Top AI Tools for HR Teams

Top 30 AI Tools For HR Teams

Every sector, including HR, is rapidly adopting AI in 2024. As of early 2024, about 38% of HR leaders are actively piloting or have already implemented generative AI technologies within their operations, showing a significant increase from 19% in mid-2023​. This is in line with another survey where 61% of CHROs planned to invest in AI in 2024.

To stay competitive, you need to get on with the trend. In fact, 76% of HR leaders believe that failing to adopt AI within the next 12 to 24 months will cause their organizations to lag in terms of success compared to those that do implement these technologies.

That makes sense because AI tools use big data, Machine Learning (ML), automation, predictive analytics, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and more to make your work quicker, better, and easier. 

Companies with high levels of automation are 6X more likely to see their revenues increase by over 15% compared to those with minimal automation.

Below are 30 AI tools to help you across the spectrum – from recruiting, onboarding, and employee engagement to performance reviews, L&D, and payroll.

But first, let’s look at why you should integrate AI into your HR processes.

Benefits of Using AI Tools in HR

1. Increased Efficiency

AI automates many time-consuming tasks like data entry, scheduling, and initial candidate screening. 

This frees up HR professionals to focus on more strategic and personalised aspects of their roles.

A CareerBuilder survey showed that employers who used automation in their hiring and management processes are really happy with the results: An impressive 93% of them have noticed they saved a lot of time and worked more efficiently.

2. Data-Driven Decision-Making

With the help of AI-driven data analytics, HR teams can make data-driven decisions. 

AI tools provide deep insights through data patterns that might not be evident through manual analysis.

Bernard Marr, Author of ‘Data-Driven HR: How to Use AI, Analytics and Data to Drive Performance’, writes in Forbes, “HR professionals are now using data and AI to equip decision-makers with critical information, create valuable people-centric reports, and enlighten leaders about what’s happening on the ground from moment to moment.”

He explains how Juniper Networks uses LinkedIn data to track where top employees come from and where they go when they leave. This helps the company understand career paths and make smarter choices to attract and retain talent.

3. Enhanced Accuracy

AI reduces human error in processes like payroll, benefits administration, and compliance reporting. 

Human errors in data entry alone happen about 4% of the time, meaning 400 mistakes per 10,000 entries, especially when data is only entered once without double-checking. This figure doesn’t even include errors made during data analysis, reporting, or storage. 

Bad data can be very costly, with the U.S. losing around $3.1 trillion yearly due to it. 

Automating these tasks helps reduce mistakes caused by human oversight or fatigue.

4. Personalised Employee Experiences

AI can analyse individual employee data to provide personalised recommendations for career development, learning paths, and even wellness programmes. 

Recruitment engagement rates double when personalised messages are written using AI. This personalisation helps in creating a more engaged and satisfied workforce.

5. Predictive Capabilities

AI can forecast future trends such as employee turnover, recruitment needs, and the effectiveness of HR policies. For example, IBM AI can reportedly predict which workers are about to quit their jobs with 95% accuracy. 

This allows companies to plan more effectively and proactively address potential issues before they become problematic.

6. Cost Reduction

By automating routine tasks and improving the efficiency of various HR functions, AI tools can help reduce overhead costs.

For example, a medical company was able to save $4,000 every month by using automated HR tools, according to a case study by Gravity Flow.

Now let’s look at the top 30 tools to help you transform your HR department.

30 Revolutionary AI Tools for HR Teams

AI Tools for Performance Management

What are the AI tools for HR Teams?

AI tools are transforming performance management by analysing reviews at scale, identifying trends, and providing actionable insights for promotions, bonuses, and development.

Let’s explore the top AI tools that assist managers with performance reviews, feedback, and 1:1s.

1. Peoplebox

Peoplebox- AI tools for HR

Peoplebox simplifies goal-setting and performance reviews by seamlessly integrating with existing workflows and tools like Slack and Teams. It helps you set, align, and track OKRs in real-time, in one place, and keep them auto-updated with integrations.

Key features: Performance reviews, 360-degree reviews, 1:1s, CheckIns, Performance Reviews in Slack, Link OKRs with reviews, Align goals with projects, Auto reminders and nudges, White-glove support, Personalised notifications

Starting price: $7/user/month

2. Lattice

Lattice- AI tools for HR

Lattice has an all-in-one platform for goal setting, feedback, and performance evaluations that provides AI-powered insights. 

