OKRs for Finance

Get inspired and set great OKRs from this ready to use OKR library for Finance department

From assessing the expenses and revenue to gauging the cash flow of the organization as a whole the finance department is accountable for analyzing the financial health of the organization.

Finance department is often focused on gauging the cash flows and assessing costs. So, setting goals for this department is tricky because it is not always clear how particular goals connect to the growth of the organization.

OKRs helps to fill in the missing links between the bigger strategic goals of the organization, the operational team goals, and the individual goals of team members.

OKR Examples for Finance Department

Make our company cash-flow positive in order to become profitable

  • Bring account receivable days for enterprise clients from 30 days to 15 days
  • Reduce bad debt by 10%
  • Collect 70% account receivables on-time

Be effective & error-free department

  • Improve invoice accuracy from 90% to 99%
  • Reduce overall cash-collection period from 30 days to 7 days
  • At least 90% of audit recommendations to be implemented

After going through the OKR examples for the finance team, we are sure you are now well-equipped to create the group and individual OKRs for your finance department.

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