Top-Notch Learnings from 10 Best Books on OKRs

Many entrepreneurs and business owners have applied the principles of Objective and Key Results (OKRs) for their goal setting and achievement. After numerous books written on OKRs by renowned individuals, the concept has gained more traction in recent years. 

Here are some of the short practical nuggets taken from 10 Awesome books about OKRs that will help you surpass your expectations from yourself and your team.

The Beginner’s Guide to OKR by Felipe Castro

The book to start with if you are new to the concept of OKR. The book is resourceful and has many insights about the history of OKR, companies that are practising OKRs successfully, benefits, and more. 

Takeaway – Each section gives you a practical guide to using OKRs to achieve your best result as an individual and a team.

  1. Learn about the commonly made mistakes while implementing OKRs. 
  2. You will also understand in detail the complete OKRs cycle
  3. Learn how to write the best OKRs for your company or you. 

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Measure What Matters by John Doer

Statistics and discussion about OKRs

Alt Text: Statistics and discussion about OKRs

John Doer learned the concept of OKR from Andrew Grove while he was working for Intel in 1975. He then introduced it to Google as he could see the company had a promising future. In this book, he writes about the application of OKRs at Google. 

Takeaway – How to weave OKRs into the cultural fabric of any company that wants to realize its full potential.

  1. This book is a must-read for you when you want to have a clear business plan for your venture. 
  2. Align and connect using the OKRs system as a superpower with advantage transparency. 
  3. Learn to use OKRs as a precision tool for focus and commitment. 

Radical Focus by Christina Wodtke

Wodtke’s book is an excellent investment for people who understand dry concepts in the fictional story format. This book does that for you by discussing the implementation OKRs, inspiring the team to get your desired results, and more.

Takeaway – The book will help you decide the best approach for implementing OKRs.

  1. Learn to set goals that inspire and are measurable.
  2. One significant advantage of OKRs is checking the entire team’s progress towards one single goal. 
  3. In this process, the team will also be aware of their role in the bigger picture.

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High Output Management by Andrew Grove

This book is a must-read for anyone, as it comes from the proverbial ‘horse’s mouth.’ He tells us empathetically that if you want your organization to work on the maximum output, you must train yourself first.

Takeaway – How to train yourself to be the best for your organization to be the best.

  1. Grove sets the tone by saying that to make your organization achieve its goal, first train yourself well. 
  2. Understand how everything is a ‘’Process’’. 
  3. Manage short-term objectives based on long-term plans –  this is the mantra of the book. 

High Output Management Book

How to Measure Anything by Douglas W. Hubbard

Team meeting about Objective & key results

In this book, Hubbards talks about OKRs for a business owner who wants to understand the challenges faced while setting up OKRs as a management system

Takeaway – You can learn how measuring things makes them less risky and more profitable.

  1. Understand in-depth how to measure things to make them less risky and profitable. 
  2. ‘’Applied Information Economics’’ is the best method for OKRs, which he explains in great detail. 
  3. The challenges and the methods to overcome them are best described here with regards to OKRs. 

How Google Works by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg

The book gives you details about the staggering transformation of Google from a small company to the Big Tech of today, along with insights about OKR and management. 

Takeaway – The book describes the company’s culture, strategy, talent management, decision-making, communication, and innovation.

  1. Company Culture & Strategy – Companies typically define one of these. The book insists on having both defined thoroughly. 
  2. Company Talent & Decision-Making Process – Talent defines how your company will progress, and decision-making will help to streamline it. 
  3. Company Communication & Innovation  – As much as it is essential to innovate, it is important to communicate more at all levels. 

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Work Rules by Laszlo Bock

Work Rules is a book that gives you knowledge about OKRs’ practical application. It also helps us understand how to set and track them for desired results. 

Takeaway – You will understand the practical approach to OKRs. 

  1. he book tells us about how to set up an attractive company culture that attracts global talent. 
  2. Build a platform that supports learning and innovation with OKRs. 
  3. You will also learn about how to implement OKRs and embed the system from tomorrow.

Objectives and Key Results by Paul Niven and Ben Lamorte

The authors have written the best reference book for all things OKRs. It helps you with case studies and real-world examples for broadening your understanding of OKRs.

Takeaways – How top companies are implementing OKRs and how you can do so too. 

  1. How to adapt to the day-to-day workings of OKRs and why they must use the OKRs system daily. 
  2. You will also understand how to match your company requirement with the OKRs and vice versa. 
  3. With case studies and real-life examples, you can envision your organization running on the OKRs system. 

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Start Less, Finish More by Dan Montgomery

This book will aid you to focus on what matters the most and cut out the unwanted complexity of strategic planning. It will work as an essence for having an agile business mindset with human-centred design. 

Takeaways – You will learn about Strategy Management from a human perspective. 

  1. Learn to use fast OKRs cycles of experimentation, feedback, and learning which can help you adapt faster to change and capture new opportunities. 
  2. The book’s main objective is to start with less and finish more by minimizing the number of projects on hand. 
  3. How can you engage your team in the OKRs setting process so they create weekly achievable action plans and stay committed to them? 

Succeeding with OKRs in Agile by Allan Kelly

A set of principles for OKRs

The perfect book for you if you tend to overlook the bigger picture or bigger goal in this case. It describes dramatically how to focus on achieving small goals so that you keep building towards the larger one.

Takeaways – You will learn to write OKRs, organize and deliver them, and how to overcome pitfalls too. 

  1. You can learn how to prioritize purpose and strategy over what needs to be done now. 
  2. With this book, you can concentrate on how to stay outcome-oriented and result-focused. 
  3. OKRs can help give the team purpose, power, and authority to perform to the best of their ability.  


Here, we have discussed in brief the practical learning that you can easily use, referring to the top books on OKRs. Reading them will be a great way to start applying this incredible methodology in your work and personal life. You can also read about OKRs and remote working here.

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