OKRs for Product

Get inspired and set great OKRs from this ready to use OKR library for Product department

Product is among the most crucial function in any organization. OKR for Product team mainly focuses on areas to improve.  Overall success is measured with actual changes in customer behavior, not by the number of new features launched. 

Below are some OKR examples for product team which will help you to set your start at the right pace. 

You can edit these OKRs according to your product team goals and requirements.

OKR Examples for Product Department

Make it easy for the user to understand product through documentation

  • At least 95% of features should be documented properly
  • Solve at least 30% of customer queries directly from the FAQ section
  • Improve the # of readers for release note documents by 50%

Be the most loved product in our niche

  • Improve the quarterly downloads on the app by 35% to become the most downloaded app
  • Improve Monthly Active Users (MAU) by 12%
  • Improve Weekly Active Users by 20%

Make users stick around with native integrations

  • Launch the top 10 most asked integration in this quarter
  • Increase the integration usages by 30%
  • At least 70% of paid customers are using more than 3+ integrations

Make our product experience work like butter

  • Improve NPS for UX by 30%
  • 50% of new legit-users finish 3 steps of onboarding
  • Improve Avg. time spent per session by 20%

After going through the OKR examples for the product team, we are sure you are now well-equipped to create the group and individual OKRs for your product department. 

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