, creating reviews that align with your unique requirements.

2. Save Time & Admin Work

  • Peoplebox simplifies the review process by allowing HR teams to build reviews quickly using templates.
  • Automated reminders and smart nudges enhance the speed of approvals and review submissions.
  • Auto-schedule 1:1 meetings using review data, and automate the creation of review PDFs.

3. Deep Integration

  • Peoplebox seamlessly integrates with various HRIS tools and offers over 50 native integrations to update progress on goals and projects.
  • Its integration with Slack and Teams ensures that performance management can be conducted within platforms employees are already comfortable using.

4. Great Adoption

  • Peoplebox enables complete 360-degree reviews, surveys, and OKR tracking within Slack and Teams, eliminating the need for employees to learn another tool.
  • This streamlined approach helps HR leaders run frequent and consistent reviews and surveys with minimal manual effort.

5. White Glove Customer Support

  • Peoplebox provides dedicated customer success managers to assist with running complete reviews.
  • They offer support in training managers for 1-on-1s and performance conversations, drafting surveys, 360-degree reviews, OKRs, and creating custom reports.

Still on the fence? Try out Peoplebox Performance Management platform yourself and see the difference.


In today’s rapidly changing HR landscape, traditional HRIS systems might not be the most effective choice for performance management. Peoplebox offers a modern and user-friendly alternative, addressing the shortcomings of HRIS and providing a more flexible, efficient, and customizable solution. If you’re looking to improve your organization’s performance management processes, considering a solution like Peoplebox could be the way forward.

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