Additionally, the Lattice Performance Summarization feature helps managers quickly write better performance reviews by using details like individual goals, feedback, and growth areas, along with external data. 

They also get real-time tips to enhance their feedback, including checks for grammar, clarity, and any bias.

Key features: Performance reviews, Talent reviews, 1:1s, Feedback and praise, Updates

Starting price: $11/person/month

3. Effy AI

Effy AI-  AI tools for HR

Effy AI makes running your first 360-degree review super quick—in just 60 seconds! 

It handles everything from setting up the questionnaire and matching participants to monitoring progress and notifying everyone involved. 

Plus, it summarises all the responses and creates detailed AI-generated review reports for you.

Key features: Slack integration, Major project milestones, Formal performance review, Promotion or role change, New employee probation period

Starting price: Free

AI Tools for Recruitment

Recruitment involves a variety of tasks, like writing job descriptions, finding candidates, checking resumes, and even doing interviews and background checks. Below, you’ll find different tools to help with each part of hiring.

4. Textio (Writing Job Descriptions)

Textio-  AI tools for HR

Textio uses AI to write job descriptions at lightning speed. Just enter the job title, department, and location, and Textio will create a job description that fits your brand. 

It cuts out biased language and jargon, making your job ads appealing to everyone. You can also tweak the description as needed.

Key features: Job post generation, Bias interruption, Textio score (Higher-scoring job ads appeal to more women and people of colour), Gender meter, Age graph, Custom brand guidance

Starting price: Free

5. (Candidate Sourcing)  AI tools for HR revolutionises talent sourcing with its AI Search tool that learns your preferences to deliver fresh, personalised, high-quality candidate results. 

Continuously improving with each search, it builds a unique search model to uncover similar profiles from over 700 million across 40+ social platforms.

Key features: Chrome extension, Candidate filters, AI bias and gender diversity information  

Starting price: Custom

6. CVViZ (Resume Screening)

CVViZ- AI tools for HR

CVViZ automates resume screening with its advanced AI that understands context rather than just matching keywords. It also continuously learns from your hiring practices to predict the best candidates. 

After the screening, CVViZ ranks candidates in real-time, adapting the ranking based on specific job requirements, the kind of candidates the organisation engages with, and the candidate’s experience. 

Key features: Contextual screening, Relative resume ranking, Automatically discover top candidates from your database

Starting price: $99/month

7. HireVue (Virtual Interview)

HireVue- AI tools for HR

Use HireVue to automatically create virtual interviews in seconds. The platform uses speech-to-text transcription and NLP to both transcribe and analyse candidates’ responses. 

Additionally, HireVue provides real-time evaluation tools, interview guides, automated candidate routing, and shareable recordings. 

Key features: Structured interviews, ATS integration, Automated workflow, Enterprise security

Starting price: $35K

8. Pymetrics (Candidate Assessment)

Pymetrics- AI tools for HR

Pymetrics uses AI to evaluate candidates on the following soft skills: Effort, risk tolerance, decision-making, attention, focus, learning, fairness, generosity, and emotion. 

It uses 12 interactive games, completed in just 25 minutes, to capture extensive behavioural data. You can add additional games for numerical and logical reasoning. 

The platform then builds detailed profiles to accurately match candidates to suitable job roles. 

Key features: Structured evaluation process, Internal collaboration, Candidate experience

Price: Not publicly available (N/A)

9. Checkr (Background Check and Verification)

Checkr- AI tools for HR

Checkr uses AI and ML to quickly sort and analyse data for background checks, making the process much faster and less resource-heavy than old manual methods. In fact, 84% of these checks are done in less than 15 minutes. 

Checkr processes over 1.5 million checks each month and continuously improves. Checkr also uses AI to provide accurate ETAs for each background check report.

Key features: Built-in compliance, Custom criteria filters, On-call support, Self-serve dashboard, Flexible API, 100+ pre-built integrations

Starting price: $29.99/check

AI Tools for Onboarding

AI automates the onboarding process by ensuring new hires complete necessary forms, understand company policies, and receive training materials automatically.

