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13 Upcoming Must-Attend HR Events of 2022

HR event

“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.” – Steve Wynn

The business environment keeps changing due to changing customer needs and evolving market trends. HR events help HR professionals like you to stay updated about these changes.

They offer a platform for discussing common HR problems and seeking solutions and most importantly learning about the modern and trending elements in the HR field.

You will learn about emerging HR tech, people analytics, and the future of work.

Attending HR events provides HR professionals with new ideas and perspectives.

You can develop more effective organizational policies for improving employee engagement, wellbeing, and learning and development.

These events also enable you to upgrade your knowledge and skills. This helps in ensuring a better employee experience and enhancing business growth.

Let’s take a look at some must-attend HR events for 2022:

SHRM Annual Conference And Expo 2022 (June 12 -15)

The event is being promoted as one of the biggest HR gatherings of the year. The four days long conferences will feature addresses and presentations by business and HR leaders.

It will also provide peer-to-peer networking opportunities, hands-on workshops, and competency-based HR seminars. Participants will also receive curated content about key HR issues like workplace culture, DE&I, and TA.

To attend the event, aspiring participants need to get a conference pass. This is a hybrid event and participants can attend it either virtually or in person in New Orleans, LA.

The cost of an in-person conference pass for members is $1,950 and for non-members, it is $2,450. The virtual pass is available at $1,295 for members and $1,550 for non-members.

Gartner Data and Analytics Summit (July 25-26)

It is one of the few HR events that focus on the topics of technology, business strategy, and leadership from the perspective of data and analytics.

The two days long event aims to help HR professionals understand the significance of data and analytics in business strategy.

You will learn the use of data and analytics for harnessing the immense power of people, strategy, and technology. The event will also feature addresses and presentations by CDOs, CAOs, and senior data and analytics business leaders.

The summit is being held in Sydney, Australia. The cost of entry tickets is AU$2,975 for early birds, AU$3,475 for standard participants, and AU$2,750 for participants from the public sector.

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Talent Acquisition Week (July 25-29)

The event promises an entire week of learning and networking opportunities for HR professionals. The week clubs together three content-packed events to ensure a great learning experience.

These include Social Recruiting Strategies Conference (#SRSC), Employer Branding Strategies Conference (#EBrandCon), and Talent Sourcing Strategies Summit.

It is one of the finest HR events where experts will share the best practices for the current state of talent acquisition. Participants will gain a better understanding of sourcing, recruiting, and employer branding strategies.

This is a virtual event and will require the participants to pay a fee for attending.

Fees: range from $254 – $295 while the fee for solution providers is from $275 to $895.

TechHR India 2022 (Aug 4-5)

The TechHR event is an ecosystem that promotes creativity, inspiration, and knowledge. The 2022 chapter will provide a common platform for Thought Leaders, HR Practitioners, and HR Technology Product Leaders.

HR professionals can listen to speakers with the right experience and expertise in rethinking what is possible. They can also get countless new ideas on diverse topics and enjoy opportunities to learn from the masters in the field.

The event is both in-person and online and aspiring participants need to register beforehand to gain access. No registration fee is charged for a virtual immersive experience pass.

Fees: INR 24,500 + applicable taxes to register for an in-person full-access pass.

The State of Human Experience in the Workplace 2022 (Aug 17)

This event focuses on helping HR professionals understand the connection between employee and human experience.

The participants will learn about the indicators of employee experience and how to set them. It will also help participants to understand how employee experience impacts their performance, engagement, and retention.

Experts will discuss the various ways to take employee experience to next level. Attendees will also learn about the HR best practices related to performance management, workplace culture, and compensation and benefits. 

The event is being organized online and the participants can attend the same for free.

TechHR SEA 2022 (Aug 25-26)

The TechHR SEA 2022 will help HR professionals understand and imagine what is possible in the post-pandemic world. The event aims to accelerate the transformation & impact in building the organization of the future.

HR professionals can learn about the application of cutting-edge technology. They can also attend the enlightening talks, case studies & hands-on masterclasses by global leaders.

The hybrid event will be organized in Singapore and the registration for a virtual immersive experience pass is free.

Participants opting for an in-person full access pass need to pay a standard price of SGD 495 + applicable taxes. Register before 15th July to get a significant discount with a super early bird price of SGD 345 + applicable taxes.

HR Technology Conference & Exposition (Featuring Women in HR) (Sep 13-16)

This technology conference and expo is one of its kind. The conference is focused on professionals seeking the best ways to ensure the optimal use of existing HR systems or implement new ones. It aims to provide high-tech solutions that can be advantageous for all professionals working in the fields of HR and IT. It will provide important insights about making critical HR decisions to support an organization’s present and future needs.

