goal motivation strategies

6 Popular Goal Motivation Strategies For Your Team

Goal Motivation Strategies

Imagine this: You are working on your dream project. You have sourced for a skilled team, you’re paying your team wisely as per the industry standards.

And after that when you review and sit with your team you feel your dream only belongs to you, the team doesn’t visualize the goal as you do.

There comes the problem- you’re motivated enough but are you sure the same about your team?

There are dry days when your team lacks goal motivation and you’ve to become the cheerleader of your team. Sure, most teams work in a self-driven way but likewise to drive for a smooth ride the tank has to be upright filled.  

Motivation is essential for effective learning. But how to drive motivation every day is a head-boggling concern?

Just like thirst is a motivation to drink water, similarly, learning and growth is the tactical motivation for employees at workplaces, (obviously, money is the biggest factor).

But not every day, these factors derive motivation. Growth and Learning are not sufficient to monitor and excel goals.

Hence, In this article– we populated a list of Goal motivation strategies for you to rethink how Motivation can be rolled into the organization.

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What are Goal Motivation Strategies?

These are tactics and processes to keep employees motivated. Generally, leaders spread the energy/motivation to the bottom level.

Leaders design these goal-making strategies and practice different approaches for work culture to be followed by the employees.

Goal motivation strategies influence thinking out of the box and taking ownership and delivering the work with responsibilities.

Goal motivation strategies take employees the extra mile, as they feel they are aligned and inspired by their work. And when they feel connected to what they are doing, they readily take up the stand and dive into it.

Imagine, everyone, working in an environment where everyone is motivated and working on a common goal;  real hustle

Companies that practice goal-setting methods like Microsoft, and Google- made us believe that high-functioning teams with an adherence level of motivation exist.

Why Goal Motivation Strategies are Important?

Why Goal Motivation Strategies are Important?

The business works on 2 sides: internally + externally. If the businesses are unorganized and demotivated with their internal team it will directly affect the sales, success, profits, and all the external factors. 

When there are disputes ( difference of opinion towards foreseeing the vision/ goal)  in the internal team or employees do not see the goal of the company clearly they tend to spread negativity all around.

External business factors are investors, clients, consumers, and stakeholders- they have a directly impacted if the internal team is not motivated or driven by the common goals.

Consequences with External business when there is no goal motivation:

  • Withdrawal of investment
  • Blacklisted if consistently underperforming and bearing huge loss.
  • Loose trust in the industry.
  • Clients retention becomes a dream.

It’s certainly like “What goes inside the organization, reflects outside” Motivated employees are the happier ones and happiness is the key factor, of course! 😃

When the employees are in the same space, knowing that they are contributing to a bigger goal–gives them a sense of satisfaction. They feel they are an asset value and feel compelled to remain engaged and keep up the good work.

Now,  you might be wondering if there is anything bigger than money motivation? Then the answer is: Yes. Here are Goal Motivation Strategies for your team:

1Set Goals that motivate everyday

Whatever gives you the kick to wide awake in the morning is goal motivation you can consider as your goal. When the goal you set for yourself is inspiring you; is the right goal you are running after. Ask your team before you assign any task, it should be a two-way street always.

2Introduce Feedback culture

What drives business is profits, and what drives your team is honest feedback. Teach your team to show up, plan, execute, record mistakes, take feedback, improve and execute again.

Taking criticism in a positive way is also an unexplored art.

Feel the pain of the negative feedback, but evolve and get back again. When your team starts taking feedback for real, you and your team already winning in the race!

3Work Flexibility that includes Freedom with Responsibility

One of the unmarked goal motivation strategies is Freedom & Responsibility. Well, it’s human nature to control things, they feel they master it. But either way, it kills creativity and hinders the process.

Instead, give a green signal to your teammates when you think they are trying to push. Ask for a helping hand always, to ease the process, this way the motivation circle will come to an end.

The best managers figure out how to get great outcomes by setting the appropriate context, rather than by trying to control their people.- Reed hastings, Netflix

4Enroll in Learning and Grooming session

Definitely, an underrated one. Team learning reflects what you can build larger, better, and see clearer. The act of practising and learning and visualizing your progress of goal setting also drives your team way farther than you might think possible.

Make grooming a core tenant of your team, as you experiment and learn from them.

5Pat on the back for small achievements

A sense of pride can be felt internally like jitters they go into the nerves and sends a message to your brain to work faster & efficiently  ( biologically, kidding 😂)  when appreciation is done publicly.

Gratitude can go a long way, and a good leader sets an example for his team to be as humble and gentle as possible.

6Open door policy

Just think like that, an employee wakes up every day, gets ready to hit the workplace to work with the managers, and guess the manager pays no heed about it?

Staying open for conversation builds trust within employees and they feel they are valued. When you don’t create an open line of communication with your team, they may feel discouraged, leading to poor morale and ultimately lower productivity.


Waiting for motivation to strike itself? If that is so you’re living in a false bubble.
Use this goal motivation strategy in your organization to scale your team in the right way! 

For a detailed view refer Harvard Buisness Review explains small simple steps on how to stay motivated. Goal motivation strategies inspire and trigger functioning teams to do more and achieve more.

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