90% of HR professionals say they recognize AI’s importance in the future of onboarding, and 50% believe that AI can improve the onboarding experience.

Here is one tool that has impressive results in using AI for onboarding, leading to significant decreases in employee turnover and increases in new-hire productivity.

10. Enboarder

enboarder- AI tools for HR

Enboarder is a cool AI tool that makes bringing new employees into the team both easy and fun. It sets up fun activities to help new people feel welcome right away. It also helps managers make a great first impression. 

Their approach has resulted in a 20% yearly decrease in early employee turnover and a 50% reduction in candidates who accept a job offer but do not start. Additionally, it led to 65%+ increase in new-hire productivity.

Key features: Admin dashboard, Workflow builder, Reports, Communication, Schedule events, Video on the go, People connector, Multiple language support

Price: N/A

AI Tools for Training and Development

AI-powered tools can enhance employee growth through personalised coaching, tailored learning paths, instant content delivery, and seamless integration with existing workflows.

Let’s look at four tools that excel in this area:

11. BetterUp

BetterUp- AI tools for HR

BetterUp uses AI to find which employees need coaching the most and spot their strengths and areas to improve. This helps you use resources better. 

It mixes expert coaching with advanced science and personalised digital experiences to create tailored development programmes.

Key features: Integrations, Enterprise security, Human-centred AI

Price: N/A

12. SAP SuccessFactors Learning

SAP SuccessFactors Learning-  AI tools for HR

SAP SuccessFactors Learning uses AI to create personalised learning paths for employees and their career growth.

Key features: AI-driven recommendations, Quick access to relevant learning, Learning on the go, Learning integrated into the employee lifecycle, Compliance training

Price: $22.20/user/month

13. EdCast LXP

EdCast LXP-  AI tools for HR

The EdCast Learning Experience Platform (LXP) helps with learning and career growth at work. It uses AI to collect, organise, and deliver personalised content when you need it. The platform has an AI search to find resources fast and an AI recommendation engine to suggest the most relevant content.

Key features: API, Access controls, Asynchronous learning, Blended learning, Built-in course authoring, Built-in LMS, Certification & licensing, Collaboration tools

Price: N/A

14. Kona’s AI Leadership Coach

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Kona’s AI Leadership Coach gives personalised coaching to remote managers right in Slack. It integrates with your existing documentation, training, and tools to give advice that fits your company values. 

Managers can share real-life problems with Kona and get solutions in five minutes without leaving Slack or scheduling a call.

Key features: In-built integrations, Slack app, Leadership support

Price: $49 per user, per month

AI Tools for People Analytics

AI tools for people analytics use big data and machine learning to analyse extensive employee and business data to provide actionable business insights for HR. 

Here are some top tools in this space: 

15. Peoplebox

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Peoplebox also offers a people analytics platform that integrates all your employee data with business metrics to provide actionable insights.

Key features: Data analysis, Predictive analytics, Custom reports, Security and access control

Starting price: $7 per user per month

16. Vee from Visier

Vee from Visier- AI tools in HR

Vee, Visier’s AI assistant, answers all your people questions instantly. Just ask in plain English, and Vee will use AI to give you a narrative answer based on your company’s people data within Visier.

Key features: Scalability, Automation, Microsoft Teams Integration, Enterprise security

Price: N/A

17. Workday People Analytics

Workday People Analytics- AI tools in HR

Workday People Analytics uses AI, ML, and big data to find important insights on topics like diversity, team makeup, staff retention, and talent performance. It gives you a story, not just numbers, showing key drivers, risks, and opportunities, so you can make important decisions with confidence.

Key features: Prioritized business insights, Natural language “story” generation, Automated insight discovery, Anomaly detection and trend analysis, Data contextualization, Company benchmarking, Security and compliance

Price: Custom

AI Tools for Employee Engagement

Handling employee engagement can be challenging, from collecting feedback through surveys to analysing the data and taking actionable steps. Here are two AI tools that simplify this process in unique ways:

18. Peoplebox

To embed:

Peoplebox automates the employee feedback process by creating surveys, sending reminders, and generating insights. It makes running engagement and pulse surveys easy, so you can focus on improving your company culture.

