chief of staff job description

Chief of Staff Job Description [with Examples]

Chief of Staff Job Description

You are planning to write a job description for the post of chief of staff– a post that’s still in its emerging state.

In addition, the majority of the candidates spend just 14 seconds deciding whether or not to apply for a job post. You must also make sure that your job description is apt and to the point to attract the best-suited candidate. 

This might make the task of writing a chief of staff job description more challenging.

But not anymore.

We are here with some tips and templates to help you attract the best candidate for the COS position with a fitting chief of staff job description. 

According to Brian Rumao, CoS to CEO of Linkedin Jeff Weiner – there is no other title in the corporate world other than Chief of Staff that carries so much variety in actual responsibilities, not just across companies but also within the same one.

Let’s first understand who is a COS and what do they do before getting into chief of staff job description.

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Who is a Chief of Staff (COS)? 

A Chief of Staff (COS) is a high-ranking executive who works closely with the CEO or a senior executive in an organization. The COS provides support, advice, and coordination between the executive’s office and the organization. They act as key liaison between the executive and various departments, help prioritize initiatives, manages communication, and assists in decision-making. 

They play a crucial role in enabling the executive to focus on strategic decision-making and high-priority tasks by handling operational and administrative matters. 

What does a Chief of Staff do?

The multifaceted responsibilities of a COS extend far beyond their title, driving the heartbeat of seamless collaboration, strategic alignment, and operational excellence.

While the work of a Chief of Staff can vary depending on the organization’s size, structure, and industry, but some common duties include:

  • Strategic Planning: Assisting the executive in developing and implementing long-term strategies and business plans.
  • Coordination: Ensuring effective communication and coordination between various departments and teams within the organization.
  • Decision Support: Providing valuable insights and information to aid the executive in making informed decisions.
  • Project Management: Overseeing key projects and initiatives to ensure they stay on track and align with the organization’s goals.
  • Crisis Management: Assisting in handling critical situations and crisis management when necessary.
  • Stakeholder Relations: Managing relationships with key stakeholders, both internal and external, and representing the executive when needed.
  • Streamlining Operations: Identifying opportunities to optimize organizational processes and improve overall efficiency.
  • Executive Support: Acting as a confidante and advisor to the executive, providing feedback, and representing them in meetings and events as required.

Things to include in the chief of staff job description

1Chief of Staff Job Summary

You should start the chief of staff job description with a striking synopsis of your company, the position, and its role in your organization.

This brief description is what will set you apart from your competitors who are looking for candidates for the same position. 

Right information will help you reach the right person.

This brief overview of the company is important for creating a positive outlook about your company in the minds of the candidates.

Your job summary should tell the candidates how their contributions will impact your organization’s success. 

2Chief of Staff Responsibilities

An effective COS wears multiple hats. They are in other words jack of all trades.

Their responsibilities differ and change with time as per the organizational needs.

Before you start drafting the chief of staff to CEO job description, find out what your organization’s needs are. And accordingly, list down what roles you would expect your COS to take.

Then list the major duties and responsibilities under bullet points to make it more scannable.

This will give the candidates an opportunity to visualize their days working as a COS in your company.

3Chief of Staff Qualifications/Skills and Experiences

chief of staff job description startup

You must outline the preferred qualification and experiences in your chief of staff job description.

This may include educational qualifications and skills (both soft and hard).

Interestingly, the Chief of staff is most commonly seen holding a bachelor’s degree. This is proven in research where a striking 63% of respondents confirmed the fact.

Remember “Sometimes less is more”. Make sure you don’t overwhelm your candidates with a huge list of skills. Be specific yet concise here.

Although the skills to look for in a chief of staff will vary depending on the duties they are expected to perform.

There are some common skills and traits that every chief of staff should possess.

This list includes process thinking, positive mindset, leadership abilities, emotional intelligence, impeccable interpersonal skills, result-driven outlook, etc.

4Chief of staff salary and benefits

Candidates are always looking for “what’s there for me?”. Benefits meet the security and survival needs of the candidates. For the majority of candidates, details about compensation matter most.

On the average chief of staff are paid a salary of $13 2200 per annum.

At this stage of the chief of staff job description, you need to mention salary, working hours, and benefits.

You should include here descriptions about the office perks, bonuses, Health care plans, educational opportunities, pet-friendly offices, open offices, etc. your company has to offer.

5Chief of staff experiences

The experiences required for the post of chief of staff will depend on your organization’s needs.

Typically the chief of staff needs to have experience in working with diverse teams across departments. And are expected to have three to eight years of experience in leading executive functions.

6A call to action

End your chief of staff to CEO job description firmly with a call to action. You can add an “Apply” button with a direct link to the company’s website or company email ID. 

 Bonus Tip: Make the Chief of Staff job description easily scannable.

 Short job posts (1-300 words)tend to receive 8.4%  more applications per view than average.

Sample chief of staff job description template

chief of staff to CEO job description

Whether you are preparing chief of staff to CEO job description or for any other executive the job description will vary.

But, there will be a few common pointers.

We have created one sample Chief of Staff Job Description Template which you can edit according to your needs.

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Chief of Staff Job Description – Sample Template

We are a company building the future with technological solutions. We are on a sublime journey of growth and scaling every day as a firm. 

To meet the executive needs, we are looking for a qualified individual to support our team as a COS.

From day one, the COS will have to work with the executive leaders in setting and implementing strategic plans. 

The selected candidate will be responsible for organizing meetings, supporting the HR team in the hiring process, overseeing project management, and buffing the internal and external communication within the organization. 

The ideal candidate must have proven professional management experience and experience in driving complex projects in past roles. 

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Your typical day as COS  in our organization would include-

  • Coordinating communication among teams, executive leaders, and the CEO.
  • Executing company policies and programs
  • Overseeing metrics and analyzing data
  • Proxy for the CEO in her absence
  • Assisting and advising the CEO for effective decision-making.
  • Strategic planning and execution to achieve long and short-term company goals.
  • Coordinating with the HR team in the hiring process.
  • Prioritizing and synchronizing tasks, meetings, and goals on behalf of the CEO.

Salary and Working hours

  • Salary- $214,600 per annum (negotiable)
  • You will work 9-5.
  • We offer flexibility to work in the office or remotely.

Benefits you will get in this role

  • Health insurance
  • 401(k) plan
  • Meals and snacks
  • Commuter benefits
  • And many more

We are seeking candidates who have

  • Experience in data analysis
  • Proven success in handling critical cross-departmental projects.
  • 5+ years of managerial experience.
  • Specialized training in strategic planning.

We desire candidates with

  • Masters degree in business administration or a related field.
  • Action-oriented outlook
  • Strategic thinking
  • Analytic Approach
  • Multi-tasking ability
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills 
  • Effective project management
  • Ability to develop creative solutions

Do you think you match our criteria? 

If yes, email us

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Chief of Staff Job Description [with Examples]