Best OKR Canvas Templates on the Internet in 2024

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are an effective goal-setting framework used by many successful organizations. By clearly defining objectives and key results, and tracking progress, OKRs provide a roadmap for achieving ambitious moonshot goals. However, to fully benefit from the power of OKRs, it is essential to have a structured approach to setting them.

This is where an OKR canvas template comes in. A template provides a visual framework for defining and planning OKRs, facilitating collaborative planning and communication among team members. The OKR canvas template ensures that goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. It encourages brainstorming ideas and identification of key initiatives.

What Is an OKR Canvas Template?

An OKR canvas template is a powerful visual tool that can help organizations and teams to effectively set, plan, and achieve their goals. The OKR canvas template helps you with the strategic thought process that should take place every time you create a new OKR, ensuring that you are setting clear and achievable objectives and key results. 

With this ability to simplify the OKR process, an OKR canvas template becomes an essential tool for any organization that wants to achieve ambitious goals.

The OKR canvas template can be used by individuals and teams, and the top leadership of an organization. It provides a structure and a visual representation that can help to clarify the intention and strategic thinking behind the goals and objectives. This makes it easier to communicate with stakeholders and team members. It also clarifies intention and strategic thinking between different focus areas. 

A good OKR canvas template should facilitate the following: 

  • OKR canvas template should provide a structured approach to defining and planning objectives and key results. This will help organizations to create a good corporate strategy by ensuring that all goals are aligned and contributing to the overall vision.
  • To ensure that everyone is on the same page, an OKR canvas template should use a common structure and language that is easy to understand and communicate across the organization. This will help to prevent misunderstandings and ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals.
  • An OKR canvas template should enable the establishment of fast-feedback loops through constant validation of the Key Results. 
  • An effective OKR canvas template should include a clear process for adapting to feedback and modifying strategy accordingly. This means being open to changes and making sure that the goals and objectives are updated as needed.

How Does OKR Canvas help?

The use of an OKR canvas template can help teams and organizations achieve their goals. Let’s find out how an OKR canvas template helps.

Helps in creating transparency and accountability 

One of the key benefits of using an OKR canvas template is that it helps to create transparency and accountability. With clear objectives and key results outlined in the template, everyone involved in the process can understand the purpose and value of the outcome at an organizational level. 

The OKR canvas template also enhances transparency by showing how the work done by teams and individuals contributes to achieving the desired outcome. This also signifies who is accountable for ensuring that key results are met and maintaining the progression of work

Helps in OKR tracking 

An OKR canvas template helps in tracking progress and ensuring that everyone involved in the process understands the purpose of what they are doing and how it is impacting the business. The OKR template improves the visibility of progression towards desired outcomes, making it easier to identify pain points and areas of weakness that need to be addressed. This enables the teams to make faster, data-driven decisions and adapt their strategies as needed to achieve their goals. 

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Process of Creating OKR Canvas 

1. Introduce your team to OKRs and explain why 

The first step is to introduce your team to the concept of OKRs and explain why they are important. This will help everyone understand the purpose and value of the OKR process.

2. Choose your objectives

Once your team understands the importance of OKRs, it’s time to choose your objectives. Objectives should be aligned with your organization’s overall mission and should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Spend time here to brainstorm ideas and different objectives. Here you should:

  • Explore ideas 
  • Get clarity on your priorities
  • Brainstorm more on the identified priorities and how they impact business
  • Group similar ideas together
  • Filter out top 5 objectives 
  • And finally narrow down to top 3 objectives

3. Identify the KRs

Once you have your objectives in place, it’s time to identify the key results that will help you achieve them. KRs should be specific and measurable and should provide a clear indication, in the form of metrics, of progress towards your objectives.

In the case of qualitative KRs, think and find KRs that you can see or measure. For example, you can measure improvement in customer satisfaction by the number of customers calling for service assistance. The lesser the merrier. 

4. Engage teams 

It’s important to engage your teams in the OKR process, as they will be responsible for achieving the objectives and KRs. This means providing them with the tools, resources, and support they need to succeed.

5. Assign ownership

Each objective and KR should have a clear owner who is responsible for ensuring that progress is being made towards achieving them. This helps to ensure accountability and transparency.

6. Review OKRs for moonshot goals

It’s important to set “moonshot” goals that push the boundaries and challenge your team to achieve great things. This means reviewing your OKRs regularly to ensure that they are ambitious enough.

7. Editing and improving the OKRs

As you progress towards your objectives, it’s important to refine your OKRs to ensure they remain relevant and aligned with your overall mission. This is highly important for working in a dynamic environment. 

8. Monitor and score OKRs

Finally, it’s important to monitor and score your OKRs to track progress and identify areas where improvement is needed. This helps to ensure that you stay on track and achieve your goals. Give scores to your OKRs at the end of each month. You can use this to predict your progress based on your current score and take corrective action if you feel you will not achieve your goal. 

Best Templates for OKR

1. Gary Fox’s OKR template

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2. SlideTeam’s OKR template

pasted image 0 16 3


3. Jeff Gothelf’s creating OKRs with the lean ux canvas

pasted image 0 20 3


4. Toolshero OKR template

pasted image 0 19 3



pasted image 0 21 2


6. Smartsheet OKR template

pasted image 0 18 3


Tips to Remember When Using OKR Canvas

1. Align all moving parts

Focus on clear communication and collaboration. This involves making sure that everyone in the organization understands the company’s overall strategy and how their individual objectives and key results contribute to the overall success of the organization. establish clear lines of communication between all stakeholders involved in the OKR process, including leadership, managers, and employees. involve regular check-ins, progress updates, and transparent reporting on progress.

2. Allow data-driven decisions when setting OKRs 

Use data to inform and guide your objective-setting process, rather than relying on assumptions or preferences. Remember DATA in this process

D – Defining your objectives clearly

A – Analyzing relevant data to inform the objective-setting process

T – Targeting key results that align with objectives and are measurable

A – Adjusting your objectives and key results based on ongoing data analysis

3. Visualize your goals 

Visualizing your goals can be a powerful tool for achieving success. Visualize your goals in vivid detail and use imagery to bring them to life through an OKR canvas template. This helps you to stay focused on your vision and zero in on the most important objectives and key results


Whether you are a small startup or an enterprise, an OKR canvas template will help you to focus your efforts, track progress, and achieve success effectively right from the beginning. With its structured approach and collaborative nature, the OKR canvas template proves to be an essential tool for every organization who takes their OKRs seriously. 

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