Key features: Automated and recurring surveys, Anonymous messaging, Real-time data and insights, Chat-based survey bot, Automated reminders, Slack/Teams integration, Ready-to-use survey template, Custom questions & drivers

Starting price: $7 per user per month

19. Culture Amp

CultureAmp-AI tools in HR

Culture Amp uses AI-powered Comment Summaries to quickly summarise lots of employee feedback, reducing bias and saving time. This provides HR with a clear view of company sentiment, supported by specific examples from the feedback. Culture Amp also offers AI-powered analytics.

Key features: Survey templates, Strategic decisions backed by insights, Analysis by AI, Proven action plans

Price: Custom

AI Tools for Employee Well-being

Ensuring employee well-being is very important for maintaining a productive and positive work environment. Managing mental health and providing support can be complex, but AI tools make this easier. 

One of the most popular tools in this area is:

20. Headspace for Employers

Headspace for Employees- AI tools in HR

In 2021, Headspace acquired to offer on-demand mental health care. Headspace for Employers uses AI to match users with coaches, summarise session notes, and generate smart replies for conversations. They now serve about 2,500 business clients.

Key features: A full EAP replacement, DEI approach: Diverse Provider Team, Inclusive content, Culturally responsive care, Leadership workshops, Robust reporting, Engagement Strategies

Price: N/A

AI Tools for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

AI tools can help ensure fairness in the workplace by analysing the makeup of the workforce, pay equity, and other HR data to identify and address biases. 

Here are two tools that help you create a more inclusive environment:

21. Diversio

Diversio-AI tools in HR

Diversio is an AI-driven platform designed by social scientists, diversity advocates, and engineers to improve DEI in businesses. It uses matching algorithms and NLP to analyse HR data and provide precise DEI recommendations. 

The recommendations are based on a set of 1,200 vetted DEI programmes and policies globally. The AI system continuously learns and refines its predictions by integrating new data from clients like Honda and Unilever.

Price: N/A

22. Syndio
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Syndio is an AI-powered pay equity platform that provides automated compensation analysis and expert guidance. It helps identify and address biases in company policies to prevent pay gaps between employees.

Key features: Compliance, Predictive insights, Recommended remediation amounts and customisable budgeting, Find/address opportunity gaps

Price: N/A

AI Tools for HR Operations

AI can also help with everyday operations from payroll to HR service delivery. Here are 2 such tools:

23. UKG Pro HCM

UKG Pro HCM- AI tools in HR

UKG Pro Human Capital Management (HCM) uses AI to enhance HR operations like payroll, talent management, and service delivery. 

Built on 30 years of employee insights, its AI quickly identifies and addresses disparities in demographics, pay, promotions, and overtime.

Key features: HR service delivery, Payroll, Reporting and Analytics, Compliance, Time and attendance

Price: NA

24. Leena AI
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Leena AI is an AI-powered HR service delivery tool that handles all employee touchpoints. The virtual employee assistant resolves up to 90% of routine employee queries instantly, freeing up HR for strategic tasks. 

It also uses AI to manage documents and knowledge, improving efficiency and accessibility throughout the employee lifecycle.

Key features: Centralized employee helpdesk, AI-powered employee document management, Experience-driven employee onboarding, Automated HR workflows

Price: Custom

AI Tools for Employee Communication

Integrating AI into your everyday communication tools like Zoom and Slack can improve employee communications by summarising chats, creating meeting recaps, and helping with quick responses. 

Interestingly, both of these platforms come with their own AI assistants to do the same:

25. Zoom AI Companion

Zoom AI Companion- AI tools in HR

Zoom AI Companion, included with Zoom’s paid services, is an AI assistant that summarises chats, creates meeting recaps, and helps write chat responses based on your tone and length prompts. It saves time, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

Key features: Meeting summary, Meeting questions, Smart recording, Thread summary, Chat compose, Sentence completion, Email compose (for Events)

Zoom’s starting price: $13.32/month/user, billed annually OR $15.99 billed monthly

26. Slack AI

Slack AI- AI tools in HR

Slack, widely used for remote team communications, employs AI to deliver personalised search results, channel recaps, and thread summaries. This helps quickly surface relevant information and reduces the time spent sifting through countless messages and channels.