The in-person event will be organized in Mandley Bay, Las Vegas, NV.

The aspiring participants can buy premium passes to the event with the price ranging between $1695 and $2245. They can also get daily passes priced at $1125, or Expo Only Passes priced at $450 and $495.

Creating a Culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Conference (Sep 21)

The event will inform HR professionals about the best practices for building a common language and understanding around DE&I. It will also provide valuable insights about empowering the workforce to work together and set a clear vision for the DE&I strategy.

Attending the event will provide participants with credits from HRCI, SHRM & HCI. The conference will help HR professionals to understand the best ways to build a thriving workplace for the employees.   

To attend the event, participants need to get a one-day virtual conference pass which costs $195.  

Future Workforce Conference (Oct 12-13)

This event will be attended by corporate leaders having the desire to drive HR and the workforce forward. It is one of the most important HR events for professionals seeking greater information about HR, talent acquisition, people analytics, and workforce development strategies.

It will educate the professionals working in the field about the best ways to leverage technology in the workplace and improve workforce efficiency.

HR professionals can learn from case studies and panel discussions about enhancing the employee experience, implementing various collaborative tools, and building a positive culture.

The online event can be accessed by purchasing tickets with a minimum pre-sale cost of $179 and a maximum at-door price of $479.

Supporting Workplace Wellness And Wellbeing (Oct 19)

The conference aims to help HR professionals explore the best ways to support employees and enhance their well-being. HR professionals will learn about providing adaptable resources to address the physical and mental health issues faced by employees. It will also help them to recognize and overcome the challenges faced by the workforce that might impact the business. Attending the event will also offer benefits like virtual networking opportunities, and access to a digital resource center. It will also prove participants with credits from  SHRM PDCs and HCI.

Aspiring participants can access this virtual event by purchasing a 1-day virtual conference pass for $195.

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LinkedIn Talent Connect (Oct 25-27)

The event aims to enable, excite, and empower global talent leaders for shaping the future of the world of work. Senior leaders from the fields of Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development, and Employee Engagement will attend the event.

These leaders will help the participants in setting the direction of talent strategies. The participants can also master the skill of peer-to-peer collaboration, networking, and problem-solving.

The online event is free to attend for everyone. There will also be an in-person version for select industry leaders in LA.

Future Of Employee Engagement (Nov 2-3)

The primary focus of this event will be on exploring and analyzing the various trends and strategies of employee engagement.

Apart from discussing the best practices for increasing workplace engagement, the latest engagement data will also be discussed.

HR professionals can explore and understand the relationship between the company’s performance and employee engagement. They will also learn about the practices and approaches that impact employee engagement levels the most.

“To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace.” – Doug Conant

The virtual event is free to attend for all interesting participants.

Agile Leadership Development Conference (Nov 16)

The conference aims to address the issue of the lack of successors for executive positions within organizations. Participants will gain a better understanding of the risks associated with the absence of competent successors for leadership roles.

It will also help them learn the skills of identifying the metrics that matter and create a culture of transparency. The participants will understand the need of aligning the leadership development programs with succession objectives.

“Without the right succession planning put to play in human resources, we build for the future without a future.” – Mmanti Umoh

The virtual conference can become accessible for participants on payment of $195 for a 1-day conference pass.

Tips for you to maximize their experience of attending the HR events 

HR Events

To maximize the benefits and experience of attending various HR events, you should follow the tips given below.

Research for the right event

You should do ample research about the different events you plan to attend.

This will help you choose the HR events that align with your specific learning objectives or can prove most beneficial to you.

This will prevent you from wasting time and money on attending events that do not hold much value for you.

Seek detailed information about the event

You should seek detailed information about the topics that will be covered and the speakers attending the event.

You can then create a schedule to attend the topics and speakers you consider most important. It will help you to utilize your time effectively.

Attend with a partner

You should consider the option of attending the HR events with a friend or partner. You can then distribute the various sessions between you and your partner for maximum attendance.

This helps to minimize the risk of completely missing important topics or speakers with overlapping timing.

Don’t forget to network

HR events offer the best opportunities for networking and establishing business contacts with global professionals. For this, you should invest time and effort in mixing and mingling with other attendees.

Summing Up

Attending HR events can prove advantageous for HR professionals as well as the organizations they work for.

Each of these events offers valuable insights into the working of HR across different industries. They also help HR professionals to gain new ideas and perspectives to improve their competence and efficiency.

Most importantly, attending the events updates HR professionals about emerging trends and prepares them for any impending changes. This helps them to develop people policies and implement business growth strategies to match these trends. 

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