Build Engaged & High-Performing

Remote Teams

Peoplebox helps managers build engaged and high achieving remote and distributed teams with effective 1-on-1 meetings, check-ins, feedback and actions.

Managers at more than 500 companies trust
Peoplebox to build high achieving teams

Enhance Relationships, Results & Retention
even when teams are not in office

Build great relationships with meaningful 1-on-1s, understanding whats blocking team with
continuous productivity & performance check-ins and ensure teams are aligned with OKR


Built to work with your favourite tools

Peoplebox works with your existing tools

What our customers say about us?

– Prashant Singh


“ Peoplebox really helped us build a strong feedback and one on one culture at Leadsquared. Both the managers and team love it. With over 300 people in different locations, our managers are able to create a stronger relationship with their teams while increasing their productivity. Its a must have app for us today. ”

- Prashant Singh
COO of Leadsquared

Haoyang Feng

“ Peoplebox helped us improve our 1 on 1s by suggesting talking points and tracking progress on action items. The team is very responsive and is constantly improving the product. It’s the best product I’ve seen in this space! ”

Haoyang Feng

Anenth Guru

“ Peoplebox has kept me accountable for my team’s growth plan and this has significantly increased their trust with me. I really love the Productivity trend charts, as it helps me keep correlating my weekly observations on their performance levels. ”

Anenth Guru
Staff Engineer - Zendrive

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Bring the best out of your remote teams

Build a highly engaged and productive team with Peoplebox Engagement & Performance tool,
designed for Remote & Distributed teams.