OKRs for Marketing ​

Get inspired and set great OKRs from this ready to use OKR library for marketing department

We all know that the main objective of the Marketing team is to bring in new customers but how to bring them In is the challenging part.

But setting up structured OKRs can be a saviour and make your vision and goal clear.

Whether you want to level up your game in Inbound Marketing or prepare a robust Outbound Marketing OKRs we are here to help.

The OKR examples for the Marketing team given below will take your goal setting to next level –

OKR Examples for Marketing Department

Build a best-in-class product onboarding experience

  • Increase signup to paid customer conversion by 20%
  • Increase the Number of users who completed the entire onboarding by 70%
  • Release V2 of Onboarding Experience

Crush lead generation goals

  • Build a pipeline of $15mn
  • Improve accounts to demo conversion by 20%
  • Generate 400 qualified leads

Increase the brand awareness

  • Publish two thought leadership articles weekly.
  • Increase the number of Linkedin followers to 20,000
  • Get coverage in top 5 media outlets

Convert blog traffic into leads

  • Publish 5 blogs per week
  • Increase the traffic to lead conversion by 100%
  • Increase the number of blog subscribers from 2000 to 9000

Increase organic website traffic by 50%

  • Ensure 180000 monthly web visitors
  • Bring down the homepage bounce rate to 25%
  • To ensure high user interaction improve website page speed score to 95

Improve the SEO score of the website

  • Get on #1 position for top 6 relevant keywords
  • Ensure addition of 100 new back-links
  • Increase DR score to 65 on Ahrefs

Optimize the paid acquisition process

  • Bring down the cost per lead to $5
  • Level up the CR of the PPC campaigns from 4% to 7%
  • Generate 100 qualified leads

Writing good, well-structured, and effective OKRs is very crucial for the success of any organization. Though OKR is a robust technique many organizations find it difficult to construct their OKRs.  But it takes a few cycles for a team to learn to define clear and effective OKRs.

TIll then you can take an insight on how to write OKRs for the Marketing team from the examples given above.

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Say No to Manual Goal Tracking

Get inspired and set great OKRs from this ready to use OKR library for marketing department

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How to build your own OKRs using these examples

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