Live Webinar
How Startups can Speed Up Strategy Execution With OKRs



Sienam Lulla

Founder of OKR Edge & OKR Coach with experience in implementing OKRs and strategic processes in more than 25+ leading startups, SME’s and Enterprises.


Duration: 1 Hour


Hyper-growth startups are most-prone to misalignment because of shifting strategic priorities, fast-growing teams, and too many tools & lack of processes.

In this webinar, Sienam will discuss how hyper-growth startups can overcome these challenges with OKRs and accelerate their strategy execution.

What Will You Learn

1. The role of OKRs in Strategy Execution

2. How to drive focus, alignment & accountability

3. Modern tools & techniques for successful OKR implementation

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What our customers say

At the heart of driving excellence at scale is our monthly reviews. We wanted to switch from PPT to a tool that can reduce the time it takes in filling in the content and tailor the discussion around the qualitative insights and discussion. Peoplebox's seamless connect with Asana and Looker to automate OKR tracking & auto-populate the review dashboard has made this possible.

Khilan Haria VP and Head of Payments Product
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