Key features: Personalised search, Summarise conversations, Daily recap of messages missed

Starting price: $US4.38/active user/month billed monthly OR $US7.25/active user when paying per year

AI Tools for Compensation Management

Compensation management is a high-priority area within HR, involving critical budgeting and financial planning. If there’s one area to leverage AI, this is it.

Here are two AI tools for compensation professionals:

27. beqom’s Pay Predictor

beqom's pay predictor- AI tools in HR

beqom’s Pay Predictor software uses advanced ML and regression models for data-driven compensation decisions. It sets competitive pay ranges, predicts turnover due to pay disparities, and runs simulations to compare pay changes to market rates and budget. These simulations also reveal the impact on pay equity across the organisation.

Key features: Simulations, Competitive ranges, Predictive analytics

Price: N/A

28. Payscale

PayScale- AI tools in HR

Payscale has updated products like Payfactors, MarketPay, and Compensation Planning with AI to automate tedious tasks of compensation professionals. According to Payscale’s 2024 Compensation Best Practices Report, 63% of HR and compensation professionals are excited about AI’s potential to reduce unfulfilling work. 

The AI automates the tasks of generating job summaries and uses ML to auto-match jobs, thereby freeing up time for high-impact tasks.

Key features: Job summaries, Job matching 

Price: N/A

AI Tools for Benefits Administration

Just like compensation, benefits management is another critical area within HR where AI can significantly optimise work. Here’s a tool that does a great job:

29. PlanSource’s DecisionIQ

PlanSource's DecisionIQ- AI tools in HR

PlanSource’s DecisionIQ AI tool offers personalised benefit recommendations to all employees automatically. According to The Hartford, 58% of workers want personalised insurance advice. 

DecisionIQ saves time by providing guidance during enrollment, reducing questions, and helps lower costs by guiding employees to choose the best plans and coverage levels.

Key features: Benefits shopping, Educational content, Personalised recommendations

Price: Custom

AI Tools for Succession Planning

AI tools for succession planning help identify and develop future leaders by analysing performance data, potential, and readiness for advancement. Here’s an AI tool that does that:

30. Eightfold’s Talent Intelligence Platform 

Eightfold's Talent Intelligence Platform- AI tools in HR

Eightfold’s Talent Intelligence Platform uses AI to automatically suggest which current employees are ready to step into new roles if needed. It also surfaces relevant projects, upskilling, and training opportunities across the organisation.

Key features: Internal mobility, Talent upskilling/reskilling, Talent redeployment

Price: N/A

Things to Keep in Mind When Using AI Tools in HR

Clearly, AI can optimise our work processes across the spectrum. However, we must use it responsibly as it is still an evolving technology.

Here are some key things to consider:

1. Watch Out for Biases

AI systems can perpetuate existing biases if they’re trained on biased data. This can lead to unfair decisions in critical areas such as layoffs, promotions, and hiring. 

To prevent this, it’s essential to regularly audit your AI tools for any biases or unfairness. Make sure that these tools are used ethically to support fair and just outcomes. 

2. Keep the Human Touch

AI can now handle everything from recruiting and onboarding to employee training and performance evaluations. While it’s tempting to automate as much as possible, don’t forget the importance of human contact. 

Without real people, the workplace might start feeling cold and impersonal. Keep a balance between using AI to increase efficiency and maintaining personal interactions to create a welcoming and supportive environment.

3. Transparency in AI Decisions

It’s important to understand how AI tools make decisions. These systems often use complex algorithms based on large data sets to make predictions or choices.

Let candidates and employees understand the criteria and processes AI uses to make decisions that affect them. By doing so, you increase transparency and trust within your organisation. 

4. Data Privacy and Security 

Choose tools that have built-in privacy features to safeguard sensitive information. It’s crucial to ensure that the AI tools you use comply with data protection regulations such as GDPR. 

Work closely with your organisation’s compliance and security teams to keep data safe. By prioritising data privacy and security, you protect not only your company but also the personal information of your employees and candidates.


As you’ve seen, AI is already reshaping HR departments every day. Whether you’re looking to completely renew your HR tech stack or simply improve existing processes, the AI tools listed here are designed to lead you into the future.

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